Club Penguin Mass Bans ACP Penguins

BREEZE, ACP Nation – When the ACP logged on to protect their prized capital server, Breeze, they didn’t expect to have the accounts of numerous soldiers banned, forever. What are the reasons for these mass bans? We decided to investigate the issue.

The Army of Club Penguin logged on to Breeze to defend against an invasion against the Snow Ninjas, who did not show up. All of a sudden, troops started reporting that their penguins had been banned forever. It is believed that over four penguins were banned in the time of the event, including; Fluffyboy3, CP Galaxy YT and Ahmed7569. The players were not given any reasons as to why they were banned, but it is understood that the ban was a lifetime ban.


Skipper233, a soldier within the Army of Club Penguin wrote a letter to Club Penguin, titled; Letter to @ClubPenguin, @Bobbehjean from @ACPArmy”. Bobbeh Jean is a “community manager” for Club Penguin, otherwise known as a moderator. It is believed that she is the moderator who was sighted at the ACP event, and is responsible for the banning. In the post, Skipper outlines what went on in the event, and also names the penguins who were banned wrongfully. Here is an extract from Skipper233’s post;

The ban started sometime after we logged onto the server Breeze, to have a event. And sometime after that, that’s when people start saying they got banned forever. If you don’t believe us that we did not recruit, or anything. Here is a video I recorded of the event, the whole time as proof we did not break any CP rules.

Skipper also provides a video of the full event, which he states is proof that no Club Penguin rules were broken by any member of the ACP during the event. He states; “We just want Club Penguin players to be happy, that’s why the Army of CP was made in the first place. We’re really tired of being treated unfairly, when we haven’t even pretty much did anything wrong.” If you would like to read Skipper233’s full post on ACP’s site, click here.

The ACP decided to contact Club Penguin support, to reveal the reasons as to why their penguins were banned. Skipper233 contacted Club Penguin support on twitter. He received a response shortly after.



As we can see from the conversation above, the Club Penguin representative does notify Skipper that there was some sort of confusion, and that Club Penguin botting could of been the reason; “fixes we have made to reduce the amounts of bots online has affected some of our players. We’d be happy to fix any accounts that have unwarranted bans resulting from this”. The representative also makes it clear that if your penguin has been banned, you must contact Club Penguin support personally to have your penguin unbanned.


This isn’t the first time that Club Penguin have mass banned soldiers of the ACP and in fact many other armies. Again, if your penguin has been banned unfairly, please do contact Club Penguin support by clicking here, and explain to them when it was banned, aswell as what server, room, followed by your CP account name.

As always here at CPAC, we want to hear YOUR opinion! Let us know in the comments if you have had any issues with bans, or any opinions you may have on the matter.


CPA Central Reporter


7 Responses

  1. RIP

  2. Tfw im on acp and i didnt check yet

  3. free my nigga fluffy

  4. I got unbanned, just some extra advice: when there is a bot attack or you suspect someone is botting report it immediately or leave the room.

  5. “btw are you mag ;oo”

  6. Yeah, it’s happening to everyone. My account was banned just after an event a few weeks back, but they refused to unban it. I urge any members of the community who have an old or rare penguin which they don’t want to be banned to use a spare account.

  7. I can give a very valid and logical but sad reason. The Club Penguin modship is stubborn and selfishly clueless too much to realize that Club Penguin Armies are supposed to be fun. Additionally, they should not be banning Club Penguin Armies in the first place because its just idiotic and stupid. Furthermore, Club Penguin Armies may fill up rooms but there is plenty of server so either way you look at this Club Penguin shouldn’t be banning off armies to begin with. Why do you think CP has like 100+ servers, dingdongers? Let that sink in guys. Now if you want to talk more to me about my thought I will be on Xat or freaking Kik thanks. Enjoy your day and the rest of week too! 😀

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