Top Ten Armies: 11/13/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The Christmas season awaits us and we enter the second week of November. This week, we see some armies who manage to get a better score than last week and others who dropped to the bottom. There is also something about this Top Ten that is quite unlike the recent ones.

Week of 6th November – 13th November 2016


1. Rebel Penguin Federation [55.60] [+0]

2. Army of CP [54.10] [+1] 

3. Golds [50.90] [+2]

4. Wild Ninjas [50.35] [+0]

5Nachos [47.00] [-3]

6. Night Rebels [48.40] [+2]

7. Omegas [45.50] [NEW!]

8. Army Republic [43.00] [+4]

9. Kings of CP [37.80] [-4]

10. The Penguin Army Force [36.34] [+0]

<>Close to the Top Ten<>

11. Thugs of CP [32.34] [+2]

12. Blue Troops [29.70] [+3] 

Click here for the full statistics. 


Note: The sizes in the descriptions may not reflect the sizes used to calculate the Top Ten.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation army held five events this week. First was a training session where they maxed 15. Then, they did a “room frenzy” event with 16 troops, followed by a pool party where they had 15 online. At their next event, the RPF maxed 17. They took home the victory during the Champions Cup against the Blue Troops which allowed them to continue into the semi-final round; they successfully maxed 20.

2. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin started their week with a UK training session where they maxed 11. Then, they faced the Nachos in a Champions Cup battle and reached 17 online. After that, they trained with a top size of 12, then hit 10 at a UK event. ACP topped off at 20 at another training session, then 12 and 15 at their last events this week.


3. Golds: The Golds Army of Club Penguin held five events this week. They held two recruiting sessions, one of them maxed 16, and in another, they maxed 9. They also held a joint training session with the Army Republic which they resulted in maxing 12. Golds had a practice battle against the Wild Ninjas where they maxed 9.


4. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas army held eleven events this week. Ten of the events were all training sessions except for 1 Practice Battle against the Golds Army where they maxed 15. All training sessions that were held maxed sizes from 7-14.

5. Nachos: The Nachos of Club Penguin army held three events this week. They held one U-Lead where they resulted in maxing 12. They had 2 training sessions, one where they maxed 9 and another where they maxed 11-13. 


6. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels of Club Penguin army only held three events this week. They held a UK training session where they maxed 11 and a US training session where they maxed 15. NR held another US training session where they resulted in maxing 12. The Night Rebels took home the victory in the Quarter-Finals round for the Champions Cup against the Thugs of Club Penguin! They successfully maxed 13 and crushed the Thugs in a 2-1 vote by the judges.

7. Omegas of Club Penguin: The Omegas of Club Penguin held only two events this week. They held their re-opening event where they maxed 16 and held a US joint raid of Golds with the Blue Tigers where they resulted in maxing 17.

8. Army Republic: AR maxed 7 at a couple of training sessions, then 12 at an event with the Golds. 

9. Kings of Club Penguin: The Kings of Club Penguin army only held three events this week. They held two recruiting sessions, one where they maxed 15, and another, where they maxed 24. Later, they had a US joint event with the Night Rebels where they maxed 12.

10. The Penguin Army Force: The Penguin Army Force of Club Penguin army held five events this week. They held two training sessions, one maxed 3, and another maxed 5. They also held a battle against the Ultra Penguin’s Team where they maxed 7.


Weekly Poll

Last week, we asked about people’s favorite times to be in CP armies, and an overwhelming majority responded with Christmas and Summer, taking 48.68% and 30.26% of the votes, respectively.

Song of the week:


So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Who will rise to the top next week? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments below! Here at CPA Central, we value YOUR opinions!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

CPA Central Associate Producer


CPA Central Vice President



54 Responses

  1. Thumbs up to support!

  2. remember when armies hit sizes of 40…

    now sizes of 16 gets you top 3

  3. When there’s only 12 armies in the entirety of CPA

  4. WTF you didn’t count kings training session where we maxed 13

  5. It was yesterday

  6. Great job Golds, the bio was sorta wrong tho. Nice to see that the current armies are doing better.

  7. Nice work ACP, lets keep up our rise.

  8. The top ten needs fixed, we had 5 events, not 3. You forgot our two events where we got 19.

  9. The first place army doesn’t get a score over 60 now, we need to start looking for a different game, maybe games. I would recommend roblox. Although it has a reputation to be for 9 year old dantdm fanboys, there is a huge warfare aspect to the game. You can create a base and defend it from other roblox clans, we can still have an xat chat, no multilogging/cheating is bannable, they have the same age range as us and its actually REAL warfare, not this log on cp make a line then press e+p 5 times garbage. There are guns, swords & vehicles we can use in roblox. I would like to have a community meeting on this but I’m not sure where I could host it.

  10. 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  11. Why hasn’t Golds been deducted get it in your head

  12. That sounds like a great idea, I am currently looking into roblox. I’m on your side.

  13. Shut your mouth before I expose Omegas for multilogging because clearly CPAC cannot see. Golds doesn’t multilog.

  14. “Expose omegas” try man 😂😂every account is real and legit joker 1 v 1 me I’ll roast you

  15. Damn nice

  16. lol shut the fuck up, we are “CLUB PENGUIN ARMIES” for a reason. This community is MEANT for cp stop bringing your repetitive ideas of moving to a different game because 90% of the people have ignored you this whole time.

