Should we Shut Down/End CPA?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After the recent posts of CPA falling and “CP is the sinking Titanic?” which can be read HERE. This topic was brought up by DW Legend Xxtoysloldier and this post is based on his post which can be read HERE. So really is CPA just going through the “September Drop” or are we really coming to an end? 


A picture of the latest CPAC Top 10

Ever since the summer started RPF has been holding the first spot on CPAC Top Ten for weeks, with a few changes here and there. Golds, Teutons, DCP, and earlier the Water Vikings. No other army has really shown that it has a legitimate chance in getting past RPF. And multi logging has been a big reason on why armies are where they are right now. Two armies were caught last week for multi logging. The community is split into four now. RPF who get 30+, then the multi loggers getting 25+, actual armies getting 20+ and the rest of the community struggling. The map was owned by DCP and RPF, Golds had a few servers and some other armies had a few.

So we question now why are we doing this? People love armies and we don’t want to lose them. This seems to be the last leg of the community. People are settled in school and they don’t want to come back. As Toy states and many of us agree, “Club Penguin does not appeal to kids anymore” CP said itself the reason we are cutting employees is because CP doesn’t attract as many people on anymore.

Project Super Secret won’t make a difference. The same people playing the current CP will just be moving on to new cp. Would a so-called “3D CP” want more people to join back? We would still have the Disney parties and everything that normal CP has. Disclaimer: None of this is a fact it is just what I think will happen. After a good amount of time CP will notice itself that it’s not what it used to be, it doesn’t have the amount of people it used to have. Once they notice it is a waste of money and time it’s all over.  People are trying very hard to get CPA to a state where it once was.

The community itself needs a change. Multilogging scandals are all that come up. People just continue to accuse other armies of multi logging and when it gets close to getting proven, the multi logging army says they are getting framed. The last time an army got 90 points on Top 10 were the WV in the summer, and it was only once. A few months later WV had been proven to have multi logged. New CPAC Top 10s are the old SMAC ones.

As the community grows up new recruits lessen and lessen. The recruits we thought would take over never came. So now it is your decision do you want to keep going and destroy legacies or stop and end it all before it all ends by itself. I just want to see how many people reading this actually play cp and not just for armies.

I just want to see how many people reading this actually play cp and not just for armies.


CPAC Writer 




22 Responses

  1. Pretty shit post NGL

  2. shut down cpa

  3. the quality that CPAC has been spewing lately is another testament to our fallen community

    kill it off

  4. that’s because there’s no cpac reporter training center anymore

  5. Whoever plays cp here is retarded. Cp turned into 100% gay bullshit the second Disney took control of it.

  6. True fact

  7. I for one enjoy being in an army with legitimate recruits. This makes me sound like a total creep, but I enjoy just going on CP, playing hide and seek and participating in those mini game nights. I just like being in a lively army. I’m sure everyone who has led an army that was based off recruits can relate entirely. So no, the answer to your question is I don’t play CP just for armies.

  8. going on cp with RPF troops that is*

  9. Until Project Super Secret, don’t close CPA – we are big community. A we can’t just die.

  10. It’s been a good ride. Good things always have an end. I really am lucky to have experienced many of the golden years of CPA, if we shut down now, the legacy of CP Armies will be great. I will remember the experience for a very long time. Chatting with army colleagues, ranking up. Making many online friends, leading WV. They were all great experiences but at this point it is better to shut down with a good legacy than to wait for CPA to die from only having multiloggers left.

  11. Yes. Close CPA.

    Absolutely, close CPA. Just do it.

  12. NOO DONT kings just started kicking ass

  13. You are talking complete bullshit, I agree Disney ruined Club Penguin and rocket snail should not of sold out but otherwise you are talking complete bull. CPA is slowly dying and the comment you left is the exact one i seen last year. I 100% disagree with CPAC they are talking almost the bullshit you are, cpa is not dying we just need to put more time in it and manual recruit and ask irl friends to join. We can make a difference if we try to, you and vishal are complete dead dickheads to think that this community is dying.

  14. You are trying to act hard, when CPA closes down you will curl up in a ball and realise we are the only friends you ever had. Note: you have no irl ones :/

  15. You’re right. However, armies have started dying like 5 months ago. I am not sure how the next few months will be like. They seem to be depressive though..

  16. Pretty shit lies to cover your multilogging if you ask me.

  17. boy stfu and I cant have friends cuz half of the communtiy /soldiers are multilogs of rpf doritos or nachos

  18. lol ur saying that because no army likes u ur a terrible bot raider

  19. Perhaps armies should act on a platform change, vote as a majority, and make that happen. Nearly everyone here wants a platform change to a game such as minecraft, but can’t agree on a platform. So everyone should agree on changing games, vote, and whatever the majority decides you go there.

  20. Yeah cause that comment makes sense.
    Take me home,
    Midland road,
    To the place that I belong,
    To the valley,
    To see the city,
    Take me home,
    Midland road…

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