Army in Focus: Night Rebels

After a long-awaited return the column “Army in Focus” is returning.  The Night Rebels a new but history full army have returned and are on top. Let’s look into NR and their recent success. 



Table of Contents 

1. History

2. Current Status

3. Leadership



The Night Rebels were founded on December 30th 2015 right before the New Year after the Dark Warriors were shut down by Xxtoysoldier. Soon after the shutdown Misty and Tirodragen created their own army, the Night Rebels. Their original site was the, which has now been made private. At NR’s first event which was a “Back to School Army Clash” on January 3rd, 2016. They went against armies like Nachos, Ice Warriors, Army Republic and others. NR ended up winning the match.

NR continued to grow getting sizes of 25+ and getting to high spots in cpa tournaments. But as time went on troops became lazy and leaders like Haroon and Wozza retired. NR soon fell and shut down setting a return date for April.

The Night Rebels soon returned in April with not as great sizes. They soon hired Chip to be a temp leader and give them a boost which he did. But after he departed NR’s leadership slowly became inactive which caused them to fall and soon die.


Current Status

The current gen of NR have been off to a good start, as their loyal troops seem to join their old army whenever they return. They have been getting sizes of 20+ which has gotten them to 4th twice 1st once on CPAC’s Top 10. In the 3 weeks of NR being back, they have gotten into some beef with another newly returned army, Redemption Force. Both have been neck and neck on the Top 10. On November 1st, 2016 RF finally declared war on NR. Earlier that day SilentSniper former NR leader who was couped made many posts with the RF banner, the site was soon fixed.



NR has been known for having many leaders but this gen they have been able to keep it low and still have success with just 3. DrMatt, Carlos, and Apollo are all CPA veterans. Matt being leader in the legendary Light Troops, Carlos and Apollo both great gfx makers and loyal leaders and owners have helped lead NR. And with advisors that are as active as leaders, NR is on the right track.


So what do YOU think? Will the Night Rebels defeat the Redemption Force or will the fail? Will NR stay alive or die out soon? Comment YOUR opinion below! Here at CPAC, we value your opinion!


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  2. LOL You think I defaced Night Rebels site? I was asleep the whole time! Kyle is the one that got scared and defaced site then blamed it on me. Fix your post bro. – SilentSniper

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  4. Although I appreciate Night Rebels being in the spotlight this week, this post does need some work. If you could please, next time, work on grammar, wording and other components. Always, if you need any help, the CPAC staff site is open!

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