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KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As we commence our new, weekly column of ‘Ask a CEO’, it’s apparent that you, our viewers, have a lot of unanswered questions about the inside of CPAC. It’s time for your questions to, finally, have a response put to them.


How much work CEO have?

Submitted by Maciek888pl

Chief Executive Officers are the leading figure of the site. Without them, the members of staff would have little to no guidance in regards to when and what to post, how to improve and even what to include. As we are always offering a helping hand to each and every member of our news site, we have a lot more work to do than expected. As well as this, it is our main priority to ensure that you, our readers, are completely satisfied with the content we are publishing. This means that every little part of CPAC, from the posts to the minuscule aspects which you may not always notice, are constantly being monitored and updated. To answer your question, I’d personally say that the CEO’s have a higher workload than you’d think, even if all of our efforts aren’t recognised.

Will something be done for the old S/M legends?

Submitted by Earthing

This week, the CPA Central administrative staff placed all of their efforts together to renovate the site, updating aspects such as graphics and pages. This meant that, finally, the old legends from the small and medium community now have their very own page here at CPAC. This finalised SMAC’s merge into CPAC, uniting each and every one of us as a community,together.

how do you plan on working for the end of multilogging?

Submitted by Aka

Multilogging, a battle which we have been fighting against unfair players in our community for months, even years. Unfortunately, there is no known way of being able to end the act of multilogging, although we have managed to find some methods which allow us to combat the act and offer an army the chance to reform their leadership. Some of these methods consist of deductions in our weekly Top Ten, alongside Special Reports in order to expose those whom are carrying out the act. However, this does not always appear to work, therefore we cannot always rid an army, or a specific person, of their bad habits.

Please ensure that you post your questions for our next edition of Ask a CEO in the comments of this post. Numerous questions per person is acceptable although be aware that not all questions may be answered depending on demand of the column.

What do YOU think? Do you like the idea of this column? Do you have any column ideas? Comment your thoughts below. Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


21 Responses

  1. How do you feel about Club Penguin Global Warming

  2. No point in doing this if you don’t answer the important questions. Here’s some.

    CPA Central has been anti-multilogging for a long time, as you are one of the most notorious multiloggers of the last decade, how does this reflect your ability to uphold the CPAC values?

    Following the controversial decision from Sammie ‘The Herb’ Dean as Gamesmaster of the Christmas Chaos, how do you as CEO choose the judges and appointments for gamesmaster?

    Hypothetically speaking, assuming that there was a waiting list, who do you believe is next in line for the CPAC Chief Executive Officer role?

  3. Dang Zing, that was emotional

  4. BRO CHILL ^

  5. I notice that there hasn’t been a SM Top 10. Do you plan on making one in the near future?

  6. Sammie is clearly anti-RPF. The Christmas Chaos finals proved it clearly. I believe he/she should be banned from judging any future tournament battles.

  7. He’s banned from being GM, but not for reasons of bias.

  8. Nice questions Zing, I would like to ask the same.

  9. whats GM?

  10. Why are you a CPAC CEO and why are you nominated for legend? What are your qualifications because all I know about you is that you dated CSY and that you’re a lesbian

  11. Games Master

  12. Sik 1 fam

  13. Thanks for the explanation. I’m just going to assume you put yourself on the inductions or one of your staff that eats you out put you on there so he/she’d get a promotion

  14. Agreed silver 🙂

  15. Both you and Sammie are extremely bias. Check my recent post on RPF.

  16. Same

  17. I didn’t even make the induction list

  18. Why do you hate me?

  19. That is totally a legit question 😀

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