Champions Cup V: Semi Final Predictions

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – We have reached a crucial stage in our tournament and the editors give their predictions on who will go through to the all important final.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Nachos

The first battle of the semi finals sees the Rebels fight the Nachos. Initially, the Rebel Penguin Federation were due to face the Army of CP but they backed out due to a personal reason. The Nachos decided to replace them due to them being in a close tie, last week. Both armies has performed well for the duration of the tournament. The Rebel Penguin Federation remain undefeated in this tournament and they will be looking forward to carry on that streak. The Nachos has had  close battles with several armies throughout which include the Army of CP and the Golds. In the current context, both armies have been getting similar sizes on Club Penguin which means this will be a very close battle. But this is a prediction post so I predict that the battle will go overtime.

The Editor’s predictions:

  • Sammie, CPAC Vice President: Overtime (Rebel Penguin Federation victory)
  • Lorenzo Bean, CPAC CEO:
  • Ben, CPAC Associate Producer: Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Zoomey, CPAC Editor in Chief: Rebel Penguin Federation

Night Rebels vs Golds

The final battle of this penultimate weekend sees the Night Rebels take on the Golds. Both armies remain strong in this tournament and this battle will definitely be a hard one to call. The Night Rebels has recently taken a tumble in terms of size and activity, after falling out of the top five. The Golds has recently been on a rise lately, gaining their highest position on the top ten in their history. Both armies are on the same pages in terms of size, with both getting 10 – 17 troops on CP daily so this battle will be very tight. Just like the previous battle, I believe this battle will end up in overtime but the Golds will take a narrow victory here.

The Editor’s predictions:

  • Sammie, CPAC Vice President: Overtime (Golds victory)
  • Lorenzo Bean, CPAC CEO: Night Rebels
  • Ben, CPAC Associate Producer: Overtime (Night Rebels Victory)
  • Zoomey, CPAC Editor in Chief: Night Rebels


But who cares what we think! It’s about YOU! What do YOU predict? Who will go through to the finals? Comment YOUR predictions below!


CPA Central Vice President


8 Responses

  1. RPF was supposed to automatically advance, oh well.

  2. YEA

  3. The reason is because ACP requested that we replace them.

  4. Yes Sir!

  5. nachos should’ve won smh

  6. I love how you added your predictions after the battle was over.

  7. No it was predicted 24 hours ago. Stop making stuff up lol

  8. good job

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