Making Up For September, Or Something Much More?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – In this vast army community, there is always a point in time when the community drops off into all-time lows and see low amounts of troop size and activity, but in those times, the community always bounced back. Will we be able to bounce back again? 

It is expected every single time school begins: arrive in September, experience a significant drop, and by mid-October or early November, armies start to bounce back; however, things are different this time. While the community did experience a drop in September, it didn’t get too awful until October came around and armies started to drop off a massive cliff.

At first, it would seem that we’re simply making up for September, but why? It’s not like Life has decided to trick us in the early stages and then surprise us with significant decline. This community is going down a spiral of decline at a very fast pace, and it seems as though the community is dying before our very eyes.

Let’s face it, even the top ten in SM Army Central these past couple weeks hadn’t looked so good, as a matter of fact, two major armies slipped and are sitting in SM Army Central at the moment. Why is this happening?

While some may think that I’m stating the obvious just for my health, I’m here to do more than to make this obvious that this should’ve been declared a State of Emergency weeks ago, I’m here to dig deep into this major issue. Never has this community arrived in October to fall to drastically low sizes and activity, so this can’t just be simply making up for September.

It’s already bad enough that Club Penguin 2.0 is set to arrive at the end of 2016, or somewhere in 2017, as that could finish the community off with a one-hit knockout if all this community ends up with are inefficient resources.

So, what are a few theories that could reasonably explain this drastic decline? 

Theory #1: School 

School is a very obvious answer, but what about school is causing such a steep drop off? For several years, the simple obstacle of school has caused significant drops, but what doesn’t make sense is the fact that the School Drop didn’t occur in September as much as it’s now affecting the entire community in October.

One theory that can be put out there is that ever since the community was born, a majority of the same individuals are still veterans from 2006-2011. Does this mean that this community has not yet given the key to another generation yet?!

Then again, how can it? Recruitment is hindered by Club Penguin’s fear of how we handle the younger individuals and social media is not being utilized efficiently enough. Sure, there are armies that have Twitter pages, Youtube channels, and (uncommonly) have Facebook accounts, but are they being used as much as they should be?

When this community’s troops come from a time frame between 2007-2011, there’s a high chance that they’re probably in high school by now; however, that depends on the age range of which the individuals joined, but that shouldn’t matter. If someone who was a child in 2011 (let’s say twelve years of age), how old will they be in 2017? Around sixteen or seventeen, which are common ages for students who are upperclassmen (11th and 12th grades for the US students). What comes after high school? It could be college, the military, or the workforce.

Even people in the early years who were in middle school at the time are well past high school by now, even influential leaders such as Waterkid100 and Elmikey are rumored to be completed with their high school education by now.


Even if a person is in college, they may also be working to earn money to pay off student loans and other monetary aspects of college education. No time for CP armies!

Then again, this theory would make absolutely no sense. To those not paying much attention to the community, there are newer troops starting to come into the community, and that’s even seen in SM Army Central. Those armies that may not get into CP Army Central, but they are the backbone of the entire community. One day, they will rise up and be given the torch to carry on the community if Club Penguin 2.0 doesn’t kill it first.

Even with most troops being in high level education by now, there is a significant amount of newer troops in the community, so school shouldn’t be an excuse for this steep drop in October.

Whether the community’s troops are a majority of high school students or smaller armies not rising into CP Army Central, this community’s spiral of decline doesn’t show signs of stopping.


Declining community activity is overwhelming to us as a stampede of puffles is overwhelming to the unlucky purple penguin.

Theory #2: Lack of Motivation

If you’re a leader or a higher-ranked troop in an army, I ask of you to go over to your army’s chat room and tell everyone to recruit. A response isn’t necessary, but watch the amount of nulls coming into the chat room. Oh, of course.. nobody has to tell a person that a response isn’t needed because anyone can just say they’re recruiting, but if a leader does not log on to watch his or her troops using an auto-typer, then he or she may automatically assume they are not even trying.

