DCP Multilogging Scandal

SUMMIT,  Doritos Empire – After countless accusations against Doritos, an exposure post has suddenly emerged by 13yearoldn00b, former Doritos Leader. 

DCP have been accused of multilogging many times this past month. However, there wasn’t enough evidence to deduct DCP. Bad and Mustapha, Leaders of Doritos’ have denied the ID’s listed in the post. But, have not yet to disprove them. The full exposure post can be found here.

A total of 13 penguins were investigated by 13yearoldn00b and Meta. Who both happened to be former Doritos’ Leaders. The following penguins were Alfrondo1465, 57to, Crazyhightec, Savannah724, LowkeyAlbert, KingLarry, Stallionfire, Jacob3996, Billknob, Camila, Danny845, and Bob4376. The evidence proving DCP multilogging is quite serious yet many people say Bad or Mustapha aren’t taking it seriously.

Next is an in-depth list of all the all the alleged Multi’s.

Crazyhightec and Alfrondo are DCP legends, and the latter was found out to be an impostor who calls themself “Fate” on xat and WordPress. The real Alfrondo was contacted on Facebook, and he confirmed that this was not him, as he has not been on xat in years.

The post goes on with pictures of DCP’s site views for almost every single day in September and into October, where some inconsistencies are shown. This includes the fact that despite getting 296 views, the ranks page was only commented on twice in the month of September. The search terms for the site were low, and did not even include the Doritos’ main recruiting phrase, “fear the shield penguins”.

As you can see, this is the evidence posted by 13yearoldn00b, accusing Mustapha and BadBoy of using these penguins to multilog.

Following this, Chip released a post accusing Bad of bot raiding RPF events. The post can be found here. BadBoy responded to these allegations with this picture:

Image result for guess what no one cares

In BadBoy’s response to both accusations he has yet to disprove the allegations made toward DCP.

Another recent response made by BadBoy to the accusations:

A lot of hatred & jealousy have been thrown around about DCP lately, but lets remember that its the hatred and jealousy of our armies that fuels us and keeps us wanting more, keeps us graving the entity of success, something we never fail to grab when all the odds are stacked against us, when everyone we know or thought we knew has turned on us and tried to destroy us. DCP can’t be destroyed, we’re a family and that’s something no other army around us has, something no other army will ever have.

Deep. But again, doesn’t disprove anything.

I tried to interview Mustapha but he did not respond to my PC. I tried to private chat BadBoy trying to get an interview and this is what occurred.

As seen in both pictures BadBoy immediately shut down and refused to answer any questions involving the allegations.

I managed to get an interview with 13yearoldn00b regarding why he accused Doritos of multilogging. 

Interview with 13yearoldn00b


13: Black

CPAC: Why did you accuse Doritos’ of multilogging and going through the work of investigating the matter?

13:  Well, I simply made these accusations because, there’s compelling evidence that proves these accusations to be correct. I felt it was necessary to investigate simply because no one was doing the necessary in-depth investigating.

CPAC: Did you do this in an attempt to enlighten the community about Doritos actions or simply for attention?

13: I simply created this investigation in order to enlighten those who were unaware of Doritos’ current actions.

CPAC: Do you expect anyone to take action specifically the CPAC the CPA or possibly the creator WweBestFan?

13: I would hope that an organization such as the CPAC or CPA takes action in some sort of way. I also hope the creator WweBestFan takes an initiative as well.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Me: “Fear The Shield” 

Do you think that these allegations are sufficient enough to be upheld? Do you think The Doritos’ will suffer any calamities for these accusations brought against them? Comment YOUR opinion in the comments section below!


CPA Central Reporter


10 Responses

  1. If Badboy doesn’t agree for interview, he’s just coward and is so scared to tell us truth. Get Rekt.

  2. 57to and alfrondo were ex leaders of DCP,..

  3. Yes, but the ID’s given of those two are way too early to have been used back in the day when those two were active. Making the penguins names retirieved due to inactivity, and placed on a default penguin, with nothing. So in actual reality, those two penguins provided, aren’t really Crazyhightec nor Alfrondo1465.

  4. on default penguins*

  5. Is this really news

  6. 57to’s at least 20 years old and has been retired for years lol

  7. Please DCP stop multilogging, it is harming/polluting our community. Sonn one day will come in Armies when there will be communal roits/civil wars and all will boycott News sites like CPAC/SMAC/CPA(It has already occured for CPA).

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