Nachos vs RPF: Invasion of Downhill

DOWNHILL, Disputed Territory – The second week of the RPF/Nachos war continues with the Nacho invasion of the safe chat server, Downhill. Read more for the full report.

At 2:30pm EST, the Nachos charged into the Stadium with a joke bomb, while RPF defended themselves with E+9. Afterwards, Nacho troops moved into a diagonal line, doing E+9 as RPF did E+G in their plus formation. 5 more minutes of emote tactics went by, then the Nachos broke their line with an E+T bomb. RPF responded with another E+9 in their formation. The Nachos then moved into an ‘X’ and picked up the pace on their emotes, as RPF took them on with a joke bomb. The Nachos kept up their tactics as RPF formed a box along the Stadium. At this point, there were about 22 Nacho troops in the room, and RPF had the size advantage with about 27.


At 2:41, RPF troops moved to the Puffle Wild, a room very rarely used for battling, and the Nachos quickly followed them in. RPF defended against the Nachos’ joke bomb with E+9, and both armies formed a ‘V’ shape around the tree trunk in the center of the room. Despite the tight quarters in the room, the Nachos and RPF were both performing well in terms of tactics, putting in their best efforts to cover up and gain the edge over each other. Since it was so easy to accidentally leave the room, the two armies stayed in their formations while doing tactics for several minutes.


At 2:49, the battle moved to the Snow Forts, with RPF changing rooms first. They got into the standard backwards ‘L’ formation, and the Nachos immediately attacked with an E+9 bomb before doubling up on their line. The sizes really evened out in this room; both sides were maxing roughly 25 at the time. They continued battling in their stacked line for a few minutes, still keeping up a rapid pace. Their formations had changed to almost completely circle the room. Finally, at 2:59, the Nachos bombed with E+O popcorn, and RPF responded with E+9.  As the battle came to a close, both armies began preparing to move to the server Yukon for the next invasion for RPF’s invasion.


Another great battle is in the books for the Rebel Penguin Federation and Nacho Army. The Nachos came back from a smaller size to even things out with RPF and match their tactics well. The claustrophobic setting of the Puffle Wild made for a hectic 10 minutes of the battle. Despite the server being restricted as safe chat, neither side had any trouble filling the time with emotes and CP’s default phrases.

Who do you think won this battle? Discuss in the comments below!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer



One Response

  1. “DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR!” – Rocket Ems, at the final defense of Tuxedo against Luc’s WW.
    Fight The Good Fight RPF!

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