Redemption Force Shut Down

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Redemption Force Empire – As the CP Army Community steps into school days, many armies are falling. Announcing their return recently, under Brigade3 and Security, the Redemption Force seem to have shut down already. 

The Redemption Force were established around August 2013, created by Reacon, they were a medium-sized army that planned to make a name for themselves within the community. To do this, the RF had slowly risen throughout the virtual ‘food chain’ for a lack of better terms, and were able to reach the 2nd place in the top ten by early 2016, an achievement originally unimaginable for the Redemption Force Army.

Throughout their last generation, the army maintained sizes of 20 to 30 troops at most events they held during that time. Due to this present consistency that they were able to maintain, they kept overall activity at its peak, keeping the RF alive for quite some time. An example of this can be seen in the picture shown below taken from an event held near the end of their previous generation.

Brigade3, who announced himself as the leader of Redemption Force, made a post on RF’s website about their return a few days ago. This is what he had to say:

The Redemption Force has returned under the leadership of Security and Brigade3. The Redemption Force has its goal to become the biggest UK division in Club Penguin. A secondary goal is to become a consistent Top 5 Army.

We can’t do this without YOU.

Enroll today to be apart of the Redemption Force! See you there!


Supreme Leader


Supreme Leader

Although the Redemption Force didn’t schedule any events for their return and it has been almost three days, CPA Central heard rumors that the Redemption Force has shut down before even hosting any official return return. To verify this, I went to RF’s website and this is what I found:


The website is no longer accessible on the public domain. Now this rose a doubt in my mind so I quickly went to Brigade3. I noticed that he was on Cobras chat box, so I private chatted him asking what is going on. Brigade3 didn’t answer my Private Chat, but instead I found out that Brigade3 and Security will be re-opening Cobras Army instead. This surely meant that Redemption Force won’t be coming back.

This is seen as a rather distasteful and disrespectful act towards the Redemption Force’s history as this generation that simply failed before it begun is now embedded into the armies rich history.

In my previous post, which was titled as “Redemption Force Announces Return“, I interview Reacon. This is what Reacon stated in the interview:

Interview with Reacon, Redemption Force Creator

CPAC: What do the Redemption Force plan for 2017?

Reacon: Well, not only to reach some of the heights we have been reaching in recent generations, but the problem with those generations was they died to fast due to lack of effort, I want to change that this time.

CPAC: Can we expect to see a bigger and better RF in 2017?

Reacon: Yes, with the addition of few new recruiting specialists, there is no doubt in my mind that RF’s size and troop count will both rise.

CPAC: What are your aims for this generation?

Reacon: Our aim is to reach the 40 mark

CPAC: Any last comments?

Reacon: The Redemption Force reopening event is tomorrow, anyone who wants to attend can. No matter if you’re in the army or not.

From the interview above, it was quite clear that Reacon was confident about the new generation of the Redemption Force. Although he didn’t state all the goals of the army, he says that the main aim for Redemption Force is to reach that 40 troops mark. However, it doesn’t seem so now.

The upcoming leadership of the Redemption Force Army consists of experienced troops who’ve had a history in armies such as Golds, DCP, Water Vikings and Teutons – Brigade3 and Security. Below is a picture of last snapshot that I was able to grab of the Redemption Force army rank page:


All questions that I asked in the post, now seem to be getting self-answered. We will soon publish a post on the website telling you more about Cobras Army making a return, so stay tuned!

I tried contacting Brigade3 and Security several times, however, I failed. While Security was on xat yesterday and he didn’t answer my private chat, Brigade3 was also on xat this morning, but same with him, he didn’t answer my private chat as well. We will add the interview with Brigade3 or Security as soon as we get in contact with them.

So, what do YOU think? Why did the Redemption Army close? Why did Brigade3 and Security decide to open the Cobras Army? Can they both succeed in Cobras, or will they close that down the same way they did the Redemption Force? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion. So comment down below about What do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter


32 Responses

  1. Near impossible to restart an army with no legend/retiree/loyalist support.
    Also idk why you left dcp, sec

  2. So sad ;C

  3. Bummer… Unloyal leaders, excuses, inactive and lack of common sense for them.

  4. Not many armies can rise gain nowadays. You need potential, you need support aka – you need RPF soldiers. RPF is the greatest army, and I am open to debate on it. Whenever someone tries to insult RPF, they attack the leaders based on their age, looks, or just generally their psychical appearance, not their performance as leader. No one can deny how strong the RPF is. I promise you RPF has the most loyal soldiers in ARMY HISTORY. Once again, I am open to debate. Whoever dares reply will ultimately look like nothing but a fool, desiring to be RPF – jealousy drives people nuts.. RPF drives people nuts.

  5. That is the most idiot comment l ever seen. Again, thats the samething as what Chip said. But, not RPF isn’t perfect. Not every army can push off very easily, it’s really hard. Stop trying act like RPF is at top. It’s like you are pushing it very harsh, and you are a harsh troop. Driving people crazy? I think you are putting words that makes people pissed, or something that you don’t really make sense at all. Everyone has their own opinion of their army, so you can’t think that and tells them what to do – no no no, you can’t do that. So stop sucking, “RPF Loyalist.” You aren’t gettinf anywhere by hiding under nulls. Stop being
    scared and show off who you are.

