CPA Central Resurrects Billy Mays For Last Month Of Armies

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – CPA Central has managed to conduct a resurrection of Television Salesman, Billy Mays. He is here to tell you all about a special offer that CPA Central has got. So without further adieu, I will now pass you over to him.

Hi! Billy Mays here with a special news site offer. Adspace is available on CPA Central now for a really low price. Last year, it was 250 xats, last month it was 150 xats but now – with just a month of armies left, we’re offering a new package now! This new package is the ‘End of an Era’ special and will see your graphics displayed on our site for the low low costs of 50 xats for an army site, and 60 xats for a site that isn’t about Club Penguin Armies.

Buy today from Zing King To who can be found on XAT at UnitedKingdom (1454768077). Buy now while stocks last.

Rules for Advertising:

– You can advertise any site, as long as it is appropriate (not illegal, not pornographic)

– You can use whatever banner you want if it’s appropriate

Example of What You Can Advertise For 50 XATS:

  • Army Chat
  • Army Website

Example of What You Can Advertise For 60 XATS:

  • Army News Site
  • Graphic Design Company
  • Radio Station
  • Link to Screenshots
  • Social Media Page

Buy today!

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer 



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