Thugs of Club Penguin Accidentally Invade Doritos of Club Penguin

SLEET, Doritos of Club Penguin Empire – The status of the server Sleet has been contested today following a miscommunication on who actually owns the server and therefore who should be defending it.

On December 22nd, the Thugs of Club Penguin logged onto Sleet in order to invade the server. This invasion was done on the belief that Sleet belonged to the Wild Ninjas Army.

In a rather odd move from the Wild Ninjas Army, knowing that the server was not theirs, they still managed to log themselves onto Club Penguin in order to defend the server that did indeed belong to the Doritos of Club Penguin.

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 3.17.26 PM.png

This potential battle of the year candidate between the Wild Ninjas and the Thugs of Club Penguin for the Dorito’s server saw the Wild Ninjas max a size of 6 troops while the Thugs of Club Penguin managed to max 8.

As the server belongs to the Doritos of Club Penguin, an apology was eventually given to the army who have yet to respond. While the server was never theirs to invade, they still maintain that they won the server and have now, according to Osiron212 who posted to the Thugs of Club Penguin’s blog gifted the server back to DCP.

Whether this will create tension with the Doritos of Club Penguin is currently unknown as the two armies continue to try to increase through the ranks of the CP Army Central Top Ten both being placed on the ranks.

What do YOU think? Should the Thugs of Club Penguin pay more attention to who they invade? Should DCP forgive them in the spirit of Christmas?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Associate Producer


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