13YearOldN00b, Trader and Greeny Joins Thugs Leadership

ZIPLINE, Thugs Army Capital – Not long after the Doritos Army fell into inactivity, we already see some of the leaders leaving the army. In a shocking turn of event, former Doritos Army leaders, 13YearOldN00b, Lord Trader and Greeny have decided to join to Thugs Army leadership.

The Thugs army has been on a rise lately. They have managed to reach the size of 20 troops in some of their events, with great tactics and 100% activity. Below is a picture of Thugs even led by Poseidon and Mutee:


During this event, the Thugs managed to get 14 troops and had great tactics. However, it seems like the leadership wasn’t happy with this size, so they have decided to welcome three new and really experienced leaders into the army. This time, 13YearOldN00b, Lord Trader and Greeny.

On the 2nd of January, 2017, Thugs army leader, 13YearOldN00b made a post on the website announcing the three new leaders. This is what 13YearOldN00b said in his post:

Greeny, Trader, and I have decided to take it upon ourselves to join the Thugs’ leadership,

Living The Thug Life

~13yearoldn00b, Thugs Leader

In his post, 13YearOldN00b mentions that Himself, Trader and Greeny have decided to take it upon themselves to join the Thugs army leadership. Although 13YearOldN00b didn’t mention much, we could clearly see the impact of these three new leaders in the most recent event that the army had. Below is a picture of Thugs’ army’s most recent event:

During this event, Thugs army managed to get a total of 18 troops and had really food tactics. We can surely see the impact that this new leadership has created already. To know more about the new change, I decided to interview Mutee, Thugs Army leader. Here is what happened:

Interview with Mutee, Thugs leader

CPAC: Why did Thugs decide to insert Trader, 13YearOldN00b and Greeny into the leadership?

Mutee: We decided to insert Trader, 13 and Greeny into the leadership because we saw they could help Thugs rise even more and became a more of a major army in the community.

CPAC: How do you plan to raise the army with these new leaders?

Mutee: We plan to raise the army with the new leaders by becoming more active and attempting to get more involved in armies.

CPAC: There have been many accusations on Trader. What do you have to say about that?

Mutee: Nothing. Really, I believe he will do good for the army.

CPAC: Can we expect war anytime soon?

Mutee: Yes, we will soon enter a war with the Cobras Army, most likely.


As we read the interview above, we see that Mutee is confident about the new leaders. He says that Thugs leadership saw the potential in these leaders and decided to hire them in order to take army one step forward. To spice things up, I asked Mutee what he thinks about the recent accusations on Trader. Mutee stated that he doesn’t really care about them, and that Trader will do good in the army.

As our community is facing the bot issue recently, it is going to be worth watching how these three new leaders will do in Thugs Army. There are many questions that arise in our minds about both the bot raids and about this leader. At the end of the day, I always say this. We cannot decide the future, only time will tell us what destiny has written for Thugs army.

So, what do YOU think? How good is the new leadership? Can Trader prove himself? How will the Thugs face the recent bot issue? Will Thugs rise, or will they eventually fall? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion, so comment down below and let us know what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter-in-Training


9 Responses

  1. trader is leading 3 armies, reminds me of myself in 2012

  2. Traders leading 6 armies

  3. Welcome in team, V. I know that. He’s army hopper god xD

  4. How’s he hopping

  5. 13 just proved that he isn’t a legend. No true great leader dumps a army when it is down.

  6. You’re a fucking idiot, I’m leading both Doritos and Thugs. No wonder you were couped from Nachos, pussy.

  7. Can’t blame me. The post makes it sound like you left the army.


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