CPA Central Spooky Trivia [Day Four]

With Halloween approaching quickly, CPA Central will be hosting a Spooky Trivia event in which a trivia question will be asked each day until Halloween.

Each day, a new trivia question will be posted on the site. Each correct answer will be worth 70 xats. As in the past, the first person to answer the question correctly will be awarded the prize. The subject of the questions will relate to the holiday, Halloween.

For those of you who are CPAC staff, xats will not be awarded if you chose to answer the question.

In addition to this, the individual who successfully answers the most questions can also win ad space for his or her army. With that said, let’s proceed to the question at hand.

Day 3 Winner: 




The Question:

On average, what is the total cost of all of the pumpkins bought during Halloween?


Once again, best of luck to all participants taking part in CPA Central’s Spooky Trivia.


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


15 Responses

  1. $1.5 billion

  2. Seven million pounds

  3. 148.9 million

  4. 2 billion

  5. No one will know the answer to this.

  6. $6.435bn ($6,345,000,000)

    Research shows there are 1.5bn Pumpkins a year
    And the average price is $4.29
    $4.29×1.5bn = 6.345bn

  7. $650 million

  8. $1.7 billion

  9. Atticus, you are biased.

  10. 1.5 billion

  11. 3 Billion dollars?

  12. I gonna guess 3 billion

  13. How so bud?

  14. Well, posting the Trivia every night at late US times isn’t quite helpful for every other non-american person on this world..

  15. How is it 1.5 billion! I want your source please.

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