Mikester Removed From DCP || 13 & 32 Step Down From Leadership

SUMMIT, DCP Empire – In the midst of many changes, new leaders, mass migration of owners, and much more happening over the past two weeks in DCP, Mikester has been removed from the leadership, followed by the retirement of both 32op and 13yearoldn00b.

Since DCP’s “cleansing” just over one month ago, the army saw great heights, reaching 1st on CPAC’s top ten twice, and winning the Christmas Chaos tournament with sizes of 50.

DCP in the Christmas Chaos VI final

DCP performing “E+P” in the Christmas Chaos VI final.

Despite all the success, there was much drama going on within the army, including many in DCP believing going to war with RPF was unnecessary. Because of the leadership not being same page, it eventually led to the removal of myself and saw many owners leave as a result.

DCP had 18-20 owners on Christmas, and now only about six are still in the army.


Current DCP owner ranks.

So after the various ownership changes, Mikester was surprisingly removed from the army on the 5th. No official statement was released about this, but sources tell us he was removed due to inactivity. I managed to get a quick interview with Mikester to get the full scoop on what went down.

Interview With Mikester

It is said that you were removed from DCP due to inactivity. Can you either confirm this or explain why exactly you were couped?

Mikester: I told my fellow leaders that I would be inactive from Christmas Eve to January 3rd due to a number of reasons. These were the first couple of days I was really inactive at all since I was appointed leader in mid December. Then, after the event yesterday, I was removed for “inactivity” and I was never spoken to about it at all, there war no warning, no ultimatum, chat was just reset and it was announced that I would no longer be leader.

What was your initial reaction to being removed from the army? Did you think it was handled the right way? 

Mikester: At first I was confused why they would fire me in the same, unpredictable way they fired you without being given an ultimatum or having the entire leadership agree on it. This type of thinking has created turmoil and division throughout the army. And obviously I don’t think they handled this the right way, because I when I was first promoted to leader, I told the current leadership at the time that if they ever wanted me to resign, I would do so willingly. I hadn’t done anything wrong so I’m not sure why they wouldn’t just have me retire, but its fine, I’ll move on from it.

After you were removed, you quickly joined the Night Warriors for an owner rank. What are your goals moving forward in NW?

Mikester: Ever since I returned to armies over the summer, I wanted to join the Night Warriors one last time before I permanently retire. NW was my first army, I joined under Vendetta when he was leading against Mchappy’s ACP in 2010, and I would like to finish my career with the army I started in.

Mikester strongly stressed how he did not feel his removal from DCP was at all justified and quite swift with no warning. Mike feels very confident in his decision to join NW, and plans to finish his army career with them.

Following Mikesters removal, 32op announced he’d retire and released a short retirement post earlier today. An excerpt from that post can be read below.

Around 1 month ago, I came back and decided to join for one last run, this time for Leader & Legend. I was successful.

I’ve achieved everything that I wanted in DCP and I just don’t see myself sticking around anymore. Its not because I don’t care about DCP, I love you guys! But I’ve lost motivation for CP Armies & have decided to focus more on my studies.

Its been a great 5 years with you guys and I thank everyone in DCP that has helped me and I apologize for any of my mistakes that I have made in the past.

As you can see, 32 was very grateful for this opportunity, and says he achieved everything he wanted to with the Doritos and afterwards thanked everyone who he felt helped him the most in DCP. I got a chance to interview 32op on what his time in DCP was like and why he decided to take his leave from the army.

Interview With 32op

What has the entire experience in DCP been like since you returned?

32op: It’s been amazing. After 4 years in DCP, I finally got leader and it felt great and I had a lot of fun.

Why exactly did you decide to retire?

32op: I retired because I came back for two things, to get leader and legend. I successfully did this so I will now retire knowing I accomplished what I wanted to.

What do you plan to do next, and do you think this was the final time you will be participating in CP warfare?

32op: I plan to help DCP whenever I can, and I may return in the near future.

Following 32’s retirement, 13yearoldn00b also retired from the army, re-posting his own retirement that was originally released on the 14th of December but delayed. Some words from that post can be seen below.

