Doritos Declare War on RPF

SUMMIT, Dortios Capital – As the Pain War continues, we see yet another army going against Rebel Penguin Federation. The Doritos Army has officially declared war on RPF in a separate war to the Pain Wars. What could this mean?On 24th of December, 2016, soon after winning the Christmas Chaos VI finals, Doritos Leader, Badboy published a war on Doritos Website. This post was revealed to be referencing the RPF, the post can be read below:

Prior to the tournament, RPF had decided to declare war & bully our brother allies, ACP. This will not go unnoticed and it will not be tolerated. ACP has been there for us many times, and we will be there for them. RPF upon losing the tournament, claims their loss was unfair and blames their incompetence on CPAC. Chip and the rest of RPF are sore losers, and don’t know when to admit defeat. RPF will claim we are cowards by joining the alliance against them, when they couldve easily avoided this situation by not provoking an army who did nothing to them in the first place. Sorry RPF, but it looks like we’ll have to destroy you again!

DCP hereby declares war on the Rebel Penguin federation. Tuxedo will be annexed Monday.


As we read above, Badboy says the main reason for declaring war against Rebel Penguin Federation is because RPF had declared war and bullied Doritos Army allies, Army of Club Penguin.  Now Rebel Penguin Federation will be facing four armies. These four armies are: The Nachos, Army Republic, Army of CP and the Doritos Army.

There isn’t any official post responding to Doritos War post, but this event attracts us towards what will be happening in the future. This is exactly the same situation that RPF faced in early 2016 when Commando717s’ CPA Map came into action. The Rebel Penguin Federation faced Nachos, Army Republic, Army of CP and a few more Small/Medium armies. Does that mean RPF will begin suffering again? To find out more about the war, I managed to interview RPF Leader, Chip.

Interview with Chip, RPF Leader

CPAC: What do you think about the Doritos declaring war on you?

Chip: They’re cowards. They can’t 1v1 us, which is why they held the war declaration until three other armies started invading us.

CPAC: How will RPF face four armies at the same time?

Chip: One of RPF’s mottos is – “Never back down” That’s how we will be facing them. RPF leaders are yet to hold a meeting, we have many methods to win this war. It won’t be easy, but it won’y be easy for the coward;y 5 armies alliance either.

CPAC: How do you plan to defeat this alliance?

Chip: That is a classified matter at the current moment. You’ll see sooner or later.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Chip: They say we attempted bullying ACP in a 1v1 war, but now they’ve got a five army alliance. Just know, they picked on the wrong army. (cool) FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

As we can observe, Chip is a bit worried about this situation while he is fully motivated as well. Chip says that it will not be much too difficult for Rebel Penguin Federation to defeat the four armies.

What do YOU think? Can RPF defeat the five army alliance? Was the idea of Lord Pain’s war wrong? is it throwing back on RPF? Comment your opinions! 


CPA Central Reporter


4 Responses

  1. theres typos and grammar mistakes in my interview answers because flen just summarized what i had said, pls fix x3. also going by my answers rpf is nowhere near “worried” about this war, but plain out motivated.

  2. Now because many people blamed me for “Editing Interview and putting my own answers” last time when I was in CPAC, I’ve decided to copy paste exact answers what people say. Either with typos or whatever. I’ll still fix em’ once I get on

  3. *facepalms* Here we go…again. DCP declaring war on RPF is making this war like Christmas Chaos finals for servers, just not with the whole disqualification thing and the judging and not on Chirstmas, yada yada yada…

  4. Like I literally went to RPF chat to drop the old gg and a pat in the back and then the post appeared and everyone in RPF chat started to go crazy. After that I have to go just because of loyalty to DCP. This is the chance to either let DCP prove how mighty they were and how they fought the better fight (no RPF slogan joke intended) or RPF saying that the lost in cc is a fluke and they are going to be the one who has the good fight.

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