Champions Cup V: Day One Recap

The Champions Cup V opened up today with battles in Groups A and B, with all armies hoping to get an early 3 points in the group stage. 

Group A

Night Rebels vs Blue Troops

The Night Rebels slowly trickled into the Ice Berg at the start of the battle, forming a vertical line. The Blue Troops showed up a few minutes late, attacking NR with E+4. NR troops defended themselves with E+9, and the 2 Blue Troops made their way to the right side of the room. The Night Rebels had 7 in their line. BT joke bombed after a few minutes, while NR put up E+7 winks. Then, NR pushed back with an E+3 bomb before lining up across the Berg. Although the Blue Troops gave a respectable effort, the Night Rebels won the battle and earned 3 points.


Army Republic vs Kings of CP

Unfortunately, neither army showed up for their battle, so no points were awarded.


  1. Night Rebels: 3 pts
  2. Blue Troops: 0 pts
  3. Army Republic: 0 pts
  4.  Kings of CP: 0 pts

Group B

Rebel Penguin Federation vs The Great British Army

Group B battles opened up with the Rebel Penguin Federation Facing the Great British Army. The two sides met at the Ice Berg, RPF with around 20 troops, and TGBA with a single fighter. RPF troops moved into a plus formation, while TGBA attacked with a joke bomb. After a few tactics, the battle continued with RPF piling at the top of the room, then doing a joke bomb while TGBA did E+N. In the end, RPF had clearly won the battle, and earned 3 points.

Golds vs The Penguin Army Force

The Golds and Penguin Army Force closed out the opening day of battles in a small but evenly-matched contest. At the start of the battle, the Golds formed a line along the bottom with 5 troops, and TPAF lined up at the top with 4. They exchanged tactics in these formations for several minutes, then the Golds did a joke bomb. TPAF responded with an E+5 bomb, then switched to E+L. While TPAF troops got back to their line and did E+Q ice creams, Golds piled at the top and attacked with an E+M money bomb. Following this, they formed a vertical line, now maxing 6. As the Golds opened fire on TPAF, TPAF troops did E+2 and fired back. At the end of the battle, the Golds took the victory in a 3-0 vote, receiving 3 points.



  1. Rebel Penguin Federation: 3 pts
  2. Golds: 3 pts
  3. The Great British Army: 0 pts
  4. The Penguin Army Force: 0 pts


The Champions Cup V group stage continues tomorrow with battles for Groups C and D.

What do you think of the Champions Cup V opening day battles? Discuss in the comments below!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO




3 Responses

  1. wait so kcp is out of the tourney? it’s not fair were only US and Ausia

  2. The Kings still have two more chances to earn points next week and the week after. The battles are scheduled the way they are to make it UK-friendly, and because most US troops are available in the afternoon on weekends.

  3. so out of 4 battles, one army maxed 20 & nobody else even broke past 10? lol gg community

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