Club Penguin Is A Sinking Titanic?

The Times Room, CPA Central Office- Is History repeating itself? What is our next step to advance forward after Club Penguin’s unavoidable passing? What hope is left for Club Penguin? Click more, to find out!

Club Penguin Armies were founded in 2006 and were believed to have formed beta colors that represented teams.


The fabrication that clings our community together is a titanic. Before the leaves fell, this year it was approximated that Club Penguin Armies will cease. This happened, the year before, and the year before. The pattern that we are familiar with, that per year army performance will descend. In 2011, the performance in armies that we are familiar with today, were similar. As we see today, only the top 3 armies, were commonly scraping sizes of 20+. This was the same in 2011. The majority, of the current top 10, were maxing 15, with ranging from one to two events.


Club Penguin, after a period of time will expire. Would this reduce the rate at which recruiting will be accessible? If Club Penguin were to die a Club Penguin Private Server will be the more superior choice. As we know they’re an ark full of Club Penguin Private Server, penguins! A Club Penguin Private Server, for Club Penguin Armies could help enlarge the current decaying population. Nevertheless, the competitive attitudes between armies, with a new batch of recruits, sprinting could ultimately refer as what the batch will be like.


So what am I getting at?

Club Penguin is approximated to cease, by the years to come. We know this because, the continuous parties, with the parallel effect of requirements at parties, we can see are not as enthusiastic as they were, in the years before. The hammer was lifted on, Club Penguin Staff, as they were let go. The Club Penguin Times transacted to, per 2 weeks an update, yet parties have indirectly increased toward 2 months.

”As all virtual worlds, it will eventually see its closure, not today or tomorrow, but the ongoing years ahead” – Former Club Penguin Staff

Project Super Secret

365 days later, from the initial sneak peak, of Project Super Secret could be the cause of which the parties are being delayed, they could be working hard on Project Super Secret, but this does not clarify why Club Penguin Staff were let go.


The Club Penguin Channel, is not as enthusiastic as the previous years were. Fan Art, are published monthly, but this year alone, the Channel is rather slothful.


Club Penguin YouTube Players, are sharply pointing towards plodding uploads, to eventual departure.

So what is the most accurate interpretation to estimate the future of Club Penguin? RIP, Thanks a lot Disney! But we should look forward as it opens doors to recruits from, Club Penguin Private Servers, so the community will be standing on two legs. We should always stay positive! Project Super Secret is under-way and it would be in our best interest if we feed on these sneak peaks, so that we can hope, that Club Penguin will not enter it’s eternal rest. mcpenguins_closing

What do YOU think, will Club Penguin departure? Can Project Super Secret save the Island? Would you adjust with a Club Penguin Private Server as a replacement to Club Penguin? Comment YOUR thoughts here at CPA Central.



CPA Central Reporter


Club Penguin Early Map (Concept Art)


3 Responses

  1. The community should come together and think of something to do. A plan of sorts. A mass exodus to ethier a CPvm3 type server or a different but similar game.

    It is obvious that both technologically and socially, clubpenguin is a dying game.

    Yeah, its a hilarious internet meme, but when your parties are more about promoting the crap “teeny-bop Disney movie of the month” instead of actual holidays whether in the real world or holidays made up for CP, then you’ve fallen hard, and no amount of internet hilarity will save you.

    It has gotten to the point where it is a advertising platform for disney, where they try to suck up as much money as they can before they kill it.

    I mean, not only do they hate us, and refuse to take us seriously when we’ve been a big part of their games playerbase for YEARS, they think we’re a minor annoyance! They play us off all the time! like we don’t matter, that we’re just a “small group of kids”. And yeah, in the height of CP’s popularity, sure, we were. But it’s playerbase has reduced to the point where even in OUR weakened state, we have probably grown to be a good chunk of the players on CP servers, if not the only ones on certain servers to begin with!

    And it’s not like we can ask for help from the CP Youtubers to try and stop Disney from shutting down CP, they think all we are is a bunch of cringey room spammers!

    Seriously though, look up ANY Clubpenguin Youtuber’s video(s) on us. They are etheir (best case) indifferent to us, or (worst case) think we are little better then hackers. And in their comment section its not much better.

    The non-CP community just regards us as room spammers or room fillers now. When back in the day you saw videos on YT from people who would upload footage of us as if we were a “RARE CP EVENT”, now you see CP youtuber comment sections on us saying how they hate it when we fill rooms or spam the chat.

    We need to do something. We’ve created something amazing for HUNDREDS of kids ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

    From the noob who joined CP armies a month ago, to a old veteran like me from 2007, to huge pillars of this communities start like Person1233, Pink Mafias, Oagalthorp, etc, we have all taken part in making something truly amazing.

    We made a community, one that has stayed alive for more then a DECADE!

    We shouldnt let it die, we should find a new way to survive on a different game, or atleast a different type of cp like that CPvm3 stuff.

    This community has too much history, and has helped and entertained too many people to just fizzle out. We gotta do something. 😛

  2. Beautiful words, fellow veteran. I remember joining the community in late 2011, and after being a part of this community for so long, I feel heartbroken to what it’s come to.

    Project Super Secret will either save Club Penguin or sign its ultimate death warrant.

    We have tried Club Penguin private servers in the past, but those who made them exclusively for this community never exemplified much interest in maintaining the system; therefore, it would die out in a manner of weeks, if not days.

    Now, if we were to try a Club Penguin private server owned by someone else for the entire CP community, we’d run into the same trouble, only people could get more strict bans such as IP bans.

    Either way, this community will probably die, unless people start committing to army-exclusive CPPSes.

    Something needs to happen.

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