Five Things – To Make an Army Website

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As you may have noticed, many new columns have started up and “Five Things” is one of the many that have been made, to entertain YOU, the viewers. We apologize for getting this weeks edition out late.

I will be listing five things that you may not have known about a particular subject such as tournaments, Club Penguin etc. Each topic will list 5 things, facts, or ideas on how do something.

To Make an Army Website

After making an army, establishing a good website is key to your armies success. A website needs certain things like graphics, pages, etc.

5) Pages

Including a separate page or tab for everything is important. Having your ranks, chat, joining form and more on just your home page can crowd your page. With pages everything is sorted separately and easier to find.

4) Posting

Posting is an important part of keeping an army fun and active. Large armies like Dark Warriors in 2014-2015 got 10+ posts out everyday. These posts could inform your troops you have an event soon or even just be memes. Posting also raises site views. Whilst you can collect payments from your site views being high, you can also use it to boast supremacy in the army community.

You might be thinking “but making 20 posts per day might flood my site”, that’s why you use this cool feature on wordpress called sticky. Sticky makes your post stay at the top of the page and has a tag that says “Important Post” for your readers. You can use sticky for your event schedules, legends inductions, and more.

3) On Topic/Well Themed

You want to make sure your site is about your army. If we renamed CPAC to “Zing’s House” it probably would throw people off and less people would come to the site. If you are in the Rebel Penguin Federation, you wouldn’t make your domain One site that made this mistake was You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking this is the site of the Orange Warriors, however it is not. The site is actually for the Night Warriors, the site isn’t being used currently. It was made and used during this generation of NW that was known as “Fake NW” as the legends denounced it.

Edit your site dependant on your needs depending on the way you recruit etc. If you take a look at the Night Warriors they changed their website around to fit their recruiting lines, one of their lines “Join Team Night Warriors” led to the change of adding “Team” to their website name.

2) Graphics

Make your site look nice and new with updated graphics every few months. Your site ends up looking better and attracts more people. Even thought you might not find this one of the utmost importance, it really is as out dated GFX might make you seem like a cheap or bad army.

1) CSS and a Domain

CSS is a code that can change your site from its basic theme to amazing. CSS is used on other things like chats etc. With a digg3 theme, your buttons are at the top with CSS you can move them under your header. Things like that can change and make your site look better. A domain is the last few letters at the end of a site link such as .com or .net. A domain makes your site more professional and it is easier to find the website. Both of these ways cost money so it is optional.

We hope you enjoy this weeks “Five Things”. CPAC apologises again for getting this post out last minute as we had a few column changes. I still got it out on Friday so it counts.

Comment your idea for what next weeks topic for “Five Things” should be.


CPAC Editor-in-Chief


4 Responses

  1. I really like this post! It is great for recruits when they know what they’re doing and they want to create an army with website for this!

  2. Yeah about GFX, the new ones are pretty random I think..

  3. I mean, they are all the same picture, and also they don’t match the old ones which are still being used in inner bg, site icon and buttons..

  4. Nice post well written

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