Talking to the Past: Mchappy

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Welcome to the first ever issue of “Taking to the Past”. In this, CPAC sit down and chat to former leaders or influential people from the past. This week we are having a sit down chat with the former ACP Leader and CPAC Legend, Mchappy. Let’s great right into the news, well, chat.

Interview with Mchappy

CPAC: Hey Mch, how are you?

Mch: Hello, I’m good.

CPAC: Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your time in armies?

Mch: I don’t mind at all.

CPAC: So, what was your favorite part about armies?

Mch: My favorite part about armies was always the community. For being around centered something “childish”, the community has really flourished and organized into a legit gaming hub.

CPAC: What part of the community is your favorite?

Mch: ACP of course and the people I’ve met from it.

CPAC: Would you change anything about the community if you had the power?

Mch: I’d change a lot of things: multilogging and the mentality some people have, certain toxic people who are leading armies well into their 20s, and other toxic things the community has somehow come to accept.

CPAC: Do you support armies in 2016?

Mch: I support most.

CPAC: Do you support it enough to ever return?

Mch: No, I am too old to return as a leader in armies. For now, I’m teetering on that fine balance with helping ACP and not trying to overstep. If CPAC or other organizations ever need help with something, I may help. But I’m done actually leading-attending evenrs and vents for a rank.

CPAC: Didn’t think so, how long will you stick to helping ACP?

Mch: I don’t have a set date or anything. Maybe until someone is able to act as head advisor once I leave. Maybe CP will shut down before I’m willing to leave. Who knows?

CPAC: Do you miss being in armies?

Mch: Not really. I mean I certainly miss some aspects and I think everyone has their regrets when it comes to how they led, but I’m still involved in ACP affairs enough to not really miss having ranks.

CPAC: Why did you retire when you did?

Mch: I was burn out when I retired last from ACP. Looking back, I probably had a lot left in me if I had co-lead with someone but, oh well. Most of my older online friends were gone too so there was no real support system. It’s all good though.

CPAC: Let’s talk about your Legend status. What was your reaction when you were inducted as legend?

Mch: Not wholly surprised but very grateful.

CPAC: Did you feel any different when you found out you were crowned a Legend?

Mch: Not, in fact when I first got legend I felt like I had to do even more in the community to help out.

CPAC: When you got legend, did you feel people treated to better?

Mch: Lol no.

CPAC: Fair enough lol. Do you feel like you need to do anymore for the community?

Mch: I’m always willing to help out the community, but right now it almost seems like the community doesn’t want to help itself. I’ve concentrated most of my efforts on ACP and making sure they continue doing what they got to do.

CPAC: Well, I think we covered everything! Thanks for a great chat Mch!

Mch: Thank you for talking to me!

Well, Mch is still busy helping ACP. He hopes to continue helping ACP for awhile, as said, which is really cool! I hope you enjoyed the first issue of Talking to the Past!

If you have any advice of how to make these more enjoyable to read in the future, please comment your ideas!
What do YOU think? Do you think Mch is doing well for himself? Do you like Mch? Did Mch deserve Legend?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Editor-in-chief



5 Responses

  1. ACP propaganda post

  2. Yeah where’s the interview with TeutonTroop?!? SMH SMH

  3. That’s highly untrue. If that were the case then I wouldn’t be doing more of these with other people (which I am).

  4. Oh so do one with a Teutons legend

  5. So, by any chance, was this inspired by a previous series called “Where Are They Now?”

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