SilentSniper Exiled From Night Rebels

Frosty, Night Rebels’ Empire- In a surprising turn of events, SilentSniper, former NR Leader, has been couped from the Night Rebels. With escalating conflicts accompanying the army’s leadership, NR creator Haroonniaz and current leaders Kyle103 and Carlos have decided to remove Silent from the leadership.

Since the NR’s return, they have been on a very prosperous rise throughout the community, even reaching first place on last week’s installment of the CPAC Top Ten.


With this inevitable rising taking place within the army, there has been need for certain leaders and/or owners to take necessary position in order to maintain the army’s position within the community. One leader in particular who was appointed just before the NR’s recent revival was SilentSniper. He was present as leader throughout NR’s return to the community, and assisted in their prosperous rise. An example of NR’s success under Silent’s contributions as leader can be seen in the following picture- as seen in their second most recent training session.


NR Maintaining sizes of 13+

Since Silent’s removal, there has been nothing said regarding why he was removed. The only thing that has been said, according to Carlos- NR Leader, is that Silent failed to follow certain rules and guidelines that leaders are expected to follow. This was said by Carlos himself in the following interview I managed to have with him, following Silent’s coup.

Interview with Carlos, NR Leader

CPAC: Who exactly took part in Silent’s removal from the Night Rebels?

Carlos: I took part in the removal of Silent. This was because I’ve talked to people and found out that Silent has been doing things a leader shouldn’t be doing.

CPAC: Why exactly was Silent removed from the Night Rebels? Any specfic reason?

 Carlos: I wish to keep everything classified until I am 100% sure those things happened; until then, he will remain removed.

CPAC: How do you feel his removal will impact the Night rebels, as far as size and consistency go?

Carlos: I am bad at predicting what will happen, but what I want to happen with the new addition of the army, Apollo, is that our sizes will improve greatly.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Carlos: Yes, CPAC needs to wake up and take major action against multilogging armies.

As stated above, Carlos remains content on keeping everything classified regarding Silent’s removal until he is sure said allegations have transpired. He also believes the newly inaugurated Apollo will help keep the Night Rebels afloat, despite Silent’s removal.

Here at CPAC, we believe it’s important to include everyone’s opinion regarding certain events that transpire within our community. With that being said, I found it necessary to interview SilentSniper, and gain his perspective on his removal from the Night Rebels. The following is an interview from Silent, former Night Rebels’ Leader.

Interview with SilentSniper, former NR Leader

CPAC: Regarding your recent excommunication from the Night Rebels, why do you feel you were removed?

Silent: Recently, I found out that Kyle was trying to undermine me and when I confronted him he “got shaky” and left the chat.

CPAC: Were you aware of a potential uprising against you or your leadership as a whole?

Silent: No, I wasn’t aware at all. I just found out yesterday. While they were arguing 99% of the time, I was busy recruiting and leading NR to 1st. To top it off, Kyle defaced the site and blamed it on me to gain leverage agaisnt me.

CPAC: How do you feel the NR will perform without your presence as leader?

Silent: I don’t exactly know. I have not seen Apollo, Carlos, or Matt work together, and I wish NR the best, and if this removal is something that needs to happen, then I will go out quietly.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Silent: Revolution of the night. 

Silent claims that he had no idea he was going to be removed from NR, and claims Kyle was the one who defaced NR’s website. He also doesn’t know how NR will perform without him, but wishes NR the best.

How will the Night Rebels perform without SilentSniper? Can the NR quickly recover from their lack of a former leader? Comment “YOUR” opinion in the comment section below!


CP Army Central Editor-in-chief


6 Responses

  1. “I want NR dead.” – Silent, after joined RF after his coup.

  2. So Silent blames it on me for defacing the site, yet l was sleeping. This happens during the time l was sleeping, so it could be someone else. Silent is the most hatred leader l ever met, l thought he was chill but hes not. Just like what happen back in DW, when he really got fired and get banished for it.

  3. Also, Silent you were too busy roasting NR’s troops and stuff like that. You never did crap to NR, you never led NR to 1st.

  4. The true NR leader is Tirodoragon. But Diseny is shit and banned him. ;C

  5. Idk who this guy is. But whoever’s army this guy is in…. IS DEAD AS DARKNESS ARISES

  6. and when RF is suddenly dead.

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