Huge Achievement For CPA Central

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This year, CPA Central found out that 2017 will more than likely be our last year of supplying service to this great community following the shocking announcement that Club Penguin would be closing down in March of this same year. Just a month removed from that announcement, CPA Central has now accomplished one of our personal goals – We have officially trended on twitter.

While searching through the trends today, CPA Central discovered that upon checking out the current Top Ten Trends for Tampa, Florida in the United States of America, CPAC2017 was trending, clearly referencing the current success CPA Central has had in 2017 under Kingfunks4 and Zing King To.

The success includes things such as the upcoming Legends Cup Tournament in which we will look to crown the final Legends Cup winner. We will also be publishing the results of our Winter Awards rather soon as well as currently working on several projects such as the ‘Top 30 Most Influential Leaders of All Time’ list and the revamp of the Armies Page.

These updates will continue to be followed on with even more developments such as the revamp of the Leaders Page, which is pretty much complete, End of Armies Awards and a statement will soon be released by the Bluesockwa Brothers in regards to the official stance of CPA Central, clearly a lot to talk about.


While I’m aware that we as a site share our initials with that of the Conservative Political Action Conference, I find it highly likely that something as dull as that would have so many people talking. Therefore, it’s much more likely that it is us, CPA Central that has made twitter blow up recently with the community talking about us. This is also demonstrated by a rise in site views.

CPA Central would like to thank the community for helping us accomplish this goal as it’s definitely relating to us, not those boring American politics, like I said above. Some of the stuff you can look forward to before the beginning of March is the results of the Winter Awards, the release of #25 – #21 on the Most Influential Army Leaders of All Time rankings, the first round of the Legends Cup and the updated Armies Page.

CPA Central thanks you all for reading our site. In the next month and a bit, we want to give back to the community and that is exactly what we intend to do.

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


3 Responses

  1. shitpost reaches it maximum potential

  2. Cpac2017 is for the conservative political action conference lmao

  3. Well i didnt read full post fuck me lmao

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