Redemption Force Announces Return

THERMAL, Redemption Force Empire – As the CP Army Community starts to enter school term, we see many armies returning. This includes, the Night Warriors, the Night Rebels, the Golds Army and the Underground Mafias. However, in a shocking turn, another army has announced their return. This time, the Redemption Force.

The Redemption Force were established around August 2013, created by Reacon, they were a medium-sized army that planned to make a name for themselves within the community. To do this, the RF had slowly risen throughout the virtual ‘food chain’ for a lack of better terms, and were able to reach the 2nd place in the top ten by early 2016, an achievement originally unimaginable for the Redemption Force Army.

Throughout their last generation, the army maintained sizes of 20 to 30 troops at most events they held during that time. Due to this present consistency that they were able to maintain, they kept overall activity at its peak, keeping the RF alive for quite some time. An example of this can be seen in the picture shown below taken from an event held throughout the end of their previous generation.

Since then, the Redemption Force have decided to make their return to the community. Brigade3, Redemption Force leader, made a post on the site announcing that the army will be making its return. This is what he had to say:

The Redemption Force has returned under the leadership of Security and Brigade3. The Redemption Force has its goal to become the biggest UK division in Club Penguin. A secondary goal is to become a consistent Top 5 Army.

We can’t do this without YOU.

Enroll today to be apart of the Redemption Force! See you there!


Supreme Leader


Supreme Leader

Picture of RF's rank page (Leaders)

Picture of RF’s rank page (Leaders)

The current leadership of the Redemption Force Army consists of experienced troops who’ve had a history in armies such as Golds, DCP, Water Vikings and Teutons – Brigade3 and Security. Although there isn’t any official return event post on the Redemption Force army website, but we wish them best of luck for the upcoming generation.

We here at CPAC have interviewed RF Creator, Reacon, to know more about what they aim for 2017. You can read the interview below:

Interview with Reacon, Redemption Force Creator

CPAC: What do the Redemption Force plan for 2017?

Reacon: Well, not only to reach some of the heights we have been reaching in recent generations, but the problem with those generations was they died to fast due to lack of effort, I want to change that this time.

CPAC: Can we expect to see a bigger and better RF in 2017?

Reacon: Yes, with the addition of few new recruiting specialists, there is no doubt in my mind that RF’s size and troop count will both rise.

CPAC: What are your aims for this generation?

Reacon: Our aim is to reach the 40 mark

CPAC: Any last comments?

Reacon: The Redemption Force reopening event is tomorrow, anyone who wants to attend can. No matter if you’re in the army or not.

From the interview above, it’s quite clear that Reacon is confident about the new generation of the Redemption Force. Although he didn’t state all the goals of the army, he says that the main aim for Redemption Force is to reach that 40 troops mark. Can the Redemption Force reach the mark?

So, What do YOU think? Can the Redemption Force break the 40 troops mark, or will they fail? How strong is the leadership? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion. So comment below, and let us know what YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter


2 Responses

  1. Please, don’t multilog… .

  2. And ironically enough, the very same leaders decided to break away and form COBRA again. Not even two days and RF is dead.

    What a waste of effort…

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