Army in Focus: Kings

WOOL SOCKS, Kings’ Capital – The Kings of Club Penguin returned to the Club Penguin army community in the month of August 2016. Last week, they were able to get into the top 5 of CPA Central’s Weekly Top Ten. The army has been doing well for themselves and has achieved a lot ever since they returned.


Table of Contents 

1. History of Generations

2. Current Status/Generation 3

3. Interview with Zach Powers



Generation 1

The Kings of Club Penguin was created on the 1st of May 2015, by King89698. The Kings of Club Penguin started out small and slowly grew. They would max sizes of 6 in their training sessions and a few in their recruiting sessions. Later on in their first generation, the Kings got into a war with another army named, the Atlantic Warriors. The Atlantic Warriors was also a small army, at the time they maxed sizes of 3 which were lower than the Kings’ sizes which gave them an advantage in their first war.

The Kings of Club Penguin vs. the Atlantic Warriors War.


Generation 2

The second generation of the Kings of Club Penguin’s history was led by King, Zach, Fuger, and Toshiba. A few weeks after the Kings returned for their second generation in history, they started maxing 12 which was an improvement from their sizes of 6 back in their first generation. In the second generation, the Kings got into a war with the United Shadow Agents. One of the Kings leader, Fuger, actually betrayed them and was on the United Shadow Agent’s side during the war.

Kings’ Event in the Second Generation

Another Kings Event in their Second Generation


Generation 3 [The Current Generation] / Current Status

The third generation, also known as the current Kings generation is being led by Zach, King, Poseidon, Jay, and Larden. In the third generation, the Kings of Club Penguin were in 2 wars, one with the Takis army, and another with the Golds of Club Penguin, a rising army in the Club Penguin army community at the moment. The Golds of Club Penguin maxed a little bit more than the Kings at the moment which could possibly give them the lead in the war.The Golds were in war with the Kings because originally the Teutons army was in war with the Golds then Teutons’ allies, Kings, joined the war and it went on for a whole month.

Kings Maxing Over 25 In Their 3rd Generation.


Interview with Zach Powers, Kings army leader:

CPAC: How did you react when you found out that Kings made it in the top 5 of CPAC’s top ten last Sunday without you?

Zach Powers: I was very proud that my army did something like that without me, we have improved.

CPAC: What sizes are you hoping to achieve in the Kings’ future?

Zach Powers: Improved sizes hopefully, 15+ and even maybe 20.

CPAC: What rank do you think that you will get on the top ten depending on your sizes, this week?

Zach Powers: I don’t know, I’m not great at predicting but I think we are going to be a non-mover since we had only 1 extra event than we had last week.

CPAC: Do you have any final comments that you would like to add?

Zach Powers: We will come out on top @AR


What do YOU think? Will the Kings enter another war soon in the current generation? Will their sizes improve more? Will they fail and drop on the top ten? Here at CPA Central, we value your opinions!

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

CPA Central Vice President


4 Responses

  1. The first generation wasn’t in 2016…. I don’t understand how people believe that there was no “Kings of CP” before 2016. The original Kings were lead by myself, Chuckisthe2, and Panthers Bas.

  2. The original Kings were made by PanthersBas and Ace with Wwebestfan advising back in 2010. Calling this the first generation doesn’t seem very accurate.

  3. Different army

  4. It was the may first of 2015 not 2016

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