Lime Green Army Chat Taken Over By Thugs of CP

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, LGA Nation – News recently broke that the Lime Green Army would indeed be hoping to make a revival and subsequent return to the CP Army Community. With this news seeing several Thugs of CP troops hopping over to the LGA, in retaliation for this – the Thugs have now taken matters into their own hands and taken over the Lime Green Army chat room.

On January 29th, I received two Private Chats directing me to the Lime Green Army chat. Upon arriving there, I saw that the army chat had been stripped of its custom GFX instead being replaced by a generic background provided by XAT. The Lime Green Army chat also has now got several new owners from the Thugs Army chat sitting on it currently.


As you can see from the above image taken of the chat, the LGA chat has had his background replaced and Thugs of Club Penguin leader, Mutee has begun to toy with Greecy stating that he will never regain the password to the chat room while maintaining the attitude that he has. For those who do not know, Greecy is also known as the notorious army hopper, Justinfortsa.

I enquired as to what the Thugs reasoning for the chat deface was in which I was informed that LGA had planned to make a come back and three members of the Thugs Army had hopped over to the chat. In response to this blatant army hopping from Ay12, Justinfortsa and Dunno, the Thugs “took matters into their own hands.”

While Bradley, also involved in the takeover of the chat has specified that they do still “love Greeny” and this isn’t an attack on him, the possibility of conflict between LGA and Thugs is now certainly there if LGA do decide to make an official comeback to the community.


Something I did not understand was how the group managed to obtain the password so I asked. It turns out that Security was responsible for providing the group with the chat password following a trick played on the LGA’s new proposed ownership. Security is not currently on chat so whether he is openly part of the deface is currently unclear.

As of right now, there is a lot of talk about the Thugs attempting to merge the LGA. As LGA have no servers or troops, it’s currently unknown what exactly they hope to merge. It is also completely possible and expected that upon Greeny finding out, it will be his intention to put the army back to how it was.

What do YOU think? Should we attempt to outlaw Army Hopping? Or is Army Hopping really not that big-a-deal? 

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


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