Picture Perfect: Unification Of CPA And OldCP


KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters, Zing’s Office – Welcome to the fifth edition of ‘Picture Perfect’, where I look back at some of the biggest and most important pictures in the history of Club Penguin Armies. With all the talk recently about whether we should move to CPPS, I thought it fitting to take a look back at OldCP in this weeks edition.

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People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words and this statement couldn’t be any more true. Each week, right here on CPA Central, I will take a look at a picture from the community and see how I do in getting a one thousand word post from it. This picture can be a screenshot of a chat, or a treaty, or a still image from a Club Penguin Army battle – it can be many things and each week we will look and provide analyse for a different picture.

With CPA Central’s continued interest in communicating with the readers and getting their feedback, I will be open to suggestions on what photographs I should cover. I will make an attempt to use as many of them as I can if they are good enough and I can indeed find the photograph that you are referring to. You can comment below on any of these posts an idea and they will be received in my WordPress mentions box.

I hope that you enjoy reading this column and it will be published every Monday! I will always inform the community if the article will be published on a different day for a reason but please try to check back here on a Monday to see a brand new edition of Picture Perfect.


The fifth photograph that we will look at in this ‘Picture Perfect’ column is one of the more recent photographs and is still embedded in the minds of many in the army community. This is also a photograph that I received a request via XAT to take a look at in detail and that is exactly what I’ll be doing today. The photograph is the official header for the first ever CPAC sponsored tournament held on a CP Private Server to signify and usher in the beginning of a friendship between both the CP Army Community and the OldCP community.

OldCP was a Club Penguin Private Server ran by Damen and themed after the television series ‘Game of Thrones’. The game was a rough copy of the original Club Penguin that we all came from with certain changes and custom rooms. Yet another change was the ever popular ‘Snowball Server’ in which you could actually use snowballs to physically affect the health of users and get scored on it at the end. This was an effective way of deciding winners of battles and was a revolutionary new look at what our warfare could become.

On the server “White out”, people can go onto the server and actually engage in an actual fight with snowballs. You are separated into houses or armies. You then log onto the “White Out” server and throw snowballs at the enemy team. When you hit an enemy with enough snowballs, it will be a kill and add onto your House/Armies overall total. At the end, the server will count up how many kills each army/house has got and the winner will be the one with the most overall kills. Once you get killed, you will re spawn in a different room.

‘Clash of the Empire’ was scheduled to be the first ever tournament between OldCP clans and CP Armies together on the snowball server in a series of random draws. Despite CPA Central agreeing to host the tournament and provide 24/7 around the clock coverage of the tournament, it was not an official CP Army Central tournament and therefore was not organised by our site.

Can we just move to this shit already? Firstly, doing intense, explosive and competitive snowball-gun battles on a specialised CP server is arguably more fun and interesting for recruits and current members of the community than standing in lines doing emotes. Let’s face the facts- when we autotype, we advertise “fierce, awesome wars” to recruits. We make them feel like they’re set to being a defender of CP. Then, they ask what we actually do in battles and we say “we make lines and do emotes on cp”. They are generally disappointed and leave out of boredom in a week.

Now think of how it would be if we told them that they could in fact take part in actual WARS with explosions and PVP on club penguin. Like it or not, oldcp is better in the long term for armies. We’ve run newCP for nearly 10 years and, while it was fun while it lasted, CP’s current gameplay has become stale. Isn’t it time for change, a new way of playing CP?

– Former Army of Club Penguin owner, Maxy777 makes original statement about his opinions on OldCP.

Unfortunately, the tournament was ultimately a failure. The idea of a community merge was also a failure. With the image built up by our community, many of the OldCP users had preconceptions of our users, negative preconceptions. With many believing that we are the reason for the continued fall of Club Penguin with autotypers and negative tactics such as ddosing and doxing, the OldCP users in general did not feel ready to accept us into their community. While some welcomed us with open arms, others were not so willing to.

The battles started with us travelling over to OldCP’s turf. Their clans quickly outnumbered our armies and were able to win. As Roberto had decided he needed to go on a leave, the tournament also fell flat on its face with OldCP lacking the skills needed to host a tournament and also the lack of ability to be actively integrated with our community – the tournament ended before it began and no winner was ever declared.

It was organised well, but as CPA Central took a more coverage only role leaving the hosting responsibilities to OldCP, they couldn’t continue with the quality hosting and the tournament was the first example of how a merge between the two communities simply was not going to be the case. After the tournament, relations with armies simply did not improve and in fact, they worsened with more users, as well as moderators beginning to turn on CP Armies.

The height of this came following an interaction with then CPA Central staff member Ninjitzu, who Roberto later admitted was a mistake to invite to the server, as Ninjitzu caused several internal problems between armies and Damen leading to the OldCP creator hatching a plan to remove armies from the server. OldCP later made a statement about this and mentioned things such as autotyping, and the adult nature of most chat conversations as reasons for not liking our community.

It’s hard to imagine that things would have ever worked out for the two community’s as the hatred ran deep on their behalf. While armies were generally accepting of the OldCP way of doing things, the same could not be said for figureheads like Chelsea and also Damen, who proved to be rather slow in a youtube video he created referring to our community as a “scary mafia” with a “business behind it.”

There is always an administrator that everybody hates and first it was Cyberwolf, then it was Roberto and then it was Roberto again. Roberto did something but he didn’t get demoted for it… I forgot what I was talking about?

– OldCP creator Damen attempts to recall the initial situation that made him dislike CP Army users.

OldCP is now remembered as being simply good when it was around – and that really wasn’t for too long. The Bluesockwa Brothers announced that they would be partnering up with Bester5 to replicate the success that OldCP had in CP Army Servers, however with the Blues getting tired of the Private Server scene, they left the task abandoned and following an initial successful launch, inactivity ensued on behalf of Bester causing CPAS to ultimately fail.


I was able to conduct an interview with the man who many credit with bringing about OldCP to the Club Penguin Army Community, Roberto. I asked him several things about his ideas then and now in terms of OldCP and also about what he believes went wrong in order to better establish what could have been for the community had certain things not taken place.

What made you introduce OldCP to the army community?

The fact that you could actually do the things we roleplay on Club Penguin, that there was a more satisfying way of fighting and entertaining troops and at first, it was mainly for recruiting for LT and entertaining my troops as we would go on the CPPS to battle in free time which kept LT an active army with loyal troops.

What was your reaction to seeing the initial dislike from OldCP users such as Chelsea towards CP Army users?

It was annoying because that was one of the reasons the relations with CP Armies and the CPPS didn’t work out well.

What are your opinions on Damen’s comments that you were the “administrator everyone hates”?

I don’t think it’s true because every time I go on OldCP even to this day all the users are happy to see me. It’s just that back in those days, a lot of the mods and administrations on the CPPS weren’t fond of me so that probably lead to rumors flying around.

Is there anything that could have been done better to protect the unification of OldCP and CP Armies or was it doomed to fail from the start?

Yeah, what could have been done was having more supporters from CP Armies to help with the whole thing because I remember at the considering my affilliation with LT, also I was going back to school, most of the stuff was done during my free time in Summer of 2014 and going back to school pretty much drained all my time.

As you can see, Roberto always acknowledged OldCP’s worth as a community believing that Damen made up the idea of Roberto not being liked among the game. The game was originally intended for nothing more than a recruiting and fun event tool for the Light Troops Army – and it appears that Roberto never saw it transforming into what it did.

What do YOU think? Could OldCP have worked out for us? What picture would you like me to look at next? Comment below!

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


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