Doritos Leadership Receives Addition: Jester Makes Return

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire- When you look back at some of the most dominant armies of recent time, the Doritos of Club Penguin (DCP) are one army that will surely enter your mind, but the question of legitimacy may lead to it being removed from your thought process once more. With Mustapha, longtime leader of the Doritos, having been removed from the army about a month prior due to evidence of multilogging arising, the army has been rising under new and old faces entering the leadership, and are in continuous attempts to prove legitimacy. One person that has chosen this time to make his return is Doritos legend Jester. What were the events that led to this? Why does he wish to rejoin? Continue reading to find out.

After first being established as an army in February, 2010, the Doritos have achieved success under notable leaders such as their creator, Wwebestfan, along with the likes of Bam117, Cul8rsl, and Alfrondo1465, not excluding many other soldiers who have led the army from moderate to excellent heights throughout their time at the helm. They currently rank in first place on our top ten, and have spent the week under the leadership of 13yearoldn00b, 32op, Mikester, and Badboy. As of precisely 24 hours ago, Badboy was dismissed from the leadership due to alleged multilogging. You can view our post reporting on the removal of Badboy by clicking HERE.

Doritos in a recent event

Following Badboy’s removal from the leadership, Jester posted on the Doritos site the next day, announcing that he is returning to join the leadership on their path to securing the Doritos as a dominant force in the community. His post is shown below:

Hello Troops,

I’ve done this many times before but each one feels like i’ve never left. The Doritos over the past months have been hit with accusations/confirmations all relating back to one thing. The wretched word so famous in our community ”Multilogging”. Well, i can sure you that zero of that will be tolerated as long as i, Wwe and my fellow colleagues are around. let it be known if something like that is brought to my attention you will be banned from this army entirely or dealt with by punishment.
Now for the interesting part.. my return. I feel now as CPAC Legend i want to do more for this community for example make it more competitive again like it was in previous generations so my goal for the DCP is to become more aggressive in warfare, i want us to be highly competitive with the best because to be the best you must beat the best. I have been graced with leading massive wars like LT vs DW in 2014. Another thing if I’m allowed I would like to work with CPAC as a writer and develop as one(english isn’t my first) or something of significance that brings good change to the army world. I plan my tenure to be long and i plan it to be productive as possible benefiting not only DCP but to make the game better for everyone and i know morale is low.

For my owners:

Keep in mind we have a lot of you, which isn’t a bad thing it just proves to me you are where you are because you are someone with potential however there is more than i expected coming back into the army so give me time that’s all I ask of you, if feel stuck or hopeless about your future here then let me know i will work something out. I have been in your shoes before, Mustapha would promise me in my case leader if i recruiting x many hours when i did i got the short end of the stick. i know what its like and i understand the frustration. Also, with promotions comes responsibility, multitasking and maturity those are 3 key things you must learn in order for this job.

I would also like to note that i will be joining the U.S. Marines which is very soon.

– jester Doritos Army Leader & CPAC Legend

Jester has stated that he has no intention of tolerating multilogging during his regime, and that those guilty of such will be dealt with. He has also stated that he will be attempting to not only make the Doritos competitive once more, but the community in general. One more thing is that he announced his intentions to join the U.S. Marine Corps in the near future, however, he says that he intends to have his tenure of leadership be for a long time to come.

The two armies that Jester is most well-known for leading are the Doritos and the Light Troops, and his achievements led to him recently being elected Club Penguin Army Legend, an accomplish that ranks in rarity. Here is a picture from one of his past leaderships:

Doritos under the leadership of Jester in the past

I decided to get the opinions of some of the people serving in the Doritos Army on Jester returning to the leadership, before grabbing an interview with the big man himself. The results are below:


How do you feel about Jester returning to the leadership, and how do you think he will affect the performance of the army?

Golden Blaze: Well, I’m pretty chill about it – he’s like an old friend. But the performance of the army? I don’t know. I don’t actually remember when he was fired/quit. All I remember is that he was most active when Mustapha was an actual troop that we all thought didn’t multilog. So I don’t fully trust him yet.

32op: I feel like Jester returning to the leadership after Bad’s coup is the best thing for the Doritos.

Qqwe2: I honestly that think this army will do better under him instead of Bad.

There are mixed opinions on the subject, but overall it seems to be seen that people are more content with Jester leading than Badboy. Only time will tell the overall feelings after the conclusion of his leadership, but there are high hopes for his leadership. Following this, I was able to get an interview with the newest leader of the Doritos, Jester.

Ryan: Why did you decide to make your return to the leadership of the Doritos?

Jester: I decided to return to prove a statement, those who criticize my recent induction. I also miss this after being on the sidelines for a while. I just want to give it another run before life takes course, and to help out around the community going forward as I expressed in my post.

Ryan: What particular goals are you looking to achieve going upwards from your first week of leading once more, and so forth?

Jester: I want the Doritos to be more aggressive and have exciting wars.

Ryan: Do you have a philosophy on how you work and communicate with your troops?

Jester: One of my strong points is multi-tasking, answering as many questions as possible, typically other army leaders just go awol until events. I’m not like that, if there’s a problem, simple question, I want to know about it. I want my troops to be as relaxed as possible and enjoy their time here. I am also flexible with event times so that it satisfies everyone in the army.

Ryan: Any last comments?

Jester: We need to stop saying flexes, even I’m getting sick of it.

Jester seems to have a strong urge to rise the Doritos to further heights, and to attempt to get the entire community into success mode. Personally, I would like to see how this new era of the Doritos does, as they have the challenge of clearing a reputation scarred from multilogging by now former leaders. But, their past doesn’t determine that they will have a scandalous future, and I feel that it is important to not jump to conclusions and see how this plays out.

And there you have it folks, an interview with one of the newest Doritos Leaders. Now I want you guys to feel free to comment below if you think that this leadership of the Doritos will succeed, or if it will fail. I want YOUR opinions on the return of a Club Penguin Army legend to the scene. Comment them below.


No Longer Associated With CPAC


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