Armies for Dummies Introduction

Update: Oh my god! Zoomey’s actually alive!

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Well, this is going to be fun!

Starting every Thursday, an old favorite column is returning. This time I’m in charge (Well, there goes another good thing CPA once had that was good). Anyway, for those who don’t know what Armies for Dummies is, let me explain.

What armies for Dummies is, is basically a bunch of different topics or things in CPA explained by me but with a twist. What’s the twist you ask? Well, I get a chance to show off my very good comedic skills during these posts (We’re all screwed. He thinks he’s good with comedy! The guy is bad at everything. That includes comedy).

Still confused? Well, I’m going to dumb it down as much as humanly possible. See what I did there? Here’s a sample post from 2013 made by a past CPAC worker named Chief Paco I: Hi baby! Click me to get to the example post! I love you! 

I’m sure you get the idea now. So let’s jump into the next step. The topics I should do. I’m going to list a few topics and I need your help to help me choose one of these topics. If you have any better idea than these topics, comment them. Just prepare for me to rage at you for questioning my creative skills at picking topics to write about!

  • Army Hopping for Dummies
  • Flexing for Dummies
  • Bots for Dummies
  • Tournaments for Dummies
  • Multilogging for Dummies
  • Bias for Dummies

Well, that’s your choices, unless someone comes up with a better one, which knowing my luck will happen. See you next week!


CPA Central Vice President


7 Responses

  1. Bias for dummies

  2. Brace yourselves, upvotes are coming!!!!
    Maybe downvotes 😦 ?

  3. Flexing For Dummies. Mention Chip

  4. Bias for dummies

  5. upvotes of course! ❤

  6. Oi A4D is back? Woohoo! I’d say tournaments for dummies bc tournaments r bae.

  7. How To Create An Army for Dummies

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