YouWrite: Which Legends Should Be Removed [EDITORIAL]

Disclaimer: This post was sent to us through the use of our YouWrite feature. It is an editorial that displays the opinions of the writer alone. These are not the collective opinions of all CPA Central staff.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – It’s fair to say that the Legends page is pretty cramped. It’s filled with people from 2007 who weren’t even witnessed but simply voted in by a clueless council, sub-par CPAC CEO’s who got voted in by their staff so they could get a promotion and of course your typical ACP leader who inherited success. As a huge re-vote is about to take place, I’d like to toss up some names that perhaps you should choose to vote to be removed from the Legends Page, and why you should do so!


First up is DB Penguin. From what is said in her bio, she is technically only a legend because the council fell for the whole Hillary Clinton thing. What I mean by that is that she was voted in solely for the fact that she is a woman, and not because she really did anything. People (particularly Boomer) wanted to see a female become legend, which is cool and all, but shouldn’t the title of CPA Legend be given to people who do legendary things? There’s nothing legendary about having a vagina.


Watex aka Fever is another person who should not be on the Legends Page. Hell, I was a huge fan of Fever when he had his blog and I would go to all of his meet and greets. But let me make one thing clear. He should by NO MEANS be a CPA Legend when he only participated in ONE battle. He thought it’d be fun to make an army and challenge various CP armies, and sure it was a fun event, but should he be a legend for it? Sure, an army was created out of it which would be around for a long time (Watex Warriors), but that wasn’t even created by the guy. He should not be a legend, because there are people who have been in this community for years and have been in thousands of battles when this guy has only been in one. Still love you Fever!


Lets make one thing clear. Elitesof is not K0rn, nor is he the divine creator of armies. He is simply an S/M Leader who is over-glorified. Hell, K0rn never even existed, the concept of being a certain color and throwing snowballs at each other was actually encouraged by Club Penguin itself during the Sports Party 2006 (Red vs Blue), the idea wasn’t created by some random user, nor was there an organized leader of either side at the time. You’d log on, be a certain color, and everybody would try to claim they were leader because they wanted to be cool. Elitesof did that, except he managed to trick everybody who wasn’t even there that he was the leader of the whole goddamn thing, and you clueless people bought it hook-line and sinker. He should not be legend.


Ambrosha created the Dark Warriors, there’s no denying that. However, he did not create the LEGENDARY Dark Warriors. Those Dark Warriors were created by Feephill (SaW) and various other people in 2009 when the Golds decided to call themselves the Dark Warriors. They most likely didn’t even know Ambrosha’s Dark Warriors existed. Ask anyone who was around in 2007, and they’ll say they didn’t know the Dark Warriors existed, and the ones who do will say they hit sizes of 10+. Ambrosha created a Dark Warriors that was discarded and forgotten, and led them to sizes that would be considered small even in today’s armies. Therefore you cannot call him the true creator of the Dark Warriors. The true creator of DW is SaW. Ambrosha is by no means a legend.


I don’t know much about this guy, but everything in his bio says that he did great things for the S/M Community. Doesn’t that mean he should be an S/M Legend and not a Major Army Legend? Just sayin’


Let’s get this straight. KG007 was a terrible leader, for both the RPF and the ACP. Commando717 will testify that this guy was probably the worst RPF Leader to date (that’s accounting all of the leaders that have passed through in 2014 and 2015). Commando717 trusted this guy with RPF, and he somehow managed to destroy the RPF in the process. Then, to make things worse, he went and hopped to ACP abandoning the RPF. In his bio, it says his time in ACP isn’t even notable. It also says that he got second place with RPF in some tournament, and somehow that qualifies him to be a legend. If he’s legendary for anything, it’ll be that he was the first major army hopper. Otherwise, he is by no means a CP army legend.


I don’t really think I need to say much for this one…


Vinny was apart of the famous “VinDaily” duo which really tore things up during 2012 and 2013. However, he never really seemed to stand out, as it seemed like Burr took charge of the duo. I really don’t know enough about the guy and I wasn’t around to see his prime (if he had one), but from what I’ve heard and seen, he definitely is not qualified to be a CPA Legend.