So, what if they aren’t even attempting to recruit? What gives? There’s a strange feeling of recoil when somebody is asked to log into Club Penguin to recruit or even log on for an event. Could it be that some troops are too lazy to press a few buttons on the keyboard? Or could it be the fact that they were in the middle of their own thing and now they’re being asked to drop everything to press a few buttons? It’s not like troops are being yelled at by a drill sergeant to run 50 laps around 100 football stadiums worth of land, or even asked to go outside and take out the trash, no, they’re being told to press a few buttons for around fifteen/thirty minutes at the most.

There isn’t much reason for why there’s a lack of want for troops to go onto a game and press a few button combinations for a few minutes.. wait.. that’s all they’re doing? No wonder. Troops are bored with dancing in one room at a time and pressing buttons. There’s no action, there’s nothing to entertain the more experienced troops. No wonder why there’s a significant lack of motivation.

Now, perhaps if everyone was a devoted button pusher from a 2013 Steam indie game, this community would have higher odds of surviving.


Theory #3: It’s All Club Penguin’s Fault. 

 Let’s face it, Club Penguin has backlashed this community for a good reason, but now that this community has seemed to have declined in multi-logging and cheating in general, the aforementioned gaming platform no longer has the excuse to mass ban troops and keep upgrading the chat’s filter.

Mass banning, chat filter upgrades that block even army names from passing through, and (even though it may not be relating to us) holding takeovers nobody wanted.

Now, they’re going to step up their game and release Club Penguin 2.0, which is difficult to find out if it’s to exterminate the community or it’s for financial reasons. Either way, it may kill this entire community.

Now, how do takeovers affect the community? Nobody wants to log into a Zootopia party, or a Finding Dory party, or even another Frozen party. It makes troops feel like they’re nothing but children, so troops will often try to get out of events when those parties are happening. Even yours truly doesn’t want anything to do with events occurring at those parties.


Our fuel is as scarce as ever when it comes to keeping the community alive.

Theory #4: Inefficient Social Media Utilization

For the past four years and ten months of being in this community, I’ve seen army pages scattered across social media, being Youtube, Facebook, and even Twitter, but are those pages still active? Not so much. Back then, Youtube had an inbox feature that allowed users to communicate through private messaging, now that doesn’t even exist anymore, but Twitter makes up for it.. only two people must be following each other.

From observation, not a lot of high ranks have social media accounts, and army pages on social media are not as active as they should be. Club Penguin has no control over the rest of the internet, meaning the community can recruit as many people as they know who are familiar with Club Penguin as possible.

Chat recruiting off of famous Club Penguin users actually used to be a thing, and it worked! Users like Monchocho, Riffy8888, etc. had XAT chats where there was a huge supply of potential recruits, but now users are being trained to not be recruited.

Here’s another issue: social media doesn’t include every Club Penguin player, people who don’t know this game will treat it like junk mail and think nothing of it, so unless a person had a CP profile or even mentions the game, how do we know that they will help us?


The blue penguin laughs at the purple penguin for being ran over by uninterested recruits…0r they saw that a fire mixtape got dropped on SoundCloud.

What do we do now?

It doesn’t matter what we do, but we need to do it quick. We need more wars, more interest, more efficient ways to recruit, we need to build morale in armies.

This is no time to argue over the best method for saving this community, this October Drop isn’t simply making up for September, we need to get something done quick.

Even if Club Penguin 2.0 kills us, let’s not fade away like a fire diminishing in the middle of a cold, winter night.. no… if the community has to die when CP 2.0 is born, then I say we go out on a high note.

But we don’t have to let it die, we can find ways to preserve the community on another game. Even though the name of the community changes and the game we’ll reside on will be different, the unity will never disappear. We are a community, we need to work together if we want it to stay alive.

Here at CP Army Central, we want YOUR opinion! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Central Philosopher and Historian 


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  1. Damn so trueeee Chris btwww good post<3 :3

  2. Join Teutons now.

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  4. Chris is fucking genius.

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