Mass Post Deletion Paralyses Takis Blog

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Last week we saw the Takis rise up from the dead. Now one week later, the Takis have mysteriously disappeared. All posts have been removed from website. Click read more to follow on….

It was only one week ago that the Takis have risen from the dead by leaders such as Trader,Memmaw, Verum, and  13YearOldNoob. Since then the Takis have gotten extremely well sizes. Sizes that seemed oddly surprising for the Takis.  They started out strong but now have had a slow decline slow is a photo from a recent event.


Though this is not the most appropriate picture, it clearly shows major sizes within the Takis. There had been speculations that the Takis have been multilogging but there has not been any evident proof.

It was only yesterday that all posts from Takis have been mysteriously removed. There has been rumors that there was a possible deface but there has been no confirmation of it claiming to be true. Below is a picture of  the Takis website.


All pages have been removed as well. There is absolutely nothing on the Takis website. No pages no posts. So what could have happened? Did the Takis get defaced? Or were the posts simply removed? CPA Central will be covering more information on this incident.

*More will be added to this post as we receive more information. 

What do YOU think? Do you think the Takis got defaced? Do you think this is the end of the Takis? YOU decide! Comment YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Vice President 


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