Army in Focus: Nachos

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The Nachos who were once the best in Club Penguin armies are back to success getting high sizes (in today’s Club Penguin) of 20+. Today in our Army of Focus post, we look into the Nachos’ recent success in their events and how they managed to get to the semi-finals of the Champions Cup.


Table of Contents 

1. History

2. Current Status

3. Leadership



The Nachos started off as a rogue army, an army where troops that just work together without a designated leader not until after a troop named Jamesbond1 came around. Not much else is known about this period of time in the Nachos. The Nachos did not have a site till their 3rd generation when their leader, Tom Wolf made the site. You can view it by clicking here.

One of Nachos first events under Tom Wolf’s leadership.

The first Nachos capital and server was Blizzard. If you needed to find them that’s where they would always be. But soon another new army named the Romans were taking over Blizzard. They had better sizes and soon won Blizzard against the Nachos.

With no place to log on, the Nachos planned to move to the new and popular server, Mammoth. With the server filled with people playing, Tom Wolf saw this as a great opportunity. After switching they met many armies like the Underground Mafia Army, the Army of Club Penguin and much more.

The Nachos first war took place against the UMA, another new but large growing army in the community. Many battles happened, on and off Club Penguin. Spam comments and hacking were common during the war. Soon Tom Wolf and the UMA leader, Pink, got to a peace treaty and were soon close allies.

A while after the war the Nachos weren’t getting into more war. Troops were getting bored and left the army. The biggest war at the time was between ACP and UMA. Both were Nachos allies so the Nachos couldn’t help either.

Recruiting on Mammoth was starting to be difficult since there were so many rogue armies. Tom Wolf decided it would be best for the Nachos to go back to Blizzard, their former capital. The Romans still had control over it so the Nachos had to invade. There was no need to invade as the Romans died out soon. The plan was to recruit on Blizzard then after the war ended to go back to Mammoth and build a base there.

Now that the Nachos were strengthened again it was time for war. What a perfect time then when “World War III” started. The war started off as just UMA vs ACP. But soon UMA allied with the Nachos and CPUNSC. Even though UMA and their allies had greater size ACP had better tactics. The greatest battle was on Mammoth, UMA and their allies outnumbered the ACP and left them with only one option, to surrender. After the battle, ACP agreed on a cease-fire with UMA.

ACP used the cease-fire as a time to gain strength and they soon did. After it ended, the armies went back at it and ACP was winning. ACP also emailed Club Penguin staff about how UMA hacked for coins and cool clothing. Club Penguin soon banned the Pink Mafias army forever. A rebellion was soon started by Commando717 and he named the army the, Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF). ACP soon found out about UMA’s ambush attack plans and allied with RPF and CPAF, both were rising armies and soon they defeated the UMA.

Nachos soon continued to have wars with ACP, while ACP was winning and losing some. More world wars and wars passed as the Nachos kept growing. Over these 10 years from 2006 the Nachos have won many CPAC awards such as the “Biggest Army” reward twice and many others if their leaders and owners have gotten best leader/owners.


Current Status

Nachos have been reaching the top 5 spots in CPAC’s top 10 getting sizes of 15+. They have gotten 5th and 2nd in the month of November. Last week they had a bit of controversy over who won the Champions Cup event with the Gold and the Nachos. in a 2-1 vote, the Nachos lost to the Golds. The Nachos did not agree with the results but were soon but back in after ACP dropped out. RPF soon beat the Nachos.




Currently the Nachos only have two leaders who were both promoted recently, Ryan and Conno. Ryan is a CPA veteran who has led many armies. The list includes: AR, NR, and now Nachos. Conno is also a CPA veteran serving since 2008 and staying with only the Nachos.


Even though I sometimes find the Nachos’ chat chaotic when leaders are AFK, they have a lot of potential and I think they will keep getting top 3 in the Top 10


So what do YOU think? Will the Nachos keep their #1 spot on Top 10 or will they fail? Will the Nachos stay alive or die out soon? Comment YOUR opinion below! Here at CPA Central, we value your opinion!


CPA Central Reporter

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

CPA Central Associate Producer


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  1. God damn… .
    1. Nachos are terrorists (“BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM/DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM”).
    2. Nachos know only one tactic – J Bomb.
    3. Nachos are stupid more than any other army. ( Ummmm… nice red lines!?) ( – Nice photoshop, but work on this pic. was a waste of time. )
    4. Nachos are FOOD – NOT ARMY.
    5. Bonus pictures:

    Just shut up and go to school or find smart leader.

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