  6. no* using mobile lol

  7. Duck off fat boy we reopened COBRA and removed you from legends page for asking kids for nudes

  8. ^Why do I see you fighting with everyone possible on comments, just chill out Kyle its ok to disagree with people and shit but its way too persistent you’re like me in 2013 lul

  9. Lmao really? I’l try not to comment and disagree on what they said

  10. What have l done to you? Just getting at me because im telling the truth? You failed leading RF, and you’ve also failed at leading Cobras, Brigade. You should know that its actually Cobras, not COBRA, get it right. You removed me off because l send nudes? I highley have lost respect for you. I’ve learned my mistake from that but you have no idea what you’re talking about. Why? Because a girl that l have done it, is 17 years old. SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD, IS THAT A KID?! NO! I was being leaked by scream whatsoever and l was frighten and scared because of him. Removing me from legend shows that you are really a idiot. Don’t you remember what have happen during the first generation of Cobras? That was successful before you were leading. I am still a Cobras legend, because of the creator. You need permission to remove me. Good day sir. 🙂

  11. It’s actually COBRA from GI Joe first off. Secondly pirate Cody called me the greatest ever leader of COBRA and we maxed 40 at some events which is double what you’ve ever led in your entire career. Unfortunately I am now along with Security the Godfather of COBRA and your name is not in the legends page. It was removed for your disgraceful attitude towards women and for your sheer incompetence. If you ever want to be back in there I suggest joining for low owner and working your way up.

  12. Are you stupid? Do you have any idea what l have done? Cobras was created, and l was joined as leader with Cody, and other leaders. This was so long ago. Why do you even care about what happen in the past? Anyways, Cobras was in the top ten during my leadership but this was my noobs days, and l know Cody is too. This was all because of the first creation, nobody knows what Cobras is because its a new army. Yeah say whatever you want about what you max, but just remember that history stays like that during first creation. “Disgraceful attitude towards women and for your sheer” Brigade, this was years ago and you’ve removed me today so you really think thats gonna work? No. I have a nice attitude to girls, and boys. I don’t speak to the haters like you, because you removed me and you think l don’t have an nice attitude with women and for my sheer. Guess what? I don’t care whos Godfather. All l know is that you can’t remove me unless you have creator’s permission. Have you seen what l have done before, Brigade? Have you seen what l have done for DW, NR, IW, FW, Miners, Elites and WR? There’s more but l am not gonna name them all because it’s a lot and l have done so much for them. I’ve led some of them pretty good, and this was years ago. So about that rank, l would love to but l am staying in the Night Rebels. That history for Cobras was my noobs day, and you removed me is like l don’t respect you anymore.

  13. Look at my site for more, . I thought you already know what l’ve did.

  14. Good job Cody gave me permission to remove your pedo ass off the legends page

  15. When was this? 😂 You don’t even know what pedo means, yet you can’t call me a pedo. Brigade, l think you are a pedo.

  16. Okay mate pirate Cody told me this when he came on during Teutons days and how am I a paedophile?

  17. Teutons? I don’t believe you, because l helped Cody with Cobras and got a lot of effort in that. It’s like the same as Night Rebels, but l am doing pretty good with NR too. Exactly, you aren’t a pedo see????? + l not too. Pedophile means adult, and pedo also means – doing it to kids. Yes l know what pedo means but you are probably deaf or blind of what im saying. She’s 17 years old and you called her a kid? She isn’t 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12. You all haters changed the subjet of ages, and it’s sad. You don’t even know what l have done because Scream told everyone about me and expect me to quit xat forever and disappear from it. I am still a Cobras legend. Cody would never remove me, but you.

  18. Go speak to Cody Saville Jnr

  19. Where is he? :/ I haven’t seen him for like 5 years.

  20. He’s in my pocket cause COBRA is my bitch

  21. Okay but, that doesn’t show anything as of why you said something that Cody would say. I don’t believe you and l haven’t seen Cody in Teutons. His last appearance for me was wayy back in Cobras as 2012.

  22. His last appearance would be later than that when he was in my gen of COBRA in 2015.

  23. Oh? Ok. Are you bringing it back?

  24. Yeah already did

  25. Oh cool. Just remembe that lm always a Cobras legend. I think theres only a few Cobras vet/legend that are still around.

  26. Okay mate

  27. could u stop calling kyle a pedo brigade u big fatass idk wtf happened but i dont think he did anything wrong and dawix calls kyle a pedo and he freaks out when i “supposedly did it” BTW KYLE DAWIX SAID UR “PEDO103” fuck off brigade

  28. because you’re scrounging for owners and didnt give him what he deserved lol

  29. >scrounging
    You’re clueless get your facts straight, it wasn’t my idea to hire so many owners it was Bads and i wasnt even in the army then dumbass. none of this would have happened if it were up to me.

    >didn’t give them what they wanted, ok whats better having 10 leaders or 4 and making your army look like swat 2.0. quite frankly.
    lead an army and you’ll understand.

  30. Or what are you touching little kids too

  31. Literally half the comment section is you arguing

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