Top Ten Armies [10/9/2016]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week, a consistent top contender towers over the rest, and two armies take an unfortunate tumble.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [71.50] [+0] 

2. Golds [53.13] [+1]  

3. Army of Club Penguin [51.17] [+4] 

4. Teutons [48.83] [-2]

5. Wild Ninjas [48.54] [+1]

6T. Nachos [46.00] [-2]

6T. Army Republic [46.00] [+2]

8. Kings of CP [42.33] [+1]

9. Smart Penguins [41.80] [NEW!]

10. Doritos [40.00] [-5]

Full Statistics Here

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Point Deductions

  • Doritos: 15 points (multilogging)
  • Teutons: 15 points (multilogging)

Note: The sizes in the descriptions may not reflect the sizes used to calculate the Top Ten.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF kicked off the week with formation training, reaching sizes of 20+. Following this, they decided to scout Frostbite, where they maxed 20. The next day, they decided to scout yet another former Water Vikings’ server, seeing sizes of 20+. They then decided to hold training, seeing sizes of 28+. Following this, they decided to hold speed training, seeing sizes of 24+. They then decided to hold tournament training, maxing 28+. The RPF concluded the week picking up the tournament win, reaching outstanding sizes of 40+.

2. Golds: The Golds started their week with the defense of North Pole, reaching sizes of 11. They then attempted to defend Flippers, their capital, but ended up losing it to the Teutons, maxing 14. Following this, they successfully defended Glacier from the Teutons, maxing 17. The Golds concluded their week by successfully reclaiming North Pole, reaching sizes of 10.

3. Army of CP: The Army of Club Penguin started their week off by raiding the Teutons raid of the Golds event in which they maxed 7. They then followed their week with a Tactics Session where they maxed 12 online. The Army of Club Penguin finished off their week with a U-Lead in which they achieved sizes of 11 on Club Penguin. 

4. Teutons:  Teutons started off their week with an AUSIA training session, reaching sizes of 25+. Following this, they had a UK defense of their capital, where they successfully defeated the ACP and Golds, maxing 20. They followed with UK training, reaching sizes of 18. They then successfully invaded the Golds, maxing sizes of 17. Following this, they decided to have UK training, seeing sizes of 25+. They then acquired the Golds’ capital, Flippers, where they invaded at UK  times, maxing 18. The Teutons then ended their week with a UK invasion of Glacier, reaching sizes of 18.

5. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas started the week off with various Training Sessions where they maxed 15 and 11. They then followed up their week with more Training Sessions in which they maxed sizes of 8 and 7. To finish their week, the Wild Ninjas continued with more Training Sessions where they achieved sizes of 8 and 7.

6T. Nachos: The Nachos had a realtively short week, kicking it off with a UK recruitment session, reaching sizes of 18. They then decided to have yet another recruiting session, maxing sizes of 16. Following this, the Nachos ended their week with a defeat at the CPA tournament, maxing 15.

6T. Army Republic: Army Republic’s first event this week was a march on Toboggan where they reached 13 online. Then, they maxed 9 while invading Wild West. AR next did a recruiting session with a top size of 8, and ended the week with an event maxing 7. 

8. Kings of CP: The Kings started off their week with an invasion where they attained sizes of 5. They then continued their week with a Recruiting Session where they maxed 13. Another Recruiting Session was held the next day where they maxed 12 as well as a Training Session in which they maxed 7 online. To finish off their week, the Kings held a Recruiting Session in which they achieved sizes of 17 online.

9. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins returned to activity with an AUSIA training where they maxed 7. Then, they hit 6 at their next AUSIA training, and 8 at the following event. 

10. Doritos: The Doritos also had a very small week, holding only two events. They started off their week with the invasion of Oyster, maxing sizes of 25. The Doritos closed their week with unschedulued war training, where they maxed 23.


Doritos Statement

Several multilogged penguins were uncovered by former DCP leader 13yearoldnoob, including Camila8567, Savannah1124, Kinglarry7, Bob4376, Jacob3996, and Danny845. These penguins can be found at DCP’s events this week:

The full exposure post can be found here. CPAC’s report on the matter is here.

Teutons Statement

The Teutons were revealed to have been multilogging when some Kik conversations were leaked, in which Teutons owners discuss multilogging, and Brigade3 confirms that they multilogged in at least one event. There were also two known multilog penguins (Tentacruel and Gyarados) at their events. The information was compiled into a post on the Golds’ site.

