Night Rebels to Return

FROSTY, Night Rebels Empire – After a rough year for the Night Rebels with several leadership changes, retirements and revivals, they have decided to return for a new era, with brand new leaders at the helm.

The Night Rebels were originally formed as a rebellion to the Dark Warriors similarly to how the RPF was a rebellion to the UMA. The Night Rebels was created on New Year’s eve 2015 by Kyle103, Tiro, Wozza and Haroon. All leaders led the army to extreme heights, gaining first positions on our top ten, winning several wars and reaching the final stages of the Christmas Chaos V.

The most recent generation saw their army reach the final of the most recent edition of our Champions Cup and seeing them reach the umber one position for the first time in their history. But, unfortunately, that generation soon came to an end due to the retirement of Kyle and Epic which caused inactivity to loom within the army. The Night Rebels entered hibernation mode which led the army to cease.

After a month, Kyle103, main leader of the army, has announced that the army will be returning for another generation. The main reason for this return was for the fact the fact that the Night Rebels was due to celebrate their 1 year anniversary on the 31st of December. Below, is a statement regarding the comeback. You can full view the full post here.

Today, Haroon and I has explained on what we should do with the army and the anniversary after a few week of struggle rise.

The Night Rebels are making the return date on Saturday – Monday.


Also, we have plenty of changes throughout the armies at this day. I want everyone to be happy with this new changes. For those who complained about not listening, well, this time its going to be fixed.

~Kyle103, Night Rebel Leader

From the excerpt above, both Haroon and Kyle have made it clear that they wanted the army to return after a few weeks of struggle and despair. Kyle has also stated that the army will be going through several changes to suit the current era of Club Penguin Armies.

One of the major changes to this generation is about the leadership. The NR has had a major shakeup in this leadership and they believe that these leaders will make a positive contribution to the army. The leaders are: Zoomey, former ACP owner, Datrix, former Ice Hound leader, Matthew4901, former Army Republic leader, Haroon and Kyle who have been leading the army since day one.

To get an insight into the recent events, I have interviewed Harooniaz, who is one of the main pioneers of the Night Rebels.

Interview with Harooniaz, Night Rebels Creator:

CPAC: Why did you decide to bring back the Night Rebels?

Haroonniaz: When I created NR, I only had one thing in my mind, to drag to its anniversary and so I did which also proves that this army is different.

CPAC: What plans do you have for this generation?

Haroonniaz: To be independent and chaos free.

CPAC: Do you have any plans for a future war?

Haroonniaz: Not really, if any of our allies asks us for help than we might but otherwise I only want to focus on rebuilding the army.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Haroonniaz: Revolution of the night!

From the interview above, you can see that Haroonniaz is confident in rising the army to heights that previous generations struggled to reach. He also states that he wants this generation to be trouble free without any corruption or issues. Finally, we can conclude that the Night Rebels do not wish to be involved in any type of conflict, instead his priority is to help his army flourish.

In my opinion, I believe that the Night Rebels will become a huge success. They have experienced leaders and a dedicated ownership who are loyal and intelligent. With several armies such as UMA, LT & BR returning, the Night Rebels will have some tight competition and they will need to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with.

What do YOU think? Will the Night Rebels become a dominating force, once again? Or will they slip into inactivity, like last time? Comment YOUR opinions below!


CPA Central Vice President


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  1. Night Rebels will rise

  2. so will the night tomorrow night

  3. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Structure and Language: 8.5
    Overall Grade: 8.75/10

  4. okay like wtf is a ”datrix” its dawix man

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