Is taking the strongest army of all time and turning them into rubble legendary? Is it being a sub-par CPAC CEO who was the first CPAC CEO to ever be fired? Both are pretty legendary feats, I’ll give the guy that. Just not the type of feats that should earn him the title of CPA Legend.


I know that CPAC Legend means that its directly associated with CPAC and that people who helped grow the site itself will probably be regarded as CPAC Legends, but in regard to the community I never really saw Bluesockwa2 do that much. He was kind of just a side piece while Bluesockwa1 made the big waves in the community. If we’re talking about a CLUB PENGUIN ARMY legend, he shouldn’t be one. I don’t know how he’s contributed to CPAC itself, but maybe CPAC should have its own page for CPAC legends, whilst CPA legends have their own page.


I would write Zakster a big fat bio on why he shouldn’t be legend, but he’s been modest enough to admit that he shouldn’t be on the Legends Page. Thanks Zak!


Jester is a great leader, I can confirm that. It’s just too early for the guy. He shouldn’t be inducted before all of the leaders who accomplished so much in 2013, 2014 and 2015. There are people who defined the years who aren’t even legend (Freezie66, Toy, Andrew24, Mustapha10, myself and many more), and I just don’t think he should be put on the page before these people. In time however, I definitely think this guy would and should become a CPA Legend.


Lord West is hilarious and a class act. He isn’t a Club Penguin Army Legend though, and I’m gonna save myself from writing a bio because he too has been pretty modest about his induction.

That’s it folks! Hopefully you have been somewhat convinced by my suggestions and that we can help fix the Legends Page when these re-votes come up. Fight the good fight!

What do YOU think? Do you agree with Silverburg’s views? Who do you believe should be subject to a re-vote?


CPA Central Viewer


66 Responses

  1. Extremely interesting post, Silver. FYI, CPA Central does have a spot for legends who are legend just for their media achievements on the about page so I like how your post explored the blurring of lines between media legend and army legend – a common theme with people like B2, Kingfunks and Zakster who you mentioned in the post.

    I’m completely bias when it comes to Watex as he was the person who brought me into armies, I wrote for his cheats site, I was moderator on his forum and XAT chat so I’m probably not the best to comment there but I found that your ideas to be insightful.

    I especially liked your approach to the topic. Usually it’s “Why __ should be Army Legend” so for me, it was refreshing to see the slip verse side of that.

  2. if yiu want to know about DB Penguin, she isn’t a clinton type lmfao. Get your facts right xd

  3. Not gonna argue but I know a lot about Amb, Elitesof, and Watex who did pretty well.
    I mean Elitesof told me a lot about him and who thinks hes not K0rn… Well, to begin with, he told me that he’s K0rn, way back when FGR returned before he was sent to jail. Elitesof was getting tired of people’s nonsense and negative, thinking he’s not K0rn but he actually is. If Elitesof was not in jail, he would tell us about himself and explained why hes K0rn in the first place. He have his penguin as K0rn, he told me every story and he’s clearly K0rn. I don’t understand how people get very confusing on this one.
    Watex… I know Watex shouldn’t be in the legend but he was the famous person who did the blog which apparently to be huge, and he made up the idea of an cp army called Watex, because of his name – so it’s Watex Warriors. I mean, he’s the one who made up the name and, l don’t really remember what he did – but this is all what it starts for Watex. If it wasn’t for Watex, WW weren’t exist.
    Ambrosha, l love this guy and l know a lot of people were talking about him back in DW and how hes not having so much power as Icey do in Ice Warriors. Ambrosha joined in 2007, being taught by Iceyfeet1234 in the Ice Warriors, about how he would create an army named Dark Warriors. Icey taught him how to create it, and how to lead an army to success. Amb also created an army called TWA aka The Warriors Army, which goes for DW, IW and RPF into a massive army to ever exist, and thats why it was ever being created. Ambrosha recruited Hammerzboy, 123Ant, Jack/Donut, Elite 910 and Lorenzo Bean. Those people who made DW successful while Ambrosha is gone. Yeah l know he only leds DW for short and l know he doesn’t have the power for it. But just remember guys, Amb made the name and he recruited those people before another Era was made.
    Hammerzboy recruited Circa, Circa recruited Fallen, Fallen recruited SaW and this is how the army became legendary because of HammerBoy, and others.

