Battalions Of CP Enter The Community

CHINOOK, Battalions Capital – As armies enter their lowest point in history, creating new armies is crucial for the survival of this community. Just recently, the Battalions opened their doors to the community. Will it be an army to remember?

The Battalions, a division in the US army, was created on the 19th of January by Justinfortsa, also known as Greecy, and Zoomey. Justin is known for his work in several army and is branded as an ‘army hopper’. Zoomey is a recognised figure in CPA Central, and is also known for his work in the Army of CP and Night Rebels. The Battalions are currently in an allies agreement with the Thugs, who recently took the victory in a war against the Night Rebels, Night Warriors and Cobras. The army has several ambitions in terms of their future, one of their goals is to make it to the CPAC top ten.

On the 21st January, just two days after the opening, the Battalions held their first event on Chinook. CPA Central were handed pictures of this event before the results post came out. The army had a maximum size of 10, which is a decent start for a newly born army.

Battalions First Event

Before the event was due, the army had a big turn out on their chat with the two leaders ‘hyping’ for the battle. On their personal website, the homepage was empty apart from some posts spamming their name. Sources tell us that the Battalions have been recruiting hard core on Club Penguin but their ranks page remain empty with only the 3ic rank filled. After the event, the two leaders were happy with the progress made so far and they looked forward to hosting future events.

To get a better understanding in what the army hopes to achieve and what plans they have for the future, Sammie, CPA Central Reporter, has an exclusive interview with Zoomey, who is the leader of the Battalions.

Interview with Zoomey, Battalions Leader:

CPAC: Why have you decided to create a new army, at a time where CPA is facing major difficulties?

Zoomey: Greecy said it was his dream to create a new army and then asked me, since the Night Rebels died, I said yes.

CPAC: How do you feel about the performance of the army, currently?

Zoomey: Well, considering it’s a new army, it’s 2017 and armies are doing horrible, so I’d say the army is doing well since we maxed 14.

CPAC: What plans do the Battalions have for the future?

Zoomey: Thus far, we have no big plans. Our plan is to just put the army in a good position before doing anything huge.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Zoomey: Ready for all, yielding for none!

From the interview, we can clearly see that Zoomey is confident in his army, the Battalions. The main reason for the creation of this army was due to the fact that the Night Rebels shut its doors which meant he had no army to lead, thus creating the Battalions. Zoomey is also currently happy about the progress the army has made in the past 24 hours. From the above, we can infer that the Battalions have no major plans for the future but he wants to ensure that the army is in a stable position before doing anything damaging.

In my opinion, I believe that the Battalions will become a success. They are already relevant with many members of the community already gossiping about the success in their first event. If the army continues to recruit and hold events, then they can become a force to be reckoned with. The Battalions are clearly just an army starting their journey, and they will have a mighty long ride ahead.

What do YOU think? Will the Battalions become a major success? Or will they die out quickly? Comment YOUR opinions below! Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Reporter


7 Responses

  1. we maxed 14 anyways

  2. Eh, we do have people other than 3ic’s on ranks and we are a UK based army jsjsjs

  3. Still a sexy ass post

  4. that name is retarded

  5. Nice 10/10 would read again

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