WV Transfers Servers To Golds

Water Vikings, Unkown Territory- WV has transfered all of their territory over to the Golds. Will this impact WV’s overall performance? Click “Read More” for further insight on this situation!!

Over these past few days, tensions have been rising regarding the overall server map. The same applies to WV, as they’ve decided to transfer their entire nation over to the Golds. This was done as they were consistently getting invaded by the RPF, and simply didn’t want the engagement to escalaste any longer.

The following is taken from one of WV’s more recent post’s titled, “Transfer of WV servers to Golds”.

“We won’t fight 3 ausia invasions in a row. We can’t be bothered with all this servers stuff. We have given our remaining servers to the Golds.” – Buddy, WV Leader

The WV have not bothered to defend their servers from RPF throughout this entire war, as their most recent event was a “return event” that took place on 5th of September.


WV maintaining sizes of 21 throughout event

The WV have given their servers to the Golds, as they were believed to be their closest allies within the community. Buddy in particular decided to transfer the servers because he didn’t favor the idea of RPF attacking WV’s nation “3 times a day”, according to our interview. He also doesn’t favor the CPA as a whole, due to the decisions they have made regarding the WV/RPF war.

Interview With Buddy, Water Vikings Leader

CPAC: Why did WV choose to transfer their entire nation over to the Golds, is there a particular reason?

Buddy: Well, we didn’t favor getting invaded 3 times a day by RPF, at ausia times. Also, we didn’t really favor RPF’s bullshit tactics neither.

CPAC: Will this impact WV’s overall performance in any way, shape or form?

Buddy: Nah, we’ll be good.

CPAC: Lastly, will WV ever choose to dismiss themselves from the server map, or even disregard CPA as a whole?

Buddy: WV will opt out of the server map.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Buddy: Fear the wave?!


As said in the interview, Buddy believes WV will do just fine without the server map, he also believes it’s unfair that RPF are able to invade three times a day, as this is the primary reason why WV transfered their nation to Golds.

Will WV’s decision to transfer their nation to the Golds impact their overall performance? Will WV crumble without a nation, or will WV prosper against all odds? Comment YOUR opinions in the comment section!


CP Army Central Editor-in-chief



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