  4. Well, that’s dumb. B1 & B2 both have done a lot for the site. Just because you didn’t see B2 much, does not mean he didn’t work. Ask former/current CPAC staff members (Includes me). We’ve seen what B2 has done for CPAC and the community itself. Even tho he is retired, he still helps CPAC. 90% of things here are managed by the blues. Mostly B2, as B1 is busy with things going on in life. CPAC staff only has to do 10% work.

    You say B2 didn’t work for CPAC? Well, that sounds like Elmikey didn’t do anything for RPF.

    Plain dumb, rude and arrogant.

  5. this post was originally titled “Silverburg Roasts Everyone”

  6. Very funny … Not … -.-

  7. Everyone? 13 people it’s not many… .

  8. The legends system needs an overhaul

  9. B2 should be legend he was one of the most influential people from 2012-2014 there’s no denying that, Funks was the king of CPAC tournaments and this is CPAC Legends, so in terms of that, he should be legend, but yeah I agree with the rest

  10. Regardless of who deserves legend, Silverburg is not one who deserves legend like he claimed egostically comparing himself to others. Same with West and Jester who just led armies. Legends are the ones who pioneered the way for armies and self evidently changed the game and how armies functioned itself. All silverburg did was get carried by people who autotyped for him and lead an army that managed to get some penguins online, clearly doing nothing except for being that ARMY’s legend not a community and an overall Club Penguin Army Legend. I’ll admit he did do a good job of leading but silverburg does not deserve the title of legend until I see him do something really game changing like Elmikey who helped bring autotyping and revolutionized warfare. Otherwise, I don’t see him getting Legend anytime soon and he did not receive my vote in the ballot. Leading an army doesn’t get you Legend but what your actions in it does.

  11. Preach, it’s never just about leading that’s what many people just don’t get. Leading an army is one thing but how is benefitting and shaping the community another. Silverburg is just a good leader.

  12. I don’t see what relevance this has to the post, however…

    I’ve always been a big critic of the Legends Page, not only in who it inducts but how it’s structured. You end up having people like Pink Mafias, Oagalthorp and Commando717 on the same page as people like Buritodaily and Vinny. How it used to be, and I think you’ll remember, is that it used to be split up into categories. I think it was; Warfare Pioneers, Revolutionaries, Greatest Leaders and Strategic Masters. It functioned much better this way and not only was getting on the Legends page itself an honor, there was also a clear definition of which legends did more than the other and their was a clear definition of what field they were legendary in. For example, I did great things for my own armies (RPF & DW), so I’d put myself in the “Greatest Leaders” column. The term legend is too broad.

    Also, who the fuck are you to tell me how I ran my armies? I’ve never once been carried or needed to be carried, unless you can prove that I was. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve never led with you

  13. Blues do 90% of the word in the current CPAC Climate? Sorry, where are you getting your information?

  14. Strongly agree with every mention in this post. Great post.

  15. Funks was never the king of CPAC tournaments. He won the Legends Cup in 2014 but that’s only because DW slipped up in the first round. RPF has dominated CPAC tournaments for the past 2 years

  16. Look Silverburg. You are a better leader than myself, but can you deny that you have always led with top notch leaders? You are not one of the greatest leaders of all time, and I am surprised that CPAC published a post like this that shows more personal bias than a regular editorial. And like myself, you weren’t around in 2007, 2009, and such, so you wouldn’t know of their direct impact in shaping this community. There are guys that should be making this post instead, those that are from the early years of armies. I am not denying that some of the people you listed don’t deserve legend, but you shouldn’t be making this post and you don’t deserve it more than they do.

  17. They did a lot, yes, but army legend should be based on those incredible leaders and those that came up with ideas that helped shape the community.

  18. Sticking up for your RPF butt buddy.

  19. if anybody dislikes this, it’s RPF

  20. The standpoint that my position as the more vocal and engaged leader of AR discredits Vinny’s work is one of an outsider’s perspective, which in all fairness is exactly what most people who critique the modern legends page are.

