Brigade3 Admits to Multilogging in Teutons || Darklink Denies all Botting Allegations Against him

NORTH POLE, Teuton Army Former Nation- Shockingly, after a long time denying he was, Brigade has decided to finally admit his wrong doings and make a post about his multilogging during a certain generation of Teutons. However, apparently he’s not the only one involved with the multilogging scandal. Let’s take a closer look into the situation.

Teutons were an army that seemed to of have had a constant stay in the CPAC Top Ten throughout October of 2016. They were featured as one of the top three armies in the CPAC Top Ten Armies. During their run in October, they were mostly seen in a war with ACP where both armies had a big hatred for each other. ACP predicted that Teutons multilogged and decided to fight the multilogging they believed was happening.

Towards the end of the last generation of Teutons, they began to get deducted a lot for multilogging by CPAC. Brig refused to admit his multilogging (and other peoples apparent botting in the army) and continued to hold events with penguins he claimed were “real people”. This eventually led to the ban of Teutons from the CPAC Top Ten Armies. Eventually, the Teutons shut down and became the Omegas but sadly they didn’t remain around for long.

Two months later, after the chaos that was Teutons, Brig has finally admitted multilogging happened. He made a post on the Teutons website that announced everything that had happened during the generation. However, the multilogging, according to Brigade, didn’t happen as long as people liked to believe.

For a long time now I have denied all allegations of cheating within this army’s last generation. However, this is not the truth and I am sorry.

The generation was clean until a point. The army was going great with Banterous Sam and Greeny as leaders. We maxed 30+ clean at one point so the pressure was on to keep doing it clean and no cheating. Then Greeny defaced us and left and Sam gave up on me. I had to multilog 2/3 per event to keep us afloat.

-Brigade3, Former Teutons Leader and Creator.

According to Brigade in his post, the multilogging and botting, began once Teutons’ owners (apart from Jd) left the army and Teutons faced defaces. Although the multilogging was confirmed by Brigade, he didn’t blame it all on himself. Apparently, there were other culprits, pacifically Darklink.

In Brigade’s post, he says that he hired Darklink to bot thirty plus penguins while Brigade used old UMA multilogs.

It then got serious when more defaces happened and EVERY owner left us apart from Jd. This is when things got serious and I hired Darklink to bot 30+ for us every event.  Whilst I used old UMA multilogs to bot. M Buble was my account but the others that were blamed on me were actually Darklink and Ronald.

-Brig, Former Teutons Leader and Creator.

After Brigade made his post, Darklink announced that it’s a lie. In an interview with Darklink, which can be seen below, he denied all allegations saying it was Brigade multilogging and botting using CuP and that he knew what was going on but didn’t have anything to do with it apart from him blackmailing Brigade into adding him onto the Legends page on the Teutons website.

Interview with Darklink

CPAC: If you didn’t multilog, why would Brig say you multilogged?

Darklink: Because during “Battle Royal” we had 15+ on chat and he pc’d me and asked if he should multilog in the library so I said do what you want but don’t involve me. So the “Battle Royal” comes around, we lost, 2 weeks later a guy named Coolcal comes and Brig squad. I knew it was multiloggers so I quit. I told Brigade I would expose him if he didn’t give me legend status, so he did. I had proof of him old laptop.

CPAC: Did Brig use bots or was there any bots at all being used during Teutons, since that’s what he blamed you on.

Darklink: He used bots using the software CuP.

CPAC: So, to confirm, you are saying you didn’t multilog or bot while in Teutons?

Darklink: I didn’t

Interview with Brigade3

CPAC: Darklink denied everything, what’s your reaction to this?

Brig: Up to him if he wishes to keep on denying his role in the wrong doings but I think it is best to come clean and admit what I did was wrong and it wont happen again.

CPAC: Why do you think he denied botting?

Brig: Probably doesn’t want to be the same as me right now, reputation down the drain. He is insignificant anyway really, he played no part in our successes.

CPAC: Why did you suddenly admit to multilogging?

Brig: I respect Badboy for his decision to do the same, and Ryan admitted to botting. Badboy showed that you can admit to multilogging go clean and win person of the year. Time for me to go clean too.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Brig: New Years Resolution for CPA community should be to move and clean like I have done.

Unsurprisingly, both of them have said two different stories. However, one thing they’ve agreed on is the multilogging that Brigade did which he respectfully admitted to doing. Both Brigade and Dark have taking different paths from each other. Dark now resides in the newly returned Night Rebels and Brigade now resides in the newly returned Night Warriors.

Will they be able to put the drama behind them though? I mean, Dark has come out saying it was completely Brigade’s fault while Brigade is saying it was a few peoples fault, especially him and Darklink.

What do YOU think? Did Darklink bot and multilog? Is it all Brigades fault? 
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Vice President


15 Responses

  1. let them fight like dogs and cats would do!

  2. Now the Teutons can finally rest in peace. The army has had its reputation ruined me and I ask Teutons legends and the community to forgive my selfish acts.

  3. I hope that my brother Brigade3 will start this new year afresh. I am happy that he has admitted his mistake, and I hope that he will again become the ” Greatest” Leader he once was 🙂
    My best wishes to the new Brigade3,

  4. You just know Dark leads NR with his level of literacy.

  5. he isn’t nr leader, get over it lol

  6. Sorry I don’t know the current leadership of an army full of retards.

  7. sometimes you just gotta look at the ranks because right now we are trying our best for the army and we are the only one out of every new armies that have survived, never failed. the current leadership will be fixed tomorrow as well

  8. I am Jd and I can confirm that Darklink multilogged, the events of which we maxed 50 were completely Darklinks bots. He payed me 8000 xats to post it and act like I led it, thats how I got NC. Darklink was a dictator and a bully, making us all feel like we were unequal. I had to please him in some way.

  9. Why brig? (wary)

  10. I take offence, Verum 😥

  11. Teutons will be remembered for 2014 as of one of the AUSIA based army under the reputation of Earthing himself. I was of the witnesses of this army when first started in CPA. Teutons was the greatest and will be for me(without the multilogs). I’m proud of what they achieved and will forever be. But brig bro, there is nothing wrong of admitting but this army isn’t bad either, I only regret that the legacy was ruined, doesn’t matter anyways. For now, let the army rest in peace. Maybe in the future we can revive it but with effective way of leadership and generation to come.

    I will never forget the loyalty I had in this army, Earthing thank you creating this wonderful team and we can live forever.

    ~Rockstar1819, Teutons Legend. 😉

  12. You need to accept the truth.

  13. It’s ok and I already forgive you. No need to regret for now,

  14. Not really as you got
    A: the wrong penguins
    B: you thought it was just me and you hired darklink to bot for golds.
    C: You said it was multilogging not bots.

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