Olimad: “I’m Rading Thugs, Rebel Penguin Federation, Doritos and Nacho Army”

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Upon taking a post in the Army Community as the Chief Executive Officer of CPA Central, Zing King To attempted to expose the Botting Regime plaguing armies, and with this, Devan, Zuke and Olimad were all caught as being perpetrators of the raids, belonging to a group called Whale Republic. With just one month left, Olimad has decided to threaten several key CPA Central Top Ten ranking armies.

On March 1st, I received a Private Chat from Olimad while online the Doritos Army chatroom, hoping to stream ‘House of Air’ with a few of my close and personal friends. The Private Chat from Olimad was a rather abrupt one and includes a notable profanity that CPA Central is electing not to censor in order to show the tone and conduct of Olimad in the clearest possible light.


As you can see from the above chat, Olimad informed me that he was planning to raid and informed me that he plans to raid a host of different events. This includes all wars in the community, especially the invasions of servers as well as other events within the community. Olimad then continued to go into specifics, talking about the Thugs Army and their upcoming Legends Cup event.


As you can see, the two time Biggest Noob winner, Oliver Marcotte, clearly states that he intends to begin his raiding with the Thugs Legend Cup Event meaning that his first declaration of war, is against the Thugs Army and in respect, to the army that the Thugs happen to be fighting this weekend too. Olimad will therefore likely be banned on all army chats on Saturday and Sunday so that armies don’t end up getting implicated for a raid of Legends Cup.

As the chat developed, he said that he will not even consider raiding the Army of Club Penguin or Light Troops, but is open to the idea of raiding both the Ice Warriors as well as the Shadow Troops, stating that he originally forgot about them. He also decided to mention that he will be raiding the Doritos Army. He said that since they have “no war”, he’ll just be invading their events, such as Training events and others.


As Olimad has been confirmed as a bot raider on many accounts now, CPA Central suggests that armies take it upon themselves to ban Olimad from their XAT chats. We are a news site and can not enforce a ban of Olimad, but if he is found on your chat while a raid takes place, it will reflect badly on your respective army and to combat this, the best advice we can give you is to ban him, or even send him offline.

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


37 Responses

  1. Aw man he’s raiding all the legendary armies 😦

  2. not at and acp and lt they are all legendary

  3. olimad I’ll give you powers to not raid anymore events

  4. Im listening

  5. everything except for red,blue, green, light, animate and nameglow, I can also give xats

  6. Fuck off Olimad noob. You are a script kiddie using Cloud Penguin lol, you are a disgrace to CPA.

  7. He’s just annoying. He acts like hes the top person of CPA, and he acts like hes tough but hes not.

  8. Agreed, He is more hated than me and you in CPA currently 🙂

  9. Why raid the great thugs army tho bro?

  10. I am going to ddos this noob if you want Pose 🙂

  11. You are rich Fluffy, I hope you are not angry with me anymore 😦

  12. I don’t think that he is using a VPN.

  13. Yall defaced rdcp coup mutee and I wont raid

  14. That’s my point

  15. Do it.


  17. Dude I got fucking proof u bitch

  18. I am hated myself, but Olimad is one of a kind.

  19. I agree

  20. Ok. Tell me where to meet.

  21. Look at all the rejects bonding on one comment chain!!

  22. lol

  23. Raiding Thugs because there the biggest army ehh smart man

  24. Nah raiding thugs cuz mute defaced rdcp

  25. lol this kid is trying to act tough. dudes an overweight baboon lookin guy that sweats to stand up, hit the gym instead of raiding.


  27. it wasnt mutee i guess

  28. really feel bad when ppl start raiding such legendary armies 😦

  29. Olimad I wanna team up with u. Can I meet you on club penguin please

  30. You know it is cuz I showed u

  31. a chat maybye?

  32. He attempted to raid the gym but his fat ass got stuck in the entrance way

  33. Just wanted to say I saw a twitter post where someone said not to make fun of fat people at the gym because its like making fun of a homeless person at a job fair. I think the message is very powerful, but really we shouldn’t belittle or mock anyone!

  34. The point is he doesn’t go the gym, but yah I fully support fat ppl going to the gym, at least they’ve identified there is a problem and are trying to fix it.

  35. the monster

  36. today, meet me at either acp or dcp chat

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