    While Vinny’s contributions may not seem as prominent given how much less he visits and advocates his accomplishments today, it is important to understand the perspective of those who were in AR during our era; specifically the leadership and ownership.

    There is no disputing that without Vinny, AR does not assume the role it played in the overriding community throughout 2012 and 2013. While his ties with AR’s own soldiers and the greater politics of the community were on a less lurid scale, his mindset essentially cultivated AR early on into the war machine it became rather than a simple tournament or top ten army. His relentless pursuit of aggressive campaigns against any and all armies is one of the main reasons AR was able to both rise to relevance and sustain itself during a time when nearly all armies outside of the Big Three died after a few short months.

    Simply put, we were quite honestly a perfect combination. Our skills compensated each other’s weaknesses and our ability to reason and work with each other is what made AR successful. We both learned a lot from each other over the years and carry a relationship to this day that a simple page can’t do justice.

    Of course, given some of the names inducted in recent years, for Vinny to be removed whilst they hold their status would be a shame.

    Not a bad analysis of the legends page by any means though. Don’t know why I went in such depth on a mere comment, but I guess I’ve been seeing this debate thrown around a lot since we were first inducted so I thought I’d clear it up now for everyone to see.

  21. I have not led with top notch leaders my whole career. I think the only time I did so was in the Dark Warriors when I was apart of the Agents, as well as the Dragons Era (which I started). In RPF, most of what I achieved was when I led solo, which would include my very strong AUSIA division which surpassed Flipmoo’s as well as my very strong Summer 2015 RPF which not only autotyped while every other army was using 15-20 bots, but also hit 70+ multiple times and managed to win the Legends Cup hitting sizes of 85+.

    That’s not really my winning case for being an all-time great though. My case is that whenever I come back to lead, RPF manages to hit sizes of 50+, no matter what era it is and no matter how “weak” armies are, I can always hit huge sizes regardless. I don’t have to use bots to do it either and I don’t need to spend a dime on advertising, I only need to use autotypers. Take your typical legend from 2009 2010 2011 2012 or even 2013 and put them in the modern era and they will choke. This was proven when Kenneth1000, one of ACP’s “greatest ever leaders” came back to ACP only to hit 10+, and it’s been made apparent in many other cases.

    And it only gets easier for me. In December of 2016 (last month), I came back to an RPF that was maxing 10 and I led them to 45 in a day. That’s all it took, and we were using AUTOTYPERS. We didn’t suddenly get adspace on a CP army blog, nor did we spam CP with bots, nor did we find an exploit that allowed us to say anything we wanted. We used autotypers, something that is considered “dead” and “doesn’t work” and it got us up to 50+ in a day. This game is so god damn easy for me, and every time I come back I lead to huge sizes, yet clueless people like you can’t regard me as a great leader. How many times do I need to keep proving people wrong? I’ve been doing this for 3 years, and it’s only been getting easier and easier and more more boring. I am an all time great leader, and if any leaders, past or present, have a PROBLEM with that, then they can come face me in a war when Summer comes around and I come back to lead RPF again, and you can come and TRY to beat my RPF. I just hope it isn’t too easy so I don’t get bored and retire again.

  22. And don’t you ever try to think that a trash leader like you can ever even have an opinion on what makes a leader great or not. You are trash and everybody who was led by you hates you, which is why you were thrown out of the Nachos. You don’t know what it means to be legend or a great leader. You are sub-par.

  23. It was pretty interesting nonetheless. As I described in my post, I wasn’t around for the majority of Vinny’s leading days in the Army Republic so I don’t really know his qualifications for legend, but this gave me a look into it sorta.

  24. 2013, 2014 were my years, even 2015 with dcp. I think toy and silver should have been elected along with me in my class of inductees.

  25. My actions put more emphasis on other recruiting methods specifically advertising while recruiting on CP. Some may argue thats a bad thing but really if you look at the numbers on sites autotyping is quickly diminishing.

  26. How is Fever not a legend? He may have only attended one battle, but his impact on the community continued long after that. And Mr Deedledoo was someone who tried to unite the small armies in an organized resistance against the large armies who had threatened to destroy them. How has CPAC become a site that allows posts like these?