It was also noted that the Teutons’ ranks page only includes 4th in command and above, unusual for an army that reaches sizes of 15-20, and that they never have an event schedule posted on their site. M Buble, Gyarados, Tentacruel, and Teutontroop are not on the ranks, and can be found in Teutons events this week:


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Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Editor-in-chief

Baby Flor

CPA Central Reporter


42 Responses

  1. Teutons exposed xD. Good job SP btw continue like that :D.

  2. Good Job to Everyone.
    Fight The Good Fight!

  3. So first the pokemon penguin are not troops of ours and are spare penguins that we gave out, secondly that isn’t Brigades kik and thirdly teutons ranks are nowhere near done lol

  4. Wild. Great job to the REAL armies in this community keeping our sanity. Enjoy your L, Teutons and Doritos

  5. Good job Wild Ninjas 🙂

  6. Yo let them be bias we all know my kik is bandaid2300000 and plus these guys are literally framing us by logging on Pokemon penguins and claiming them to be Teutons. In that convo on kik I’m on about an event in WV as well just saying did I ever mention (if it is me) which army I’m on about. The second kik photo literally proves nothing as TeutonTroop is my irl brother and I can prove it on Skype and m Buble did leave a join comment and his ip is different to mine. All this was explained on a post on Teutons site, yet two former / current Golds post the Top Ten and deduct two armies who’d have been in front of Golds. DCP don’t multi log either and M Bublé etc will continue attending Teutons events using their accounts till the end of time.

  7. RIP CPA 2006-2016

  8. hey i talked to some smac guys and they said they didnt add red ninjas because we were too big, can you guys calculate us please?

    the site is thanks

  9. Reblogged this on Golds Army | CLUB PENGUIN GOLDS CLUB and commented:
    Good job, Golds!

  10. I tried to kik bandaid2300000 and it said the phone’s been disconnected and you name literally says “K!K me: brigade3”

  11. bandaid2300000 isn’t your kik. I would know because there was a troop or to be more clear, Earthings’ brother. He goes by that name so stop lying you little retard.

  12. lol

  13. Just because you got caught multi logging, doesn’t mean CPAC is biased.

  14. That’s bandage23 lmao

  15. I blocked you g

  16. Prove it was me multilogging and I’ll retire forever g

  17. Can’t wait to see what new BS DCP comes up with in an attempt to clear their name.

  18. Count again 4 eyed bitch

  19. Great job Kings!

  20. Teutons didn’t multilog because I was tentacruel brig let me use that acc because I didn’t want to help both armies so I just used tentacruel and the other account was pose so teutons didn’t multi.

  21. Oh well they are similar, I wonder why…

  22. xdd

  23. Bandage23 inspired my name of bandaid2300000, if you are accusing me of being bandage who was an AUSIA troop that’s bloody hilarious

  24. That wasn’t Poseidon first of all, that was his brother. And brigade’s proof didn’t show which account he lend him.

  25. […] For Full Statistics, idk check CPAC. […]

  26. You didnt count kings invadion of sparkle where we maxed 12

  27. Armies are almost dead

  28. ACP surge, and they only I included half of our events.

  29. Says you lmao

  30. Cheaters always lose

  31. @Brigade Please just confess to your lies. We all know you are guilty of multilogging and your pitiful excuses would’ve never helped clarify you were innocent. It’s a child’s game and the fact you’re still upset you can’t properly lead like a functional leader and feel the need to cheat is none of our problems, it’s your own. You’re a pathological liar and we can all see. You think you’re hiding behind steel walls to protect your lies, but as it may be steel to you, to us all it’s a glass wall, and we can see every aspect of your lying. I don’t know who you’re trying to fool, hopefully not only yourself, because that’s just one of the very first signs of schizophrenia, which I’m positive you may have. Best regards!

  32. y’all should be in smac tbh

  33. yo ghost here….

  34. Lorenzo our ranks only go to sic because we have got defaced atlas 3-4 times so far

  35. Damn auto correct

  36. 😉

  37. GJ Kings Fear The Royal Command

  38. Hey dude!

  39. Says you and also every army has multiloged

  40. gg tryna be a christian, don’t use his name over a fucking game lmao

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