Project Super Secret: The End of Club Penguin?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – For a few years, Spike Hike (kind of) left Club Penguin to develop the supposed next stage of the aforementioned gaming platform. Instead of a new feature or a new web series, there will be something that will bring Club Penguin to the next level.. or will it bring it to an all time low? 

Ever since Project Super Secret was announced, speculation and theories bounced around countless members of the Club Penguin community, even sparking discussion from well known CP users such as Riyita. It wasn’t until recent months that Project Super Secret became more clear through images and less-than-a-minute videos demonstrating new features, but there was something off, something wasn’t right. The penguins are no longer 2-dimensional, they’re now in 3D.

It’s true that the community has known this about Project Super Secret since the first few pictures of it were brought to the internet. From the first picture of a renovated, 3D version of Club Penguin Island, most people in the community had the firm belief that Club Penguin would completely redo its game on the internet into a sort of desk/laptop version of the Club Penguin App; however, it wasn’t until recently that everyone was proven wrong.

According to what Spike Hike said to a user on Disney’s newest app, Disney Mix, Project Super Secret will involve a whole new Club Penguin wherein a newer system is used, new files will be used, and the design takes a huge step in 3D. Spike Hike has even mentioned this new Club Penguin will be on mobile, and not on the internet itself.

The only reason why it’s only going to be on mobile is due to the fact that Shockwave Flash is dying out as a software, and Club Penguin runs on the aforementioned software; therefore, Club Penguin’s 2D world that came into being since 2006 will most likely no longer be here. It won’t be long until it disappears. It’s also a proven fact that companies are making themselves more prevalent on mobile than actual internet due to financial reasons caused by mobile devices always rising in popularity. Club Penguin is one of those companies, so in order to adapt to new trends, they’re making a whole new Club Penguin.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 7.42.02 PM

“This doesn’t look good, Chris..”


It really doesn’t. Most people would expect the Club Penguin community to be absolutely thrilled about this new change, especially the younger audience that seems to be attracted to the new world; however, there are some major side effects of this move. One pertinent example is the likelihood of users losing their items that they’ve gained on the original game for years, there’s also the likelihood of users losing their accounts entirely. Users would be losing their accounts due to the fact that the new Club Penguin (Let’s just call it Club Penguin 2.0 for this post) would be running on an entirely different system, new files, new scripts, entirely new code.

This has the community in an uproar, as a majority of people don’t want their accounts deleted after investing so much time into them for years, and if accounts are being deleted, what are the chances of a user finding their online friends unless they have social media? There’s little to no chance.

A positive side of the accounts being deleted would be giving users a second chance with their banned accounts, like if someone had their account banned from the original Club Penguin and Club Penguin 2.0 has every account being required to be deleted, users that owned their banned accounts can get a second chance. This would work to the Club Penguin army community’s advantage if we can even get together on the mobile version.

“Why say that? Shouldn’t we be able to meet on Club Penguin 2.0?” reasonably speaking, we should; however, CPNext wasn’t brought up for nothing. It’s important to note that the Club Penguin App (formerly referred to as My Penguin) contains CPNext, as in there’s no servers, only shards in which penguins are collected in.

In all logic, Club Penguin 2.0 is speculated to take place on mobile instead of desktops/laptops, and will have no servers, but contain shards. Accounts are speculated to be entirely deleted, and if not that, items and friends lists will not be transferred from the original CP to CP 2.0.

Here’s the issue about the lack of servers: while normal users of the game won’t be bothered by server jumping, Club Penguin armies will have a tough time trying to make it all work. Think about it, if armies can’t get together and hold events, much less take any land for themselves, then what’ll become of the CP army community? It will surely die off.

Not only that, but there’s also a chance that Club Penguin will be killing itself with Club Penguin 2.0

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 7.57.15 PM

The end of Club Penguin entirely?


“Didn’t you say Shockwave Flash was rumored to be going away soon anyways? Club Penguin would die regardless, right?” That’s true, but there are major problems with Club Penguin 2.0.

