Mustapha Fired From DCP || Badboy and 13YearOldNoob at the Helm

SUMMIT, Doritos of CP Empire – After over a year of multilog accusations, Doritos have finally fought back and done something about the accusations. However, the drama still continues in DCP.

Mustapha has been leading DCP for a long time. During that time he’s faced loads of multilog accusations and a lot of hate. He’s also effected DCP’s reputation by making them one of the most hated armies in club penguin army history. People hated him and still do because of all the multilogging he gets blamed for and the amount of times he’s got caught multilogging but still continued to be DCP leader.


Picture of DCP under Mustapha’s leadership.

However, after what seemed to be years of accusations and hate, DCP have finally decided to fight back and fire Musta. Only a couple of days ago Bad and 13 came up to WweBestFan, DCP creator, with clear evidence of multilogging in DCP. Thanks to this, Wwe banished Musta from DCP. Shortly after firing Musta, Wwe posted a post confirming his actions. The post read:

This post is to let everyone know that we will be re-opening on Thursday, December 1st.

However, we will not be re-opening under the leadership of Mustapha10. The new leaders of DCP will be 13yearoldn00b and Badboy.

The reason for this change is due to the obvious cases of multilogging being brought up peristently. Throughout 2015 and 2016, multilogging has been a huge scandal in the Doritos. Both 13yearoldn00b and Badboy as well as other notable DCP figures have come forward admitting to Mustapha encouraging them to multilog and those who went against him were threatened.

The full post can be seen here. Wwe then continues to go on saying that this is not how DCP rolls and DCP will not tolerate the multilogging done by Musta. He then also announced that Musta’s legend status on DCP is revoked and instead, he is put on the Hall of Shame on their site.

The next day, after Wwe’s post, Bad made his own most entitled “The Dawn of a New Age” Here’s some of what Bad had to say in the post:

For a while, I’d question myself. Is what I’m doing acceptable? Is what I come here and practice every day truly fair and truly what a leader should be doing? To be quite honest with you, these questions were never answered, until today.

Over the summer I hit a rough patch in my career. I got exposed for multilogging in the Ice Warriors, which eventually led to them being shut down. After this happened, I publicly admitted to all the multilogging I did in IW and other armies, and swore I would never do it again. However, in life, things change, there are some promises you can not keep, but in the end, when you question what you’re doing, and really look closely, that’s when you decide if it was all worth it.

During my time in RPF, while I will stand by what I said before about leading with completely incompetent people, I still led that army 100% legitimately, without opening up a single nultiple tab, and to be honest, it was a pretty good feeling. I had stood by my words to never multilog again, and eventually RPF got 1st under me and not one multilog was seen. But then, Mustapha came along.

The full post can be read here. He goes on to talk about how Musta changed him back to his own ways before he finally fought back against Musta alongside 13. He also mentions during the emotional post that if he were to ever be caught multilogging he could willingly leave the army and never return because he doesn’t want to wreck the armies reputation more then it already was by Musta.

The problems however do not end there for DCP. Instead of accepting the fact he was fired, Musta has decided to fight back against DCP. He has decided to continue with their own version of a “new era”. However, in an interview with 13 (which can be seen below) he says that there is nothing to worry about and he only has no people on his side. However, it’s only early days so whether they’re a big threat or not is still yet to be seen.

Interview with Badboy, DCP Leader

CPAC: Why did you decide to show that Mustapha multilogs to the whole community?

Bad: Mustapha has been driving DCP into oblivion ever since the 2015 generation started. Everyone who led with him, either multilogged or was asked to multilog at some point. He has continuously covered up his pethetic facade day in and day out and he will never admit to knowing about any of it because he simply can’t tell the truth. I decided to do this now, because with the state armies are in, I don’t want to see another legendary army hit the dust because of someone like Mustapha doing the wrong thing. There are people in DCP with potential like, Possum, Moopsie, Soph and countless others, who have been lied to for years and who deserves someone better to be their leader. I’m not saying I’m the perfect choice, but I feel I’ve looked out for DCP and did this army a huge favor by teaming up with 13 and ridding the army of someone who’s done nothing but make us hated by the entire community and put us on bad terms with CPAC and even our allies.

