Bias For Dummies


Note: b2 recommended I didn’t do this. I am too school for cool any decided to do it anyway.

Okay well, it’s that time of the week where I explain what something because it seems you guys forgot what google was. Oh, I made fun of people? Dammit, now my post is going to be taken down. Anyway, let’s move on from the already horrible jokes.

Anyway, I asked what you wanted me to explain and you responded with you wanting me to explain “Bias for Dummies”.

“Look mom, I’m said CPAC” Earthing screamed with joy.

Alright, now with the crap introduction out of the way, let’s get into serious business. What does bias mean? Well, bias is something that pops up in different shapes and forms when in club penguin armies. It can range from stereotyping people because of their gender, for example “You are a girl, you cannot lead” to picking an armies side because you have one friend there even though that same army is the one doxing and DDoSing people.

Image result for No girls allowed

No girl is allowed in this army because they can’t lead! Apart from you mom, love you.

In CPA, you will mostly find the word “bias” being thrown at news reporters in tournaments because their army lost a battle after the judges voted 3 to 0 against them and one of the judges used to be in the winning army. Although, whether that is bias or not, that’s a different story. I regret saying that, another comment war is going to begin. My other post (Do We Welcome Noobs? 2.0, which can be found by clicking here) had enough of that. Well done Zoomey, you did it again.

Thus far, I’ve explained the club penguin bit that mostly pops up, now to get the the good bit, real life. (Note: If anything is wrong in the real life part, I am sorry. I do not have a life).

There is many different versions of bias in real life. There’s the bias in behaviors such as, calling people names and bias in politics such as when, during the civil rights movement, television and film media were accused of a bias that supported the mixing of the races. Some Southern stations refused to air shows with mixed casts, such as Star Trek and I Spy.

Image result for angry Spock

It’s okay Spock, I’m angry as well.

Media in real life (or in armies) can advertise stories based on only what people want to see, conclusion bias meaning they only give a few summed up lines instead of other unconventional which would be more lengthy, and sensationalism which is basically choosing to write about big events instead of the every day events because it can rake in a few more views. No matter which one is the worst, all are viewed as different types of bias.

Anyway, I think that sums up what bias is. If this post made you think of anyone or anything, you are a bad person for thinking these people bias.

Image result for facepalm emoji

Cringing right now.

Make sure to tune in next week for another addition of Armies of Dummies (hopefully better too). The choices for next week are:

  • Flexing for dummies
  • Bots for dummies
  • Skipping events for dummies
  • How to create an army for dummies
  • Army hopping for dummies
  • Multilogging for dummies

What do YOU think? Do you have any more suggestions? What do you think about Armies for Dummies? Am I as bad as I think I am?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Vice President
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16 Responses

  1. Army hopping for dummies, you know it – it’s dawix, rish, and matthew

  2. Yas Kyle, YAS

  3. Imma have to go with creating an army for dummies….

  4. I left NR because the leadership was currently mess up. :/

  5. Flexing for Dummies.

  6. is it messed up now?

  7. i said that before I left NR. Where were u that day?

  8. Had to do the house cleaning…

  9. I have to agree with b2. I’m not sure I needed a post dedicated to telling me what bias means. Next team be more focused on the quality of your post than being “too school for cool.”

  10. words of the wise from pedo103

  11. Botting for dummies and if u do plz include me

  12. Flexing for dummies.

  13. Multilogging for dummies

  14. Slow news day, I assume.



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