Nachos Site Restored By Person1233 Following Defacing

FJORD, Nachos Empire – Yesterday during the morning in the United States, the Nachos site went through a dramatic site defacing with inappropriate pictures being the only thing found on the Nachos Website. Person, former Nachos Leader and Army Legend, was quickly contacted and he restored the website back to almost full working order.

The defacing occurred when Kevin’s WordPress account was compromised, leading to all pages/posts being deleted and pornography being posted on the website. Below, Person posted his view on what happened to the Nachos Army yesterday.

Hello, this is Person1233. For those of you that don’t know, I joined the Nachos in 2008 and was the leader in 2009. Kevin’s account was compromised this morning, which allowed for someone to add themselves to the site, delete our theme and pages, and post porn.

If anyone has any information about this incident, notify Nacho leadership. Puckley will assist in the transition of the leadership back to the website as well as the restoration of the theme and pages. I’ve been out of the loop so I don’t trust myself to add people back on my own. I’m just glad I was able to act and remove the hacker before our posts were lost.

The Nachos are and have always been a resilient army. Pride yourselves in your ability to come back from this setback and know you’ll always have a safety net in me.

At this stage it is unknown is this will have a huge impact on the army, but with everything restored rather quickly it is unlikely to cause a downwards decline. The last event held by the Nachos Army was an Invasion of Fiesta in which they maxed sizes of about 15, with their USA division, and they claimed victory with the RPF reportedly ”retreating” a lot. A picture of this event is found below, with the Nachos using cake emotes.

They have yet to have an event since this deface, and it will be interesting to see if the Nachos can maintain their performances following such an unfortunate event. In an edit on the post by Person, Camper said that ”As of right now, the entire site has been restored other then a few small graphical details. Nothing important was lost and everything is back to normal. Viva Los Nachos!”. It therefore appears that the leaders have full access to the website once more, and that they are fully functioning again with events to come.

To find out more on the issue, I interviewed the owner who was on at the time of the defacing, Nachos 3ic Poseidon.

Q: Can you give your account of what happened with the Nachos site yesterday?

Yes, so I was sitting on the chat and just talking to a friend when suddenly Dan101, retired Nachos leader, came on and said that the site had changed. I checked it out I saw some post with the topic ”I love a**holes” with a dirty picture. Some of our recent posts and pages were also deleted. We don’t currently know who has done this or why, but it was done by using Nachos Leader Kevin’s account. We have recovered almost completely right now but we have lost some posts.

Q: Will the Nachos recover from this deface?

We have almost fully recovered due to the legends that came on yesterday.

Q: Will you be able to have an event as early as today?

We will most likely be having events from tomorrow onwards.

In what is a typical site deface in CP Armies, will the Nachos be able to recover? Make sure you comment YOUR opinion on what YOU think, and how the Nachos will fair.


Interim CPA Central Manager 


2 Responses

  1. Good job on the quick restoration! 😀

  2. Much like the site of KCP but Nachos recovered faster than KCP

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