  27. No… Unless sticking to a loyal army. Toy did hop off to different armies, when l was in DW then NR

  28. I think Silver just doesn’t like people who unit them. But Vendetta’s comment says it all. Like l said, not trying to argue with Silver but Vendetta also have a point, as well as you. My comment says it all for those who should stay as legend.

  29. Did I not say that you are a better leader than myself? You seem to not be able to be criticized. How sad… You go on about how you are such a great leader and how it is easy to you. Your life is so sad…

  30. Because it is easy…? And I’m saying because of what you’ve achieved in armies and how bad of a leader you are, you cannot tell which leaders are truly great and which ones aren’t, so you should not be trying to say that I’m not great, because quite frankly, I am.

  31. His impact on the community did not continue after that. His impact on the community was “The Fever Wars”, and that’s all. If you’re referring to the Watex Warriors, that was created by Dialga80 and NOT Fever. And your comment about Mr Doodledee basically proves my point, that he is an S/M Army Legend and not a major army legend. Is we done here?

  32. Would Dialga80 have created WW if it weren’t for Fever? Mr Deedledoo is not an S/M Army Legend. He isn’t renowned for leading any S/M armies, he’s known for the impact he made on the community. In a time when the community was still young, what he did was revolutionary.

  33. I agree with all this except Vinny/Ambrosha. Vinny and Burr made the same contributions to AR and the community and were heavily impactful throughout 2012-2013. Ambrosha revolutionized warrior armies and his Dark Warriors did gain renown. It’s not like he wasn’t apart of the Golds that became the Modern Dark Warriors, and it’s not like he didn’t co-lead the Ice Warriors for some of their greatest success in their early years as well. Not to mention, he helped form the Warriors Army, which was basically a ginormous alliance of armies with the name “warrior.”

  34. Did you see what my comment have said about Ambrosha? You aren’t getting it
    are you?

  35. I am sorry that I am not good enough at Club Penguin for your standards. You have led with Toy, Elmikey, Lord Pain, Freezie, and other great leaders. Again, and I only say this a third time because you seem to lack the mental ability to digest this: You are a better leader than I am, and your amusing continuous attacks on me about how you are better than I am are laughable, especially when I said you are better. Sit on it.

  36. I’m not comparing myself to you, read what I said.

    >> You are not worthy of judging someone’s ability to lead and someone’s status as a legend because you do not know what it means to be one. <<

    I put arrows around it this time so u can understand

  37. Do I not know what it means to be one because I do not deserve it? Because last I checked, you don’t have to be worthy of being something to know what it means. I have been around since 2012, and if you have to be good enough to know what it means to be a legend, then you don’t know what it means. Leading with many top leaders all your career, and not doing anything revolutionary to develop this community, doesn’t make you worthy of being a legend Silverburg. You don’t deserve it. People like Funks and Amb deserve it more. I suspect you being against Amb due to him not getting along with Elm.

  38. I can’t understand your english

  39. By saying Funks and Ambrosha deserve legend more than me, you unconsiously proved that I was correct. You have no idea what you’re talking about and I think you’re just baiting me so I’m just going to stop responding.

  40. Iceyfeet takes most of the credit for Ice Warriors hand downs. Golds and Dark Warriors were never a legendary army when Ambrosha was around, people shouldn’t be legend for the fact they created an army that went on to became legendary. He’s literally the Zakster of DW

  41. im on mobile you stupid blind head

  42. Actually no. The Dark Warriors are still a legendary army. Did you see my comment, Verum? You should know this by now.

  43. Crazy186 handed Ambrosha the biggest L ever in outdoing his legacy in 2-3 months of leading DW, only nostalgia merchants like Kyle or 2007 alcoholics will disagree.

    The only time Amb was relevant in DW post 2007 was when he tried to
    take DW off me when I made Elmikey leader in 2014, who didn’t let him? SaW and Unk. What were the repercussions of their choice in defying this so called DW creator? The best army generation ever.

    Quality post, I could add another name or two like Wgfv who got legend for literally just saying UMA were a communist army (when they literally had identical regulations to every other CP army back then)

  44. I obviously cannot see you are on mobile. Your logic for your own bad grammar i can’t understand even more than i did your first comment.