Think about it: having to use a small keyboard to type, increased lag, no servers, accounts are being rumored to be entirely erased, and the Club Penguin App’s parties are very small. Nobody wants those flaws. Nobody!

Even with Club Penguin rumored to lose its place in the desk/laptop aspect, the mobile world isn’t a good place to try to keep it going. If Club Penguin’s going to die soon, it may as well die like this: hold the best (and old) parties up until the very end, end its life with the spark that made CP.. CP, not what makes Disney its parent company.

Club Penguin 2.0 will only ensure its death after they (might) move on from the actual internet world, because what if CP 2.0 isn’t as good as it was sought out to be?

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.39.57 PM

The utter disappointment we’d see if Project Super Secret is actually below par

Let’s say that Club Penguin 2.0 does work out for the army community, let’s just say that there are no flaws with CP 2.0 at all. Let’s just take a moment and think about this scenario:

Server jumping works out well for armies due to adding the leader(s) online in this game, armies can claim rooms and have a better look to their uniforms. Everyone in CP is happy with CP 2.0, there’s nothing wrong with this game at all.

I hate to say this, but that’s not what is gonna happen. Server jumping is going to be a huge mess and leader ranks will always change, plus how will troops be able to find their leader in shard #12309 when the troops are in completely different shards? People won’t be able to find their leader(s). Even if that wasn’t an issue, there’s no more actual servers, and armies can’t claim shards, we’d have to claim rooms; however, there’s too little rooms for the plethora of armies we currently have.

The unforms? What uniforms? Everyone is going to lose everything they had in CP 2.0, their accounts will be lost and there’s little to no chance that old items will appear in the new game, meaning that we’d have to come up with all new uniforms, this could be difficult if not all the resources are provided at the get-go.

Even if CP armies did work out, we only take up a small percentage of the game, which isn’t enough for CP to keep going. Almost all of the generations of CP users (especially rares) are unsettled by this change. There’s a huge chance that everyone is going to end up leaving the game and only leave behind a minority.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.46.37 PM

Everyone when they see the new game

Many players speculate that Spike Hike is only trying to fix what Disney has made CP become, and if that’s true, Club Penguin 2.0 is Club Penguin’s last stand. If this turns out badly, CP will end. If it’s good enough to keep going, CP armies may disappear, but at least CP keeps going. Besides, with CP gone, there’s extra incentive to use CPPS.

What’s the chance of Club Penguin 2.0 will succeed like the original game did? The community highly doubts that it would all work out, and if it doesn’t, it would further prove this point:

 Club Penguin is killing itself


Here at CP Army Central, we want YOUR opinion! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below! 


CP Army Central Philosopher and Historian




29 Responses

  1. This is depressing.

  2. Banter

  3. It would stink if CP shut down.

  4. This is very depressing, but hey we all have a good time in Club Penguin for a long time now. After Billybob and Happy77 left the team, we all know what’s gonna happen to the Club Penguin, and other moderators. Chris, this is a very great post and l am gonna miss this childhood memories of all of these old parties, mascots, moderators and games such as the fair during the summer times which doesn’t exist anymore.

  5. Btw Chris<3

  6. oh, thank god this is ending soon

  7. CP should stick with what it is today, a 3d engine will kill CP since 3d graphics are harder to render and need to dedicate more memory. Games like runescape have a new 3d world and they are much laggier compared to their previous versions. Furthermore, the average club penguin player will probably not have good enough computers to do the job.

  8. See, if Adobe wasn’t dying out soon (this is what I’ve been hearing), we’d keep our 2D game. If Adobe is gone in the future, at least end CP off with old parties and things players wanted. Implementing a full-scale party switcher that allows users to be in the party they want to be in would be good enough!

  9. If this isnt a wake up call for the community to get its sh*t together and pool resources to make some type of dedicated CP game (like cpvm3) then we’re screwed.

    We have three options.

