YouWrite: An Opinion on the AUSIA Division

Disclaimer: The following post was submitted through the CPA Central YouWrite feature. It is an editorial that features the opinions of the writer alone. It does not reflect the thoughts and ideas of CPA Central as a collective.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – A legendary revolutionist, the one who created this famous word “AUSIA” is no other than the CP Army Legend and Former ACP Leader, Flipmoo. The famous AUSIA division also known as the Asian and Australian force was created and dates back around in the early years of 2012-2013, mostly armies rely on USA and UK as their main division but not all users were equally divided among time zones themselves despite such inconsistency, Flipmoo began to stop conforming to the ideas of other divisions and created the AUSIA division to prove that Asian and Australians are not beside the line of competition.

This man by the name of Sidie9/Vexillarius created the first ‘versions’ of AUSIA based armies in his presence days of armies like Heroes and Army of Darkness for example. The Army of Club Penguin were the first ones to create this division, not for themselves, but to be followed by other, later armies such as Army of the Republic, Smart Penguins, Golden Troops and a lot more. By late 2013 and during 2014, the creation that was once fantasy and what was to become later known as AUSIA, did indeed exist.

Now everyone in this division can also feel the experience of equal fairness in battles and not struggle in times. But ACP wasn’t even in one of its kind despite the fact that they’re the ones who revolted and innovated the said success but was beyond the records and outmatched like any other, formidable as well. After that, battle after battle, finally the creator of AUSIA decided to retire in July 2014 and was awarded for creating the success that I’m also thankful for. Following the retirement, the AUSIA remains strong throughout 2014 and continued on.


By the beginning of 2015 we saw a struggle in sizes despite the environmental change that surrounded the community even as the AUSIA Division began to crumble. It didn’t stop there as some armies use the force like they use the other two divisions for advantages during wars between armies, one after another.

Summer of 2015 and 2016 saw another chance of rising once again and proved that AUSIA divisions are not dead yet and by the time that school begun, while we fell into shreds, the AUSIA legacy was not dead. AUSIA strives to fight on even in its struggles; it also proved that not all will get the chance to experience the same taste that we once had.

In conclusion, the AUSIA community isn’t dead yet and still continues to live on, as everyone says “this said creation is yet young but young at heart.” That is the truth. As said before, the AUSIA divisions continues to fight even in their struggles, as it doesn’t stop them carrying on to be victorious in the end. Some need to struggle first beforehand but despite of all that, hard work is always needed because like in the story, revolutionise what you want to say and express what you feel. The AUSIA community is dead in numbers but not the legacy once we brought yet we will be proud and always will.

What do YOU think? Do you agree that AUSIA has gone from a strong third division to simply a tactic of war? Who is the greatest AUSIA leader of all time? 


CPA Central Viewer


14 Responses

  1. actually, I created the “ausia division” thing way before flipmoo during the LT vs HSA war during the summer. I’m pretty sure LT was the first major army to have a meaningful AUSIA division.

  2. Lel AUSIA historian here because I was there early, yay.

    Second paragraph is incorrect.

    ACP was not the first to make such a division–such divisions existed in a few armies long before they did it. But they were indeed the first to coin the term ‘AUSIA’.

    The Light Troops (which I think Sidie was in at the time?) and the Army Republic called it “Aus division” or “Aus/Asia division” long before (almost one year I recall) the term “AUSIA” was coined by ACP and their division formed. Thus it is incorrect to say AR formed it after ACP. (But yes, the Smart Penguins were certainly after.)

    LT and AR were the first armies to do so, but what ACP did do was revolutionise it and make it seem essential for every army out there. What they did was get sizes never seen before by AUSIA, and for that, the AUSIA community tips their hat to the ‘Sculptor of AUSIA’, Flipmoo.

    Also, if I recall correctly, but there’s a high probability I am wrong with this one, the term ‘AUSIA’ was coined by Monsoon, not Flipmoo. But I will check with him on that one and make another comment some afterward (or he may reply here! :D)

  3. ACPs AUSIA division was indeed not the first, but it was definitely the first one that actually had any relevance and decent sizes.

  4. baaa

  5. LT and AR’s AUSIA preceded ACP’s, and being the only ones in their time made them relevant when it came to war. But of course, sizes were only about 6-7 which is indeed tiny compared to what ACP achieved, yet relevant in an era when no other army had AUSIA. That’s two armies getting 6-7 for AUSIA while 8 others in the top 10 were “maxing 0” before ACP came along.

    So they were relevant, but indeed tiny compared to what Flipmoo did which changed the AUSIA landscape entirely.


    Still fairly “decent” for AUSIA standards in early 2013 actually. Nothing major, but hey, decent. (Flipmoo came in around June 2013 it seems)

  7. No you didn’t lol

  8. Note: I am just expressing my opinions about Ausia. There is no right/wrong about it, since I made of a history rather than an opinion… You gave me some facts that made me know more of it, thank you for re-correcting much of it. Now, I expanded much knowledge in which regards to the editorial.

    For now, I am reading so comments about the one I made, because I’m no professional in this(which indeed I am not lol), it’s just I wanted to make people learn about the division known more and the history but facts are facts, you can’t deny it. 😛

    If you say this is biased, I’m sure I made a mistake but I’m saying stating my knowledge. I’ll love more discussions about it sometime in the future.


  9. Hehe I understand lol. I was just pointing out errors for the same reason you made this post: To help everyone gain deeper insight into the history of our AUSIA community.

    It’s definitely not bias but just a common misconception which I thought would be good for me to clear up for everyone.

  10. Alright, makes sense. Thanks Fluffy!

  11. Good post Rock, it’s sparked some good discussions!

  12. im suprised most of you guys are still even on this club penguin army thing wow

  13. cringe

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