December @ CPAC

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As Christmas is approaching fast, CPA Central has several plans to end 2016 with a bang.

Christmas Trivia


For the every day of December till Christmas, CPA Central will be holding a trivia where a question will be published everyday. The first person who comments the correct answer will win 70 xats. This will be a great way to get rich and get your hands on a xat power that you really wanted. Overall, more than 1k xats will be given out this holiday season. On now.

End of Year Awards

The end of year awards is very much similar to the summer awards. These awards are highly popular and normally, more than 30 people are nominated for one award or another. This year, we’ve added some new editions to our selection such as biggest multilogger, biggest noob and even the most annoying person as well as the standards awards such as Best leader and Biggest army. Each winner will receive their very own personalised trophy. Polling starts soon.

Christmas Chaos

December wouldn’t be December without our annual Christmas Chaos tournament. It is CPA’s most iconic tournament and one of the most competitive competitions this year. Due to only 12 armies currently active, the top 4 armies will automatically go through to the quarter finals whilst the other 8 armies will battle it out for a spot in the Quarters. There will be battles every weekend of this month until the winner is crowned. Starts December 3rd.

Legends Inductions:

The December inductions is your final chance to be inducted legend in 2016. We have come up with a list of members who have significantly made a mark on this community. These are people who have led their army to glory or have always encountered success. The Legends committee will decide who will be inducted but the public vote will definitely have a massive say on who will earn CPA’s most influential title. Nominations start soon.

Person of the Year:

No year is completed without finding the person of the year. The person of the year is different from legend. This person could be anyone. A multilogger, a hacker, a irrelavent leader who has led their army to sizes of 5 or even a new recruit! This person is normally the most influential figure of 2016. It is someone who has made people rage, laugh or caught the attention of everyone. Previous winners include Waterkid and Mustapha. Person of the Year is announced towards the end of the month.

List of Dates:

Similarly to every year, CPA Central will be working towards our biggest project ever. List of Dates. This is a chance for you to reflect on our year. It hasn’t been the most amazing year but it’s definitely been one of the most craziest. CPAC staff will come together to form a record on what has happened for the last 12 months. From leadership changes, coups, new armies and retirements, this post would cover everything. The dates are being worked on now and will be released towards the final days of 2016.

Those are just some of the plans that CPA Central have for this month. Make sure you check back every single day for the latest news, updates & more!


CPA Central Executive Producer


2 Responses

  1. Chuck Falay for most annoying.

  2. Hey i noticed i was almost completely thrown out of he race of person of the year shit, but keep in mind all the shit i did the first half of the year god damnit mm

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