    1. Find a new game.

    2. Pool our resources and create a modded version of CP, that we can use for battles and what not.

    3. End up dying off, and just be a group of people who chill on xat.

    2 of those options will be tough, and the third is unthinkable.

    Lets face it; most of us will not be playing CP on a mobile platform, and it will just be way too confusing.

    The community needs to come together, or risk being another chapter in the internets weird history.

  10. I completely and totally support one. The problem is, where? Wizard 101? At War (That would be interesting.)? Animal Jam (Hate that idea.)?

    Plus, look at the community. How the h*** could we do that? Unless we somehow some way convince Disney to give us their old servers (that would get interesting quick), there are really no private server groups that have more than 20 servers. Unless you want to use multiple private server groups, your going to have about 20 armies fighting over 10 servers.

    3. No comment. Mainly because I think that is the only option that could work.

  11. Pretty sure a big company such as Disney really couldn’t care about our community; therefore, they aren’t exactly just going to hand over their servers.

  12. WAT ABOUT ROBLOX ERMIES!!! jk roblox is full on 9 year old dantdm super fanboys

  13. I have it. The solution. Destiny. It will be great. There can be PS4 armies and Xbox. We can even make it half and half. We will do a normal clash. The leader picks 5 troops to go with him. You create a private match and the other army can join it. Though the troops will have to join the leaders fireteam. Every troop can take a turn. Instead of controlling servers, we can control maps. With the private match setting coming in around September, this will be great. There are around 30 maps. Just think. DAC. Destiny army central. And also there will be no biased. The battles could be best out of 5. You can play the game to get better guns. Better armour. And the army with the best guardians win. You can chat on xat with laptop. If you don’t have one listen to leaders on game chat. And the game won’t make a big deal about it. There is no way to recruit unless u send them messages on the console. And this is where it gets rough. If we spam people with messages Sony or Bungie could get mad. And ban our accounts. So the only way is to tell your friends. So here are some videos I have about events.
    Well that is all I have. Talk to me at DW for questions.

  14. When “Club Penguin 2.0” come… what’s going on to be with Private Servers? Get new engine too? Or not?

  15. One would anticipate other people to keep using private servers the way they’re made currently with public sources and experienced programmers; however, if Club Penguin 2.0 gives incentive to the CP team to remove the public sources entirely, then no more 2D private servers.

    I want to say that experienced programmers who know Unity as a programming language can probably remodel CP 2.0 as a private server, but I suspect that Disney would start handing out C&D notices.

    This could kill private servers too.

  16. Excellent post Chris!! 😀

  17. New game? Sounds like good.
    Unturned with good kits, plugins and other can be :]

  18. 1. Destiny it’s only on consols.
    2. Not all can play on console with Wi-Fi connect (R.I.P me :c).
    3.Not all have money/console.
    For me, Unturned should be better. Why? So…because:
    -Steam Workshop have a lot of good plugins for weapons, vehicles and more.
    -Have small hardware requirements.
    -It’s on PC
    -Someone can create good server with save zones, kits and good map (whatever size).
    But max people on server is 24 (so, 12vs12, but one from judges must be on server), what is not ok.
    But for me, Unturned it’s good idea.

  19. Oh joy. (sarcastic)

  20. Well it could be our only decision…

  21. Yeah I play a shit ton of destiny, and I can tell you there are more then 6 people on each side in the CP armies, more then the private matches can handle. 😛


  23. I understand, but when I say that Disney ruined CP, I’m talking about from late 2012 onward, but they did do some unsatisfactory things even before then.

  24. Yeah, I knew a long time ago when the old school mods and founders left CP would go to shit. Disney would let it go to shit in the name of commercialism so they could make a few extra bucks off kids and their parents. Some people called me crazy and stupid but some of the better years obviously happened under them.

  25. True words my brother

  26. Yeah I kinda darn wished

  27. Halo CE will pretty much work on any PC

  28. Club Penguin has been going downhill for a long time anyway. We can blame Disney Inc. for that.

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