CPAC: As most people know in CPA, you have a multilogging history, why should people trust you as the new leader of DCP alongside 13?

Bad: Because I’ve admitted to my mistakes, I’ve admitted to multilogging in every army I was accused of doing it in, and I’ve said it before I was going to stop, and I stayed true to that promise before Mustapha drew me back in and pressured DCP’s entire ownership. The difference between me and Mustapha and other multiloggers, is that I admit to my faults, and me speaking out against Mustapha and going to Wwe with all the evidence I had is a prime example that shows I’m willing to chance and willing to lead this army legitimately. If I was planning to multilog again, I wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble to have the best mutlilogger and bullshitter removed from the army. I’ve already told Wwe if he or anyone else suspects I’m multilogging or using any form of cheating in DCP, that I’ll leave willingly because it will only have a negative impact on the army. Multilogging has already stained our name, and I’m here to wipe the dirt from DCP’s legacy and dominate the community right way.

CPAC: It’s clear to see that DCP has been destroyed by multilogging, how do you plan on fixing this?

Bad: Nothing has been destroyed, we’ve simple had a huge setback, and the only one here that’s held us back from being who we truly are is Mustapha. With him gone, we can now take the necessary steps to rebuild DCP and legitimately dominant this community.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Bad: Fear the shield.

Interview with 13YearOldNoob, DCP Leader

CPAC: Why did you and Bad decide to say that Mustapha was multilogging?

13: Because he’s a literal maniac. The definition of manipulation and mistrust. Throughout our experiences as leaders, he was very hard to read as an individual. Plus, he’s been killing the Doritos name for years, it’s time we came forward for the sake of the empire.

CPAC: Who was the person who spoke up about the multilogging?

13: Bad was the only one with actual passwords to accused multilogs. I have called out all of those penguins before, I just never had the proof. With the legitimate evidence. Bad’s accusations made the most impact.

CPAC: How do you plan on getting the respect of the community back?

13: I don’t expect anything from the community, as DCP has been a fabricated mess for years now, in one way or another. We plan on restoring the Doritos name to it’s original, clean name. There will be NO cheating of any sort.

CPAC: Bad has had he’s own accusations of multilogging over the years, how do you know you can trust him?

13: All I can do is trust. With that being the case, he’s displayed sincere interest in restoring the Doritos empire. He’s partially responsible for speaking out against Mustapha, and actually getting us to this stage.

CPAC: What’s your thought on Mustapha’s rebellion, for example, keeping the other chat and claiming a new era?

13: His “rebellion” is nothing to be concerned with. He has no one on his side at this point, and as for those registered users that sit on his chat when he’s on (at almost all times), well, that relates to another funny conversation. There will be no “new era”, as it pertains to Musta’s potential involvement.

CPAC: Any final comments?

13: Yeah, if anyone has any help for Mustapha, such as medication or anything like that. It would be appreciated.

It’s clear to see that 13 and Bad are investing time into DCP and seem to really care about DCP. It’s going to bee a crazy few weeks for DCP but in the end, if they work hard, it will be a positive result.

What do YOU think? Will Musta make a return? Can Badboy be trusted? Do you think DCP will improve? Do you like DCP?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Vice President


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  1. If you get to know me irl, you will find out I am extremely annoying,

  2. Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. A major setback, damn.

  4. So much for legendary leader. More like legendary multilogger now. Unless Mustapha fixes his problems that he’s been doing…I think he might make a return. Just like Bad, he might turn from the hall of shame to hall of fame. Right now, we should leave it at this and solveit later next year…

  5. About time.

  6. Not really. These new leaders are fairly credible and actually do what they say without relying on multilogging. The growth DCP will experience will be more natural than artificial like it was under Musta’s leadership.

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