KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – While the Christmas Chaos is taking place, someone has decided to take over RPF’s chat during an event! This wouldn’t be the first time they were taken over this year either.

19:52pm GMT: Many questions are obviously popping up such as, why, how, when. Thus far, no questions have been answered.

19:54pm GMT: RPF have been forced to move to a different chat because of this sudden attack. They are now on a backup chat continuing with their once scheduled event.


19:56pm GMT: The hacker has began to mass ban while leader, Chip, is trying to get people to leave the chat.

19:58pm GMT: The person is not giving any insight on why or how he’s done this.

8:31pm GMT: It’s confirmed that Pijachu got the link through an auction last night.

8:55pm GMT: RPF say they will get their chat back in a few days when Commando comes on.

9:00pm GMT: The group call themselves the Mexican “terror group”.

00:38pm GMT: RPF have taken back control of the chat and many old leaders have made a return!


5 Responses

  1. dumass its Christmas chaos not champions cup and I took it over

  2. there goes rpfs chat

  3. Auction? Mexican Terror group? What the hell?

  4. Good memes. RPFVictory is back in RPF’s possession. NEVER BACK DOWN

  5. That’s just not what happened. Some Mexican DJ tried to turn RPF into a radio chat (he claimed he bought it but obviously got it through the pastebin), so the Mexican Terror Group found the pastebin, so they decided to just deface the chat.

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