CPA Central Top Ten Armies [25/12/16]

 KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – With the past week showing a change for the community from both a media perspective and for armies, an old favourite has reclaimed the top spot once again.

Week of 18th-24th December 2016


1. Doritos [70.08] [+2]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [67.74] [-1]

3. Nachos [57.50] [-1]

4. Army of Club Penguin [55.70] [+2]

5. Wild Ninjas [48.80] [-1]

6. Golds [43.00] [NEW!]

7. Army Republic [39.51] [-2]

8. Thugs of CP [34.17] [+1]

9. The Penguin Army Force [25.25] [-4]

10. Ninjas Selvagens [21.00] [-1]

<>Close to the Top Ten<>

11. Avengers [19.00] [NEW!]

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Note: The sizes in the descriptions may not reflect the sizes used to calculate the Top Ten.

1. Doritos: Doritos kicked off their week by maxing 35 at CPAC’s Christmas Chaos Semi Finals, then DCP maxed a total of 27 troops at a training on Bobsled. DCP then did a training session where they maxed 25, Doritos did another training session maxing 26. DCP again maxed 26 at a training session. The second last event that DCP held was a training for the finals where they maxed 25, ending their week by maxing total of 48 troops at the finals.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a crazy week, starting with wars between the Army of Club Penguin & The Nachos, they also took part in two Tournament battles. RPF started their week with an unscheduled training with a max size of 23+. Then, two days later, they had an invasion of Breeze against the alliance of AR, ACP & Nachos where they maxed 40+, they followed up after that event with a defence of Parka against the Nacho Army where they maxed a size of 30, following the ceasefire with the ACP, they had two AUSIA events, they had their defence of Cozy where they maxed sizes of 11, they also had a defence of Beanbag in which they maxed 11 too, later on that day they had a defence of crunch in which they maxed 27+, moments after that battle they had another defence against the Nacho army, they maxed sizes of 21+, also that day they had an invasion of Snow Fort which was bot raided and they maxed sizes of 15, they then had an invasion of Christmas in which they maxed sizes of 20, to finish off their week, they had the Champions Cup VI Finals in which they claim sizes of up to 48+

3. Nachos: Nachos started their week by maxing 27 in CPA Central’s Christmas Chaos Semi Finals, at their next event, which was a Mining Expedition, they maxed a total of 15 troops. Nachos then faced Army of CP in a practice battle where they maxed 11, later, Nachos maxed 20 at the defense of Breeze. After that Nachos maxed a total of 17 troops at the invasion of Parks, maxim 23 on the battle of Crunch. Nachos ended their week by maxing 16 troops at the invasion of Sled.


4. Army of CP: The ACP had a very busy week, starting off by mixing 6 at Asia U-lead session. Then, they had a practice battle with the Nachos where they max of 10 troops. The next day, they raided the RPF’s capital, tuxedo and peaked at 12. The ACP’s next Asia event was a training session where they mixed 12. At another event, they invaded Half Pipe and topped off at 12. At their next AUSIA event, which was the back-to-back invasion of Cozy, Tea and Beanbag ACP axed 12.

5. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas army had quite a busy week themselves, starting off with a Christmas training in which they maxed 9, They then had a training event on Under Ground and they maxed 10, following this, they had an AUSIA training where they maxed 11, they also had a UK training where they maxed 13 also with another training maxing 11 once more, they had a UK training event the day later with sizes of 14, also that day they held another training session, this time with sizes of 17, later that day they had another event where they maxed 9, the next day they had a training event maxing 11 and averaging 8, that same day they had a training session where they maxed 13, the next day they had a spanish training where they maxed 8, they also had a UK training where they maxed 6, they followed up with a late training maxing sizes of up to 14, The next day they had an AUSIA training where they maxed 15+, they also held a ‘mexican/spanish’ training where they maxed 8 and averaged 6, they also had a training with sizes of 15, two days later they had another event maxing 12, they finished off their week with a quick training where they ended up with a max size of 9.

6. Golds: Golds returned to our Top Ten this week after holding their return event, exiting a temporary lock-down. In their return event, the Golds successfully maxed sizes of 20, averaging 18.

7. Army Republic: The Army Republic fell in our Top Ten this week, kicking off with a joint event alongside the ACP. In this, the army managed to reach heights of 11 troops online. They went on to hold a war training event which attained the same sizes. As well as this, the army held a U-Lead on Toboggan, in which their sizes slightly decreased to an average of 9.

8. Thugs: Commencing their week with the invasion of Abominable, maxing sizes of 8 and averaging 7. They went on to invade Sleet from the Doritos/Wild Ninjas, later returning the server. In this, the army once again saw a max of 8, this time averaging 6. The army finished their week with a quick training event, which maxed 10 and averaged 8.


9. The Penguin Army Force: The TPAF began their week with a training event, in which they maxed sizes of 2. They went on to hold an event which maxed 5, averaging 3. Their next event once again saw heights of 2. Their best event of the week was a training event which maxed sizes of 6. This was followed by another event maxing 5, before finishing their week with a training which maxed sizes of 3.

10. Avengers: The Avengers joined our Top Ten this week after holding a joint event with the Thugs of CP. In this, the army successfully maxed sizes of 5, averaging 4.



Weekly Poll

This week we asked you “Who do you think will win our Christmas Chaos tournament?”, to which 52.73% of you responded with the Rebel Penguin Federation, whilst the other 47.27% believed that the Doritos of CP would win.


Song of the week


So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Who will rise to the top next week? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments below, and Merry Christmas to you all!


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  1. Get fucked RPF

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  3. where’s the Justice League

  4. To be included, please comment on

  5. Reblogged this on Nacho Army of Club Penguin and commented:
    We may be entering a new era of leadership, but we have kept strong. 7th week in a row in the top 3!!!

  6. Great job DCP!

  7. Badboy don’t be rude. Show respect to others please. But good job one 1-2 for my two favorite armies. 🙂

  8. Good job to the Nachos as well. That’s pretty good, 7 consecutive weeks of top 3! 🙂

  9. RIP Nachos

  10. I like seeing DCP as 1st without multilogging.

  11. Not bad Nachos,

    but prepare for a huge rise, Nachos will be 1st very soon!

  12. Good job to everyone on the Top Ten! Btw please change our top ten pic.

  13. it’s not an army I was talking about how there’s an Avengers army lmfao

  14. Oh lmao

  15. Would cpac please start counting pictures? RPF add 8-12+ to their Max size.

  16. I count the pictures in the calculations. That’s why there’s a note which says bios may not reflect the actual calculation.

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