  45. You’re just making it up now, Jester. You can’t see how l am using mobile? Apparently l was trying to comment on the computer, but l guess mobile is better for me. Other than that, it’s a little complicated and somewhat sent to autocorrection. l login to wordpress by using my mobile instead of computer.

  46. I was never fired as CEO, i retired twice totally on my own accord?
    Mentioning the not-so-good parts of every candidate listed just to prove a point doesn’t make you right. Most of these people here do deserve to be on it, apart from the three most recent people who were inducted.

  47. I agree. When l look at Vendetta comment, he has a point for Silverburg. But this post, idk what Silver is really doing, but it makes an arguement. Not trying to argue tho.

  48. To be frankly honest, I don’t understand why Silverburg is getting attacked. If you think Silverburg isn’t an amazing leader then you’re lying to yourself. Silver and I aren’t even that close, so I’m on a completely unbiased standpoint while writing this. Only thing he could probably work on his leading for longer, he’s like Waterkid, he comes, he leads the army to greatness, and then leaves.

  49. They’re legendary because of the actions of pioneers lika SaW and Unk, not Ambrosha.

  50. Then tell me how 123nico26[Unknown] and Feephill[SaW] was recruited? Do you ever see how Ambrosha recruit people to Dark Warriors army back in 2007? Amb recruited Hammerzboy, 123Ant, Jack/Donut, Elite 910 and Lorenzo Bean. But that was before SaW and Unk was ever to be recruited by Fallen. Hammerzboy recruited Circa, Circa recruited Fallen, and Fallen recruited SaW and Unk. This is how Dark Warriors became legendary, because of Ambrosha, and those people that have recruit for an army to become big. They all taught them.

  51. With that logic Mustapha’s responsible for all of NW and DW’s success because he was recruited by toy. With that logic Toy is responsible for NR because he recruited Haroon and hired Tiro.

  52. … Mustapha have nothing to do with NW or DW. Mustapha was recruited by Toy? That’s great to know, but he was only in DCP. I know that Toy have done stuff for DW, but his era was short and not organized with others. Haroon doesn’t really like him very well, and so does Tiro. Did you know that? They all separate, and that was because of Toy who shut down an army, to create Night Rebels. I would rather say that DW should’ve stayed as dead for a great history that has written…DW was alright with Toy, but it’s not my taste. Toy didn’t earn his rank, l was there. Toy didn’t make DW organized, l was there. DW was remake by Toy, on the second time but failed. Did you see that? DW was not the same as it was. I don’t have a taste of that, and Toy was only good in DCP. He got exposed so much in DW, multilogging, hacking or whatever that he did – was pretty bad by far. So like l said, it all begins with Ambrosha who recruited the people for Datk Warriors. The army became successful.

  53. You’re literally saying Ambrosha is a legend because he created the army and recruited people who recruited other people. SaW and Unk don’t like Amb and when he tried to make a rebellion against Agents he was basically told to fuck off. He contributed nothing to DW, but the name

  54. Well that’s true, but that was because of the negative move that they have done to Amb, legends and the veterans. We were all banished by the Agents.

  55. WTF you guys type huge paragraphs…
    jeez nerds

  56. “Boasting speech is a mark of weakness. Those who do great things are usually silent.”

  57. Now your grammar sounds flawed

  58. @jester

  59. why isnt waterkid here lool

  60. I can’t recall West ever being accused of multilogging with actual evidence. Can you show me this

  61. Waterkid is probably the greatest UK Leader of all time and led one of the first UK armies. He’s a revolutionary in CP Warfare and deserves his place. Your personality shouldn’t make a difference to wether your legendary or not

  62. This will be one of the few times I’ll be commenting on this website these days, and that’s only because you mentioned me, old friend. Those “accusations” were proven false by you in the first place, you can recall numerous times that I’ve joked around about multilogging. You helped to confirm that to CPAC. The only “evidence” that ever arose was completely disregarded by Zakster because it was bullshit and inconclusive. If I may quote our great 45th president, Donald J. Trump, I only have to say to you… Wrong.

  63. i like penguins and chips……

  64. xD

  65. tax duh

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