The Top Ten Armies of 2016

It has been the most difficult year for CP Armies since its creation ten years ago – armies have gone through steep decline since the summer and sizes have largely plummeted. There has been some periods of high points, however, with armies performing well towards the start of the year and parts of the summer. As usual, we have the Top Ten Armies of the Year, with the statistical analysis that comes with it, in what is an interesting read.

Armies were still performing near to peak performance in 2015, armies were still reaching near-record sizes and many reached high points totals on the weekly top ten listings. It did, however, start to decline towards the end of the year and this decline was accelerated through this year and got gradually worse as time went on. Armies have suffered and it does look like 2017 could be an even worse year for CP Armies.

The year could be separated into three main periods of dominance. In the main it would be that from the Rebel Penguin Federation that would be the highlight of the year, dominating armies through periods at the start and, most notably, the end of the year. The Night Warriors took control of the start of the year with numerous top two placements through Spring, while the Water Vikings dominated the summer with their final generation reaching the highest points of the year. These three armies were challenged, at points, by the Underground Mafias Army, Doritos, Light Troops and consistency through the year from the Army of CP, Nachos, Army Republic, Night Rebels and Golds. All in all, I present you the Top Ten Armies of 2016.

The Top Ten Armies of 2016

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+4] [920] [2.15]

2. Army of CP [+1] [853] [2.80]

3. Nachos [+4] [836] [2.96]

4. Army Republic [+5] [810] [3.21]

5. Golds [NEW!] [567] [5.55]

6. Night Rebels [NEW!] [552] [5.69]

7. Water Vikings [-3] [506] [6.33]

8. Wild Ninjas [NEW!] [481] [6.37]

9. Night Warriors [NEW!] [475] [6.43]

10. Doritos [-9] [261] [8.49]

The Rebel Penguin Federation began the year how they ended it, dominating armies and the top ten with impressive performances and stature. They were soon challenged, however, by the Night Warriors who would take control until the Summer with big sizes and strong performances under a solid leadership. When the leadership left, it was almost straight away that the Water Vikings, after a three month absence, returned under their new leadership to immediately take the top spot – they would take that position for eight of the ten weeks they were around in the Summer. After this, however, the RPF would once again take the podium as the number one army around. Brief periods of dominance went to two armies that did not even make our list: the Underground Mafias Army and the Light Troops, however a lack of consistency means they did not make the top ten. Consistency was key for many armies on our list, with the Golds, Night Rebels, Army Republic, Nachos and Army of CP only being placed first six times between them, but the majority of these armies were on most of our top tens.

To explain the numbers next to the army names, first take note that the number of change next to an army’s name ([+4], in the case of RPF) indicates the change in placement from the Top Ten Armies of 2015. It functions the same way as our regular Top Tens, just over a much longer span of time.

The next number is the army’s total score, which was calculated based on a scale of 20 — meaning 20 points was given for first place, 19 points for second, etc. The same scale was used as introduced in the last top ten. We used a scale of 20 in order to incorporate the SM Army Central Top Tens as well (and the five ‘close to top ten’ armies in the later months of the year), meaning 10 points was rewarded for first on SMAC’s Top Ten.

The third number is the army’s average ranking. This number was found by dividing the total score by 2 and dividing that score by 52, then taking the quotient of that and subtracting it from 11. The number at the end is the average ranking. For example, 920/2 = 460, 460/52 = 8.85, 11 – 8.85 = 2.15.


Top Scores of 2016

Every year CPA Central compiles a list of the Top Scores in our Top Tens through the whole year, where we can judge who and where the strongest performances were. The communities performance and results fluctuates through the year, with scores barely above 60 being reached at certain points, such as towards the end of the year, whereas scores consistently over 80 were found in Spring and parts of the summer. Below are the Top Ten scores for the year of 2016.

