Verum Fired From Dark Warriors

FROSTY, Dark Warriors’ Nation – In a shocking turn on events, Verum, who was Dark Warriors leader, has been fired from the Dark Warriors. Why did this happen? Only one way to find out!

Out of nowhere, after Verum made Soda a moderator on Dark Warriors’ chat, he was fired from his leadership status. Although he was fired, he said he will not miss Dark Warriors and has joined Water Vikings for Leader in Training. In an interview conducted with Verum he said not only was the reason for the firing because he made Soda moderator but also because he “wasn’t taking his job serious enough” and he is a “drug addict”. Perry, a DW leader, confirmed this in an interview conducted with him.

Since DW’s return they have been doing quite well, maxing over 20 at some events. Now with Verum gone, Perry thinks Dark Warriors will do better. It’s going to be interesting to see if this will become reality. From what I hear Verum done nothing so DW think now without “the extra weight” they can max even more.


Dark Warriors event where they maxed 20.

Verum also led Night Warriors before they merged into Dark Warriors. During his time in Night Warriors there wasn’t any real complaints about him. However, it’s worth noting that Night Warriors merged after only about a week into Verum’s time leading NW. Then he was Fired from Dark Warriors not long after.


Night Warriors event while Verum led.

As you can see from the picture, Night Warriors did well at the event. They managed to around max 22.  Although, he wasn’t the only one leading at the time. Step had just returned as well and there was 3 other leaders leading at that time. It’s hard to tell weather it was fair to fire him, but you can only trust Dark Warriors in what they say.

Interview with Verum

CPAC: Why did DW fire you?

Verum: According to Toy, I wasn’t serious, I was a “drug addict” and I modded Soda on chat, so he got triggered.

CPAC: What was your reaction when you got fired?

Verum: I laughed.

CPAC: Do you miss DW?

Verum: No.

CPAC: Why did you decide to join WV?

Verum: They’re not backstabbers like DW.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Verum: Your mom xdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd.

Interview with Perry

CPAC: Why did DW coup Verum?

Perry: He’s been slacking off, doing nothing other than making jokes.

CPAC: Is it true Toy called him a drug addict?

Perry: It’s true.

CPAC: Do you think DW will do better without Verum?

Perry: Yeah, honestly all he did was rant on chat.

CPAC: Verum said he doesn’t care he was fired, what’s your reaction to this?

Perry: Pretty much, no reaction from anybody.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Perry: Nope.

It’s pretty clear that Verum doesn’t care that he was fired but also that Dark Warriors don’t care that he joined Water Vikings after being fired from Dark Warriors. It looks as if both Dark Warriors and Verum have quickly just moved away from the situation.

What do YOU think? Did Verum deserve to be fired? Do you like Verum? Should Verum of joined Water Vikings?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief


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