Thugs To Become World Power?

Zipline – Thugs Capital, With the end of Club Penguin pushing in closer and closer we see the rise of the Legendary Thugs of CP, a once small and secluded army now matching strengths to the Top 3 armies. Is this a sign that the future may in fact be purple?

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Quick History

The Thugs of CP rocketed their way into this community not to long ago dating back late 2016 around the beginning of October. Starting off as a mere SMAP/SMAC army they saught out numerous conflicts and wars with surrounding armies quickly earning respect among the small/medium army community. Their creator Poisdon112, a revered Nacho Veteran along with many more glorified veterans of the community that have since lead have pushed Thugs from just being a small army contender into as of 2017 a true Top Ten Contender. Thugs have as of recently been keeping a gradually increasing hold in CPAC’s Top Tens since just around the end of 2016 and their return.



Ranging from sizes of hitting 5 to steadily rising to getting sizes coming near even 20 the thugs are remarkable for their steady Ausia force and extremely active night chats – they have also proven themselves in the recent tournaments making it to numerous courter finals and constantly beating the odds. More importantly we have been seeing an increase in activity and size rating – along with the constant flame wars against other armies & the media (CPAC).

One of thugs most recent events

While some may argue that Thugs are merely just a troll army, this can be seen other wise with their constant activity – nearly always maxing out their event quality throughout the week points to they may even in fact be the current most active army in the community. What is defiently most interesting is Thugs push to always speak out and against those who they believe have wronged them – no matter who it is. People who have been hit by these posts include CPAC, Zing King, Blue Warriors, Army Republic, ACP and numerous others – this clearly shows a dominance in this community that has been severely missed in the past few years.


Thugs ever so impressive Propaganda

The Thugs are all being backed by numerous legends and pushed veterans of this community – while despite being very outspoken as an army they have numerous allies – perhaps even the most any army has now. This community is changing and with armies like thugs pushing out of the masses of others and showing their face – There is no true way to tell how it’ll all turn out.

I truly believe Thugs to be one of the – if not best current CP Army in the community right now. They have shown resistance in letting the dying community get to them and have constantly put out when needed – against whoever gets in the way of them. As one of the most legendary members of this community – Bam117 – I predict Thugs to achieve 1st at some point before CP shuts down and to make it to the finals of the Legends Cup VIII. Noting to all armies if you are smart you’ll surely pay attention to Thugs these coming months – you may just be surprised when an insane uprising of purple penguins arise and steal all of your last hopes in armies.


Thugs will easily destroy every army in these coming weeks – Prepare to see a possible Thugs VS DCP/Nachos in Legends Cup End of Days Tournament Finals.


I could care less about the payments

Kill me please


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  1. Was gonna post about Nacho / RPF flame war but THUGS ARE BETTER THAN THEM MAN

  2. Thugs are better than blue troops…

  3. nice post ok

  4. Thats why I love being the official gfx designer of Thugs 🙂

  5. lol so much for un-bais “news” this is just propaganda. blue troops invaded and took cold front, ice cold, and deep freeze. at the invasion of cold front thugs tried to defend but maxed 3 to our 7. “world power” my ass.

  6. wolf ur BT is fake and weak. HEIL


  8. #Bam4BestReporter

  9. wolfalb suck a furry cock

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  11. beware you nazi. bt will be the equivalent of antifa to you. get gulaged m9.

  12. acting like being a nazi is bad? psh

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  14. Wolf first learn to type properly bruh

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