CP Army Central CEO Jodie Fearful Following Relocation

KLONDIKE – CP Army Central Headquarters – It appears that the CP Army Central Chief Executive Officer has become rather fearful today on Christmas Eve following the realisation about her whereabouts.

October saw the shocking announcement that CP Army Central and SM Army Central would be merging into one collective site. Upon this happening, those in the SM Army Central headquarters were given brand new offices in the CP Army Central Headquarters, based in Klondike, CP.

As all know, the SM Army Central headquarters was based in the kennel in the bottom right hand corner of the Pet Shop. This was a lovely place for the site as the smell of the puffle’s reminded them of the quality of their posts.


Example of a beautiful SMAC header. Totally doesn’t look awful.

With this relocation of SM Army Central into the CP Army Central Headquarters, Jodie has now become fearful that Santa Claus will not know where to deliver her presents.

Believing that as she’s only done half the multilogging she usually does this year, she’ll be placed on the nice list – she thinks Santa has indeed got her the brand new vibrator she’s been hoping for.

The fear that Santa will not know Jodie has moved, as let’s face it – none of us ever expected her to actually work for an okay news site – has terrified Jodie to the point in which she’s now standing on the roof of the CP Army Central Headquarters naked in an attempt to attract the attention of jolly ol’ St. Nick.


Jodie heads to the roof through a hole in the ceiling – FUNKS YOU WERE MEAN’T TO GET THAT FIXED –

As I’m sure you can all appreciate, the situation occurring on the roof of CP Army Central is one of a shocking and graphic nature. CP Army Central will do our best to keep you all updated as the day goes on. We thank you now for your cooperation and respect in this very stressful time.

What do YOU think? Will Jodie attract Santa’s attention and get her presents? Are you a pussy that’s been offended by this joke post at Christmas? If you said Yes, chill out and have fun.

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief


2 Responses

  1. lollll

  2. This is funny af but slightly inap 😂

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