I’ve done a lot of ruminating over the past few weeks in regards to this army’s performance and overall recovery since the removal of Mustapha. With that being said, I am still surprised at how far this army has propelled throughout the time we’ve transitioned. We proved to many that we didn’t need to cheat in order to essentially prosper. Now, in relation to the title and subject of this post, I will be leaving DCP indefinitely. As sporadic of a choice it is, but I have been thinking about this decision for the past few weeks. The main question that may initially come to mind is; Why are you leaving? To put it simply, I’ve lost a majority of my previous interest in this game, and the community as a whole; I have also become unable to be as necessarily active for the leadership position due to personal business. I did what I originally planned to do, I helped liberate this previously fabricated mess from a longtime tyrant. This army has been properly restored and can continue to grow, despite consistent change. Hell, we even reached 1st on the Top Ten after just a week. I will also be starting school once more, so I won’t be as active as I normally am.  That was remarkable, this entire generation, so far, still remains remarkable. There is no need for any personal history, or any specific mentions of gratitude towards any particular individual. Yet, I do individually thank EVERYONE who has stuck by this army, even in its most destructive periods. I also thank those who kept me here, as a proud leader of this great army.

13 strongly expresses how much he has enjoyed helping cleanse DCP’s legacy and reaching heights the army hadn’t seen legitimately in years. He says the main reason he has decided to retire is because he can’t be as active and it losing interest in leading a CP army, but thanks everyone who made DCP’s run possible.

DCP performing “E+3” in a recent event led by 13yearoldn00b

Moments ago I received word that CPA & DCP Legend, Lord West, would be joining the leadership temporarily alongside Jester and Greeny. I got the chance to catch up with Jester about the changes and what he expects to accomplish with DCP moving forward.

Interview With Jester

What are your thoughts on all these changes occurring so quickly in DCP?

Jester: This army needed reconstruction from the moment I stepped back in, and in my opinion I think its a positive thing for us to start new.

Do you think some of the decisions made up to this point, including the removal of two very experienced leaders, and mass firing of effective owners has had a negative impact on the army the past few weeks?

Jester: I wouldn’t say all of the owners who left were effective, I think I would have tried a little harder to keep them, but there was a huge lack of activity and recruiting so I just let it be. I don’t think this army is doing bad, the thing nowadays is that an army can only get big with a huge amount of hype. It’s not like it used to be, you have very limited options on how you want to build an army.

What are your plans for DCP moving forward and how do you think you, along with the addition of West to the leadership, can keep DCP a top contending army?

Jester: To rebuild, hire some good owners and contend for a top three spot, then engage in a war because both the community and DCP need one desperately.

Any last thoughts?

Jester: I was with this army at its lowest points and I know what it’s like to be in bottomless pit, but I am not leaving this army any time soon until it gets back up on its feet. We will be better than before.

There is no doubt that the continuous changes within DCP has caused them to decline rapidly the last couple of weeks. However, Jester and those who have stuck with DCP continue to hold their heads high and are confident that DCP will once again reach great heights under this new leadership.

What do you think about these changes in DCP? Do you think it’s going to help them or continue to cause a decline in overall performance and consistency? Will the firing/retriement of key leaders/owners come back to bite DCP or help them down the stretch? Let me here YOUR thoughts, and thanks for reading.


CPA Central Reporter


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  1. intentional bias. cpac is fake news! boycott!

  2. wow that was escalated quickly. l just notice mike’s name that says night warriors and this was the reasons. interesting at the year of 2017 so far, rip

  3. I love it how Badboy was the one to post on this. Regardless, good shit, Badboy.

  4. ” 18-20 owners on Christmas”, Lol. Courtesy of your favorite CPAC reporter, Badboy.!

  5. Because you lost the tournament? lol

  6. What if Trump controls CPAC?

  7. Bring back Musta

  8. I wish this never happened. But seriously, 6 legends? We’re screwed. Unless anyone goes in for those ranks, it’s a fat gg and I don’t think it would be possible to stand up.

  9. I needed to get a post out and I tried to not include as much about me as I could, so sorry if anything came out as bias

  10. Didn’t have a picture of ranks page on the 25th but it was around 18 so I was just comparing the amount of owners then to the amount of owners now

  11. #CpacIsFakeNews

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