  17. Doesn’t the top ten look better without armies like RF and Teutons messing around?

  18. Pathetic, the #1 army gets 20 at their best event, good strategy to eliminate the REAL competition so everyone else has a chance, props to CPAC, and good job to ACP, beat RPF next week 🙂

  19. Tf. What was that about/for..

  20. talk to me on xat max

  21. Do you know what else is pathetic? Multilogging 40 penguins a week and expecting to get everything your way and when everyone is against you you try and “go independent and ignore CPAC” when legit no one else cares…..

  22. You tabbed like 15 in RF, lost first, got deducted twice then made about 5 flame posts directed towards CPAC whining like a 5 year old. CPAC is corrupt, you even said so yourself, don’t question me. Going independent would help us all, CPAC has been cancerous ever since B1 and B2 stepped down, and they won’t get any better.

  23. Sayed the guy, who was raided RPF 2 times using this same penguin. And now, Doritos was deleated from TOP 10, because too much multilogging. GG Easy Bad.

  24. “sayed the guy who was raided RPF” -facedesk-

  25. good job nr

  26. ^ leaving CP will ruin what we are.
    Anything is possible with CP right now. Take a look at Toontown, they had a huge fanbase for their game. When it closed down, people stepped up and made almost the exact same version of the game. I’d rather go to a CP Private Server or someone in the community makes a private server (like CPAS was) than move games.

  27. LOL. No. We have evidences. So much.

  28. a year ago, 55 points would barely grab you 6-7th. now it’s first. remember when people used to say “were not dying !!!”

    well, you’re not hearing them anymore.

    this community had an amazing run, but it’s over.

  29. you have evidences? that’s great to hear


  31. You have a good point DMT, but, with CP, people will leave, and the torch is running out of places to go. With stuff like Minecraft or Roblox, they provide their own recruits, while making innovative new concepts to stop warfare from getting boring. People wont get “too old” at the age of only 14 with these games. I personally suggest Minecraft. There are some really cool servers with games like capture the flag and hungergames that could be used for warfare. Honestly, no matter what happens I just want to keep the community in the same place. Its not the game that makes the community, its the people ❤

  32. Respek 4 not getting triggered

  33. Let me remind you that Teutons were an utter failure just like the rest of your armies, and that you need joint events to be ‘big’. I know NR isn’t as big either but the fact that we were able to beat you in the top ten when your sizes are so ‘humongous’ is pathetic. Go elsewhere, because we don’t need you in CP Armies.

  34. triggered

  35. is this site relevant

  36. Teutons ur shit

  37. “You tabbed like 15 in RF” I didn’t tab fuck all, it was other people in the army which I explained. And yes, CPAC is shit, but the fact that you think they’re shit because they don’t accept cheaters like you makes you think you’re in the right and they’re in the wrong. You’re completely wrong in that situation. CPAC won’t be the same again because armies have died out. Going Independent won’t help shit it will just make armies smaller and boring. The top 10 is the only thing keeping armies going. So you’re wrong again. How about you try and not cheat with the doritos, make up with CPAC and ask for a second chance because right now you’ve fucked it up a lot harder than you needed to.

  38. Hey, he made a perfectly good suggestion. No need to be a prick about it buddy.

  39. Guys in which year did all armies have the best size??

  40. Ausia used to be good in 2013-14 when Flipmoo and Fluffy were still there. MISS THOSE DAYS 😦

  41. The best size was 2010 – 2013 basically

  42. anyone remember?

  43. So you’re saying the top ten controls armies? CPAC was literally non-existent when CPA was running, the map was the main and BEST competition for armies. Armies were most active and exciting when the map was around, the way of depending on top ten to compete for was what was killing armies in the first place. I could literally get an old digg3 site, invest some money, and get 20x the views CPAC does, but then I’d be taking up too much of my time. Saying DCP cheats is YOUR opinion, I don’t care how much “evidence” you think you may have, or what I’ve done in my past, the fact is, at this moment in time, DCP isn’t cheating, all the other armies me or trader have had penguins exposed in, we’ve changed them right away, but its quite a ridiculous request for DCP to make all all our troops quit the army because they’re suspected multilogs. I’ve tried working with CPAC, invited both Atticus & Lorenzo to DCP events and told them they can be on our chat to inspect whenever they want, and they both blew me off. They’re incompetent and UNWILLING to work with DCP or let us prove we’re legitimate in the slightest. Going independent is plainly to make a statement that we’re not going to be treated unfairly by CPAC because they SUSPECT we cheat, and refuse to work with us or let us prove to them we’re legit. Armies are already getting smaller and already boring whether all of us or any of us decide to be independent. I haven’t fucked up at all, I got DCP 1st 2 weeks after we reopened, when we were maxing 20-25, and we grew week by week slowly. If we were multilogging we would’ve maxed 40 our return event, but we recruited and grew slowly and other armies like RPF feared this so they released bullshit evidence that everyone is so easily convinced by just due to our past with this issue. I won’t say anymore, DCP is legitimate & CPAC are unfair towards us and it will forever be that way. I’ll work with them when they accept to work with me, until then they can go fuck themselves.

  44. waits for december. rpf will slam every army lol

  45. or maybe not.

  46. I never said the Top Ten controls armies. I said the Top Ten is the only thing keeping armies going. DCP does cheat and you can’t deny it. You’ve been caught 5 times this month just face it and give up. You know you multilog there’s no denying that. Going independent isn’t going to help you because your army is just pointless. No one is going to give in to an army that cheats all the time. You’re just wasting your time. Give up man.

  47. NH is back.

  48. waits for december, armies will be dead by then hopefully.

  49. what is cp armies two teenagers fighting over colors what is happening to my life

  50. and also IGamer you had more events than us ^

  51. corsairs are back

  52. corsairs are back

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