1.  Water Vikings [91.83] [July 10th]

2. Light Troops [90.50] [April 3rd]

3. Light Troops [89.00] [April 10th]

4. Light Troops [88.00] [April 17th]

5. Rebel Penguin Federation [87.00] [January 24th]

6. Rebel Penguin Federation [84.99] [January 17th]

7. Doritos [82.48] [January 3rd]

8. Rebel Penguin Federation [81.48] [July 17th]

9. Underground Mafias Army [80.19] [March 13th]

10. Light Troops [79.50] [January 3rd]

The Water Vikings took the top spot this year, with a strong showing during their peak in July, with their sizes consistently hitting 50+ within this week. What is interesting to note is that while the Light Troops did not reach the overall top ten for the year, they did manage to get four of the top ten scores during the year – showing an impressive short burst of dominance. The RPF, fittingly as the top army for the year, had three of the highest scores. The Underground Mafias Army and Doritos also notably get a mention with one high score each. It is interesting to note that only one of these scores would have made it onto the Top Ten scores of 2015, as the 91.83 score from the Water Vikings would’ve positioned them as the 8th highest score of the year. The 10th highest score last year was 91.26, much higher than the 10th score this year at an incredibly low 79.50. This is only one marker and example of how much the community has declined over the past 12 months.

It is also interesting how the majority of the top scores from the year were towards the start of the year, with most in the Winter and Spring. Two scores showed a slight improvement in the summer, but with none found in the Autumn and late winter, this again shows decline. During research, it was found most of the first placed armies towards the end of the year were achieving scores of around 60.


First Place Calendar

Like last year, we here at CPA Central have compiled a graphic that displays who received first by the month, which can be telling of who was the most dominant during each time frame. Below is that graphic, which we call our “First Place Calendar”.


Number of First Placements:

  1. RPF: 16
  2. WV: 8
  3. NW: 7
  4. UMA: 6
  5. DCP: 4
  6. LT: 3
  7. NR: 3
  8. ACP: 1
  9. Golds: 1
  10. IW: 1
  11. Nachos: 1


And so, 2016 continues to come to a close. It has been a truly turbulent year, with all its ups and downs included. As a retired member of the community, I look forward to seeing how you all adapt and face the challenges that face the community in 2017, and as always, thank you for reading CPA Central.

So, what do YOU think? Was the list to your expectation and will the Rebel Penguin Federation hold this spot in 2017? Comment with YOUR opinions below!


Former CPA Central CEO


15 Responses

  1. *dusts off funks*

  2. the very best

    Fight The Good Fight. Glory to RPF.

  4. are RPF

  5. If I am completely honest with you, this list can be completely inaccurate, I understand we base it off the Top Ten and all but the best army of the year should be decided by who had the best sizes, who took part in the most wars & battles & overall who had the biggest balls and went up against any empire. RPF didn’t exactly have that many wars, they didn’t really stand up against anyone and basically only got this position because of how shit armies actually were this year. For the three weeks that the Light Troops came back, we challenged everyone, the Night Warriors, RPF, Doritos, everyone. We were first for the three weeks we came back & hit 100 twice while being hated by the entire community. If anything, the best army should be either the Light Troops or the Night Warriors as these two armies had the biggest sizes & biggest war of the year.
    That’s just my opinion, whether you agree with me or not, I don’t care but it’s all up to what our administration does & its been this way for ages which is why I understand it might not change at all. I just think that way could be better rather than taking it from the Top Tens.

  6. YEAH! ACP moves up another spot this year flexes

  7. In my opinion, LT were around for 4 weeks or so which is a around only 1/12 of the year as a whole, many other armies showed much more consistency.

  8. Reblogged this on Golds Army | CLUB PENGUIN GOLDS CLUB and commented:
    Top 5 Army of the Year 2016! Our record of getting 1st aswell. Good job on this week too!

  9. You’re right and you’re wrong here. Night Warriors were around for 3 months and LT for about the same. Both armies were big and they did fight wars but they weren’t really consistent. The most consistent army was probably Nachos or RPF which is why they’re the top two.

  10. damn, the community’s fall in numbers is nearly as bad as all the stock falling in the great depression

  11. ACP ACP ACP!

  12. Good job RPF! It’s great to be home. once again.

  13. Seeing IW back in June is pretty sad. Same with Nachos, Golds, and ACP. The rest are fine, but a littel more for NR, and LT. Btw, great post Funks!


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