A Special New Years Message

This post is dedicated to all the CPA Community members that have lost loved ones in the year of 2016, you’re so strong to continue on and I wish you a much better 2017 without loss. I’d also like to dedicate this post to all the people who lost their lives that we as individuals held close to our hearts.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – It’s midnight in America. The sound of fireworks is overwhelming, the amount of soppy Facebook statuses is increasing which means it is officially 2017. After what could be considered a very bad 2016 for some, I have a message to deliver to the masses on this New Year.

Getting told you could have cancer will change the way you look at life, or at least it did for me last year. I was told that there was a chance that I could have cancer, and if not already have it – I could get it if I didn’t have a much-needed surgery. This, doubled with other problems that I’ve had were all to overwhelming and I was diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder. I took this time to leave the community for a couple of months believing that my then army Water Vikings was in good hands. I planned not to come back, but then I got a phone call from Jodie telling me about the abysmal state that CPAC had been left in and the decision was made for me to come back.

In those months that I was away, I had a lot of time to think. I became more open-minded and there were times that I cast a thought or two back to Club Penguin Armies. I asked myself on more than one occasion why I accepted Watex’s invitation to join the Watex Warriors back in 2008. I asked myself why I decided to come back to the Nacho Army in 2013 after receiving the message from Puckley. The answer is simply because it is fun.

Whether you hate a certain army, whether you dislike CPA Central – you are all in this community because at one point or another, you chose, you made the decision to change the way you played Club Penguin for the betterment of your enjoyment. We were all young kids once making accounts on Club Penguin, adopting puffles and hiding out in Rockhopper’s ship at midnight to see if anything would happen as he leaves. Club Penguin was the game, Club Penguin Armies is the home that we made.

I confess to struggling with all this nicey-lovey talk but when you’re just speaking from your mind it’s fairly easy to do. So what happened guys? How did we go from that to bot attacks, cheating, hatred and killing our own community for no reason other than immaturity? It honestly doesn’t have to be like that and yeah, I’m not optimistic and more to the point, I’m not a Utopian Socialist, there will be community members who read this and get a sick joy out of ruining things for others but you need to start with you.

If just one person becomes better in 2017 because of this post then I’ll be happy. So before you deface a site, before you log on with more than one account, before you fire up a router, remember why you joined this community. Remember the little kid that you were when you registered your Club Penguin account. Are you really going to be the kid that became nothing more than a troll? On behalf of CPA Central, I’d like to wish you all the safest and happiest of New Years and I hope that in 2017, we can all become better people and this community will stand.

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


8 Responses

  1. Who else didn’t actually read it and skipped to the comments?

  2. No one. We’re not like you 🙂

  3. Take a joke.

  4. Even though this community is plagued with seriousness and hatred, this post has motivation. Somehow I got out of my fear from being too worried about my army. You are one dedicated member of CPA, a promising and enthusiastic person I know. If you think this community willd die, it will, but not anytime soon because Club Penguin is still around and will keep going but not anytime soon it will cease to exist too. Trust me, I hope high hopes in this community for the last 3 years of staying here. I cannot let anyone who can desperately say “CPA is no more” and no that’s not true. Call me wrong or whatever but this community is still fully alive because we are stlll around and I mean the people who made this community to exist and do everything at keep us at great arm’s length and yes we can still do it, just believe.

    Once again, flourish well and smile,

    ~Rockstar1819, Army of Club Penguin 3ic/Ausia Divisional Commander.

  5. lowkey did

  6. who else saws your comment that you still love cpa ❤️ and you already know that theres still guys who love you!!!!!!!

  7. Apologies. *die

  8. I don’t care, I just felt like commenting because why not? Decided to vote as well.

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